TestMarket - Limited-Time Promo: Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head - Elephant Water Pump and Trunk Spout Rinser - Sales Up to 20% Off

Limited-Time Promo: Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head - Elephant Water Pump and Trunk Spout Rinser - Sales Up to 20% Off

May 20, 2024 12:35 pm
Limited-Time Promo: Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head - Elephant Water Pump and Trunk Spout Rinser - Sales Up to 20% Off
Brand Name: Yookidoo
Category: Bath Toys
Seller Name: River Colony Trading
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 21073
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Snag Your Discount now on the Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head - Elephant Water Pump and Trunk Spout Rinser! Limited Offer for Newborn Babies in Tub Or Sink Blue. Don't Miss Out on this exclusive deal! Save 4.96$ on your purchase! Hurry, Grab It Now before it ends tonight! Shop now for the lowest prices!

Title: Package came partially opened and dented.
Content: I've only used this once it just came yesterday so I'll update if it gets moldy or breaks or anything. The package was pretty messed up, it was open on the bottom, and super dented. Im not sure if it was from travel or just someone didnt put it in the box clesed? That aside tho we love this 🐘!! As soon as I brought it out he smiled and giggled. It is the perfect stream for rinsing him off, and keeping him warm during bath time. I gave 4 stars because it would have been 5 if it had a suction cup to suction to the wall of the tub! It gets kinda annoying with it being dragged around under the water when rinsing. Besides that tho I love it. My baby absolutely hates the bucket of water being dumped on him, it's less control so more chance of water in the eyes, or mouth. So this little cute 🐘 makes me feel way more in control when rinsing him ❤️ I really hope it stays good because I love this product! I personally think the stream is perfect for his age and older. It's not strong but it's also not weak. It's like a nice in-between. But I could see someone with an older kid using this more as a toy than to rinse there kid even tho it will still work
Title: Great now that I got one that works!
Content: I got one of these originally as a baby shower gift and it ended up not working. I thought maybe it was the batteries but I put them in every which way and tried everything. The next one I bought myself ended up working amazingly and baby loves! Gentle spray and lots of fun for her! You know it’s working if the motor makes a noise when you push the buttons, if it doesn’t make a little noise it isn’t working.
Title: Perfect for little hands!
Content: I bought this for my 3 year old, mildly autistic niece and she loves it!! She's afraid of the shower sprayer we have but loves playing in the tub! It's so cute, seems to be made well. There is no delay once you put it in the water. It also works really well at making her feel comfortable while washing her hair. I was surprised by the steadiness of the water stream. The handle is perfect for little hands and the buttons are super easy for her to push. She used it to give her toys a bath and was having so much fun! Definitely recommend it!
Title: Surprised by how much I love this!
Content: Not only is this an adorable addition to bathtime fun, it is also extremely useful! I don’t typically have issues rinsing my grandson’s hair without tears being shed. Even so, this makes rinsing so much easier. And I could see how it would be useful for those with babies that don’t particularly like having water poured on their heads. This little shower works better than I expected with perfect water pressure for baby’s delicate heads. It makes rinsing soap off a breeze all over. Not to mention that when he gets a bit older he’ll be able to rinse himself with ease. Makes for a fun bath toy to boot. Again, I did not expect for this to be one of my favorite bathtime accessories. I would recommend for any and all households with wee little ones. It’s useful from birth through the toddler stage. As long as you have water to place the elephant (or whichever you choose) into, you’ll have a shower available. It does run on batteries, which are protected from the water. Make sure you have 4 AAs ready when it’s delivered because you’ll want to use the first day it comes in! This little toy makes bathtime easier and more fun, a definite must have for those with babies. This “baby shower” would make a great baby shower gift!
Title: Great bath tool
Content: This wasn’t my favorite tool at first but it started to grow on me the more I used it. There is an art to how deep in the water you have to keep the elephant in order to get it to work correctly and if you falter then it won’t work at all and needs a minute to work again. I believe the instructions say it needs to be completely submerged up to its ears. If you don’t put it in enough water or if you completely submerged the whole elephant, it won’t work. With that being said, it’s more difficult to use if you don’t fill the bath tub up enough which is daunting if your baby is too big for an infant tub but too small to fill a large tub. My child also like to grab it a pull it out of the water which also made it difficult at first. However, it has great water pressure, my child was born with a ton of hair so it was nice to make sure everything was getting rinsed quickly. It makes bath time more enjoyable for my child. I can keep warm water on her at all times. Great for the hard to reach places!
Title: Great to keep newborn/infant warm!
Content: This fun elephant has made bath time much more enjoyable for our little one. She’s 6weeks now and we’ve used it 5 times. Bath time was tough at first but she’s kept calm as we keep her warm by randomly spraying her down throughout the bath with a warm towel over her. Less fussing, since it’s easier to keep her warm. Can’t wait for her to get older to really enjoy it! Only drawback, make sure you have enough water in the tub. Was nervous to fill it a bit more at first since she’s so small but it just needed a bit more water in the tub to work great!

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  • Yookidoo's compact baby bath shower head rinser makes bathtime for newborns, infants and toddlers fun!
  • Two knob shower heads control the flow of water out of the Elephant's trunk!
  • Bath time becomes fun as baby watches the friendly Elephant spray water; great for tub or sink
  • Designed with patented softness for safety, comfort and ease in mind to allow for the best possible bathing experience
  • Take advantage of this excellent product that will have your baby sparkling clean and provide a bonding experience for parent and child
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