TestMarket - Limited Time Offer: Save 25% on TORRAS Strong Magnetic!

Limited Time Offer: Save 25% on TORRAS Strong Magnetic!

Jan 15, 2024 08:31 am
Limited Time Offer: Save 25% on TORRAS Strong Magnetic!
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Title: A Must-Have Elegant Protection for Your iPhone 15 Pro Max
Content: Unboxing and First Impressions: The product was delivered promptly in a sleek packaging that was easy to unbox. At first glance, the case exuded a sophisticated charm. It was not just another protective case but a well-thought-out design that seemed to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Material and Durability: The case is crafted with a premium quality hybrid material that promises durability while maintaining a slim profile. It feels sturdy yet flexible, ensuring it can withstand daily wear and tear. The case does a fantastic job of showcasing the original beauty of the iPhone while offering a good level of protection. Fit and Cutouts: The case fits the iPhone 15 Pro Max like a glove. All cutouts are precise, allowing easy access to ports, buttons, and cameras. The raised edges around the camera and screen provide an extra layer of protection, an intelligent touch. Grip and Handling: The grip is excellent, minimizing the chances of accidental slips. Despite the protective build, the case doesn’t add much bulk, which I appreciate. Handling the phone with the case on feels comfortable and secure. Miscellaneous Features: The Ocase has a built-in kickstand, which is a game-changer for me. It's sturdy and provides a convenient viewing angle for watching videos or making calls. Value for Money: Given the premium quality and the thoughtful features of the case, I believe it offers good value for money. It’s a worthy investment for anyone looking to protect their iPhone 15 Pro Max without compromising style. Conclusion: In conclusion, the case by TORRAS is a remarkable blend of aesthetics, protection, and functionality. It’s a product that resonates with the quality one expects when investing in accessories for a premium device like the iPhone 15 Pro Max. I highly recommend this case to anyone searching for a reliable, stylish, and functional case. The case has indeed lived up to the buzz, and I can’t thank Lucky enough for recommending this gem. I look forward to exploring more products from TORRAS. Warmest regards, Hitesh
Title: Everything I have been looking for
Content: Tested 4-5 cases, all suffer from two issues: either the case color doesn't match my phone or they are way too slippery to hold. The clear cases are especially so. The clear cases looked great, if they put in any efforts to make them not so slippery. This one has a perfect color to match a blue 15 pro max, a low tone yet comfortable blue. The semi-transparent back reveals the right amount of a phone. Great magnet, very strong. Nice stand, I use it all the time. I especially like the side, good protection and easy to hold. The material feels a bit soft to ensure a good hold and it is not slippery at all. Everything I have been looking for at a good price. The only downside, the rim around phone screen and camera can be a bit higher. Or that is just me.
Title: Works Well with Tesla Wireless Charger - Impressive engineering throughout
Content: TORRAS Case this review is: TORRAS Strong Magnetic & Seamless Stand for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case, Fit for MagSafe, Mil-Grade Drop Protection, Adjustable Kickstand for iPhone 15 ProMax Case for Work/Video, Slim Frosted Matte Blue. Wireless charging in 2023 Tesla Model Y: My iPhone 15 Pro MAX “naked - no case” has to be upside down to charge in My Model Y Wireless charging cradle below the large touch screen on either driver or passenger side, and is finicky about being in just the right position. Previously old iPhone 11 Pro MAX in a Beetle (non- MagSafe) Case worked easily and well for wireless charging. I tried a couple of other cases in the Y that did not charge wirelessly at all in my Tesla. Now for this new TORRAS case: it works great wirelessly charging the iPhone 15 Pro MAX, right side up, in the Model Y on either driver or passenger side. Note: In various ads TORRAS boasts that the magnets array and strength they use enhances wireless charging. My experience proves this is true. My iPhone 15 Pro Max with no case had to be upside down and wiggled a lot to get it to charge in Model Y vs the iPhone 15 Pro MAX in the TORRAS case that makes it not finicky at all. Also at home with old Samsung hockey puck style wireless chargers when the iPhone 15 Pro MAX was in other brand MagSafe cases it was always finicky to get it to charge. With the new TORRAS case - no problem at all - charging just started immediately with no special attention required. Clearly the TORRAS MagSafe case back and extra strength magnet array are definitely enhancing the inductive charging pulsating magnetic field that induces current into the 2nd half transformer coils in the iPhone. Half of coils in charger and half of coils in phone brought close enough together, and through magnetic induction - make a working transformer. TORRAS has clearly done their engineering very well - I admire their work! A protective case back necessarily increases the distance between the primary and secondary coils in the wireless inductive charging situation, and this play’s hell getting the wireless charging to work at least as well as no case at all - much less actually better. A well designed fixed magnet array is adding extra distance, but playing magnificently well with the pulsating AC current that produces magnetic induction. It’s like a 3 person relay race running just as fast or faster than a two person hand-off race. Something I should mention: with inductive charging it is important to get the charger ‘charging-surface’ and ‘phone back charging area’ as flat against each other as possible. I forgot to mention that I put an Ailon Camera Lens Protector over the three camera lenses on the back of my iPhone 15 Pro MAX. This has no consequence with my old Samsung hockey puck style chargers ‘cause the camera lenses aren’t in the charging area at all. However, in the Tesla Model Y, charging the iPhone 15 Pro MAX with no case but with camera lens protector does lift one end of the phone back up a tiny bit more which is not good for inductive charging, and I did not remove the camera lens protector (the Ailon protector covers all three lenses with one protector), some others have 3ea individual lens protectors, but all add very little thickness. Reading the net on this subject, many people did mentioned the iPhone 15 Pro MAX with “no” case having to be upside down to get it to wirelessly charge in the Tesla. With my new TORRAS case on my iPhone 15 Pro MAX, it charges just fine right side up, driver or passenger side, and it does not lay perfectly flat as the three cameras Lens bezel does stick out further than the rest of the case back. For protection, the lenses surface are recessed below the small bezel on the back of the case around the lenses. The excellent engineering of the TORRAS MagSafe magnets make the back of case itself “the effective charging area surface” rather than the back of the actual iPhone deeper down in the case. Also, eyeballing it the “lenses’ bezel is less high above the TORRAS case back” than the “no-case-at-all camera lenses above the naked phone back.” And, that helps a bit too. All in all, I am impressed and very happy with my TORRAS case for iPhone Pro MAX. OH Yeah, with a quality Tempered Glass Screen protector (Spigen in this case) installed on the front screen of the iPhone, the TORRAS case comes very close to the screen protector, but mercifully does not touch it. With cases that touch the screen protector it can cause the tempered glass to try to flex which causes air to get under the screen protector making an air bubble under the glass - aggravating. Very accurate engineering on TORRAS part prevented this from being a problem. Also my Ailon camera lenses protector fits well with the TORRAS case and doesn’t protrude above the lenses’ bezel. I believe individual lens protectors will also fit well.
Title: Finally a good case
Content: I have been looking for a good case since the day I got my iPhone , I tried over 6 different cases I can tell you this one is the only one that I’m satisfied with, it feel good grip , the stand is very good , and was delivered in on day.
Title: Premium highly featured case for a premium iPhone
Content: This case was ordered ahead of receiving my new iPhone 15 Pro Max and this review is therefore written prior to placing the iPhone 15 in the case [see below, iPhone now installed]. It reflects my honest opinion of this quality new iPhone case and I am confident that it will work extremely well with my forthcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max. Be in no doubt, this case is a premium product. The first thing I noticed is that the case is extremely tactile; it feels good in the hand with a soft-feel texture that does not show marks. The ’buttons’ on the sides are articulated to cover the physical controls on the phone without compromising the action of the phone’s controls. This is unlike other cases where using the controls on the phone is both firmer and less reliable. The depth of the sides will ensure that the phone will be well protected front and back with plenty of overlap both with or without a screen protector. This protection includes the camera lenses, the lens area has a deep ‘lip’ to protect the lens array. The case’s party-trick is the integral stand and I am in no doubt that this is not a gimmick, it really works. I tried the case with my existing iPhone XR (the old XR is amazingly about the same size as the 15 Pro Max despite the smaller screen size) and the stand is extremely stable both in portrait (upright) and landscape layout. The stand will be extremely useful with the ‘always on’ feature of the phone as it will take full advantage of the ‘night-stand’ feature of the phone. When not in use the stand completely disappears into its recess leaving a flat back tot he case. The stand is easy to fold in and out and stays firmly in place whether open or closed. The case is ‘Mag-Safe’ compliant and this will work well with the integral stand; there is plenty of space for a standard Apple charger to be held automatically and correctly whilst the stand is in ‘landscape mode’. I tried my existing iPhone XR in this case and it is clear that the new iPhone will be just as usable one-handed. Plus this new case has the benefit of that soft-feel surface. This will avoid the phone sliding in the palm making it feel safer to hold. I have used Torres cases on my iPhone XR for years, they fit well, do not distort over time and really protect the phone. This case is so so much better than anything I have ever seen and I confidently expect to be using this case for years to come; protecting my (expensive) iPhone 15 Pro Max and yes, the case will be showing off my new iphone in fine style. UPDATE ON RECEIPT OF IPHONE 15 PRO MAX The case is a good fit with the iPhone, ensuring that all of the phone is protected; both at the front and the camera lenses at the rear. I also fitted a glass screen protector immediately I received the iPhone, and the case even protects the edge of the screen protector. The iPhone photos are of the case with screen protector fitted. The edge-on photo demonstrates how the case covers all of the iPhone. As expected, the Torras case is a really nice thing to hold, the body is appealingly tactile whilst the buttons all work easily. The USB-C cutout allow for plenty of scope for a thick cable connector (for power and data) whilst the case also allows for wireless connection from both of my third-party wireless chargers. You need to be a little careful about the position of the camera lens array on the charger pad, this is due to the protective lip around the lenses potentially lifting the camera off the charger pad. Initially I thought the stand was a bit of a gimmick, yet it is amazing how often I use the stand. This is a truly useful feature. An amazing case, which is appropriate given its premium price. It is a little bulkier than cheap silicone cases, the protection provided more than compensates and is appropriate for this premium iPhone. Highly recommended. UPDATE AFTER 3 MONTHS OF USE. I remain greatly impressed by the quality of the case; it looks as smart as when it was first used, the kickstand is incredibly useful and stable (both portrait and landscape) and it charges easily on a range of wireless chargers. The buttons remain positive and the cutout for the cable at the base of the phone is large enough to accept every type of USB-C plug I have tried. Looks good and works well. And yes I have managed to drop the phone and it has survived without a mark.
Title: Good looking case for iPhone 15
Content: This looks really good on my iPhone 15. The phone fits really snugly in the case and feels secure. Buttons are accessible and both the screen and camera lenses are protected from scuffs and scratches by the slight raised lips on the front and back of the case. The kick stand feels really solid when in use and fits neatly in position when folded away. Haven’t tried the mag charge yet but the markings on the base line up perfectly with the ones on the phone so not expecting any issues. Really nice case.

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  • Stand Up, Power Up: Introducing the next-gen phone case for iPhone 15 Pro Max. Ingeniously designed to provide hands-free, multi-angle viewing while allowing you to charge your Phone wirelessly uninterrupted. A case that combines aesthetics, performance, and convenience.
  • Reimagined Magnetic Experience: Enjoy fast, secure magnetic stability with pioneering Halbach magnet array that precisely aligns with Phone's built-in magnets. 60% stronger attraction than an official magnetic for iPhone 15 ProMax case. With 18N powerful magnetic force, your phone can snap onto any magnetic accessories effortlessly. No worries about the phone not charging fast on wireless chargers, or sliding off the car mount as you drive on bumpy roads.
  • Mil-Grade Certified Protection: Total peace of mind in the event of accidental shocks and drops. TORRAS X-Shock air cushioning structure and highly resilient TPU material offer beyond-military-grade protection to ensure your phone gets covered on all sides. Even the delicate screen and camera lens got 1.0mm and 1.5mm raised coverage, effectively preventing any scratches and possible repairs.
  • Flexible Stand for Every View: Withstands over 30,000 rigorous folding tests. Constructed with high-carbon steel hinges for long-lasting durability. Whether you are watching TV shows horizontally or having video calls vertically, the skillful kickstand lets you do everything with the phone case for iPhone 15 Professional Max.
  • A Kickstand With No Bulk: The kickstand for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case can seamlessly fold into the back without adding any extra bulk to the surface. Precise hinge placement and space-saving design ensure smooth operation and structural integrity. Even folded, the kickstand seems to disappear and you won't even feel its presence.
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