TestMarket - Hurry! Exclusive Promo - ESR iPhone 15 Pro Case, Full-Body Shockproof MagSafe Case, Limited Offer at 20% Off!

Hurry! Exclusive Promo - ESR iPhone 15 Pro Case, Full-Body Shockproof MagSafe Case, Limited Offer at 20% Off!

Jun 15, 2024 10:05 am
Hurry! Exclusive Promo - ESR iPhone 15 Pro Case, Full-Body Shockproof MagSafe Case, Limited Offer at 20% Off!
Brand Name: ESR
Category: Basic Cases
Seller Name: ColorBright-EU
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 6390
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Hurry! Don't Miss Out on this Exclusive ESR iPhone 15 Pro Case Sale. Get the Full-Body Shockproof MagSafe Case with Military-Grade Protection. Magnetic Phone Case for iPhone 15 Pro with 2-Part Tough Case and Stand. Armor Series in Clear Black. Original Price: 25.99£. New Price: 20.79£. Save 5.2£ on Your Purchase Now!

Title: Sturdy, sleek and feels good in your hand case
Content: Fitted this full body ESR case today. I love the feel of the case in my hand on the phone. It's sleek and smooth but still with some grip to it - I don't feel as though the phone would slip through my hand. The screen protector feels like glass and no different to the actual phone screen. The corners feel protected and I particularly like the camera lens protectors that fit snugly over the 3 lens'. I chose the all clear version so I can see the colour of the phone underneath (why buy a coloured phone if you can't see the colour?). The Magsafe symbol is white and clearly shows how to align a power bank or charger. When the case arrived from Amazon yesterday it was already fitted together. It took me ages (and the help from a previous customer) how to open the case up so that I could then get it onto the phone. The bottom corners are slightly flexible and you cane ease the case open gently along the edges tilt comes apart (that's also the way to get it off the phone if you ever need to). It's strong enough to withstand that. The video is very useful and I recommend that you watch it whilst putting on the case. At the end it tells you about removing the case too which is a useful to know. The only tiny niggle is that you need to press a bit more firmly at the edges of the touch screen when using the phone, but it is a tiny niggle. Of course I managed to get one small piece of dust under the front screen but not enough to warrant taking it off and starting again. I can see that the back would come off when easing off the corners at the bottom but it would be harder to get the front screen off. I can see a small box of tiny dots under the top right hand corner but only if it catches the light in a certain way and it really doesn't both me at all. No as bad as a previous review and photo has shown. Overall I am more than happy to recommend this case. I bought on the recommendation of my brother who purchased the same case last week. He was so impressed he persuaded me. I had already bought a case for the back and a separate screen protector but realised that the camera lens' weren't;t protected at all. This just works, feel good and the flip out stand is great.
Title: Really good.
Content: This is such a good case. It offers true 360 degree protection. The built in front screen protector is glass so looks and feels so good that I haven’t noticed any difference with functionality. I love the fact that the extra lip around the lenses is hinged and can be used as a prop for the phone. The magnet is strong, so holds my phone firmly when attached to my car phone holder. It’s not too bulky or heavy. It’s a brilliant design and top build quality. I think this is the best case I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried lots over the years. 10/10
Title: A great case that gives excellent protection
Content: This was my third attempt to find a good case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The case was easy to fit, and almost as easy to remove. The screen protector is nice to the touch and is very clear when the display is on - there is a slight rainbow effect when the display is off. The edges of the case have slightly more friction than the rest of the case, so it is easy to hold. The stand works well, although I would prefer it if I could make the phone more upright when in landscape orientation. I was not sold on the idea of the adhesive lens filters for the rear camera lenses, but I cannot discern any decrease in photo quality when using the lens filters, so I have kept these on. The case works well with wireless charging and a magnetic car holder (ESR HaloLock for MagSafe Car Mount Charger). I've had this case for five months, and it is still in great condition without any visible scratches. Although all the above are reasons why I would recommend this case, the biggest reason for my recommendation is the protection that it appears to offer. Before buying this phone, I cannot remember the last time I dropped a mobile phone, but because the Pro Max 15 is so large, it is prone to falling out of normally sized pockets. Twice my phone has fallen out of my trouser pocket onto concrete when in this case, and in both instances there was no sign of damage to the phone or the case.
Title: Very protective and bulky
Content: If you are looking for the ultimate protection, this might be the right case for you. It's very sturdy and seems well made, hence I rate it a 4 stars overall. The screen protector installed perfectly, so that's great. Can't really rate durability as I have only just installed it, but seems promising. As per cons, let's start with the lack of instructions. Supposingly, there is a video that you can get to if you scan a QR code, however the page was not found (most likely an issue with their website) I suggest browsing to esrgear.com and finding the setup video under support. I don't particularly like how bulky it makes the phone, so not used to these very high edges that make typing and swiping a bit of a challenge. Might get used to it or else will have to buy a slicker case in a while.
Title: Brilliant
Content: I needed a new case and decided to have something different. I normally go for “Old lady” as my son calls them, phone case that you have to open. Like a folder. I buy these in case I accidentally drop my phone and it gives it a bit of protection. I read the reviews on here and decided to buy. When it arrived I must say I had a bit of trouble opening the case. However once that was done the clear instructions made it a breeze to put together. There is a code to scan with instructions, but the site was under maintenance at the time. I’m no gadget expert but it was easy and straightforward to assemble. Once put together it feels very strong and sturdy. Great to hold and the added benefit is the phone stand at the back. It feels a bit heavier but the buttons work well and it’s a snug fit. Well worth the money and I’m very pleased with it. No more “old Lady” cases for me.
Title: Let me down
Content: I loved this case at first but after not even 2 month the glue let go on the stand in the back and it fell off, messaged the seller and never got a reply back

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  • Compatibility: only for iPhone 15 Pro; includes individual tempered-glass camera lens protectors, specifically designed for iPhone 15 Pro
  • 360° Total-Phone Protection: scratch-resistant acrylic back case with shock-absorbing Air Guard corners and speaker dust shields, tough screen guard with built-in tempered-glass screen protector, and camera lens protectors all combine for rugged iPhone protection that exceeds military grade
  • Fully Adjustable Stand: Stash Stand lets you enjoy stable hands-free viewing in portrait and in landscape at any angle between 15° and 85°, giving you the perfect way to FaceTime or catch up on your favorite shows in total comfort
  • Stronger Magnetic Lock: built-in magnetic ring is 100% unobstructed for full MagSafe compatibility and provides 1,500 g of holding force to enable a secure lock on all official and ESR MagSafe chargers and accessories
  • Built to Last: Stash Stand is entirely made from premium zinc alloy with a corrosion-resistant matte finish to stay looking new for longer and a hinge that’s lab tested to retain its strength for more than 3,000 uses
  • Complete Customer Support: detailed setup videos and FAQs, comprehensive 12-month warranty, lifetime support, and personalized help
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