TestMarket - Go, Go! Limited-Time Discounts! Spigen Tough Armor Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G - Abyss Green. Act Now! Ends Tonight! Extra 19% Off. Your Exclusive Discount Awaits!

Go, Go! Limited-Time Discounts! Spigen Tough Armor Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G - Abyss Green. Act Now! Ends Tonight! Extra 19% Off. Your Exclusive Discount Awaits!

Jan 14, 2024 03:17 pm
Go, Go! Limited-Time Discounts! Spigen Tough Armor Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G - Abyss Green. Act Now! Ends Tonight! Extra 19% Off. Your Exclusive Discount Awaits!
Brand Name: Spigen
Category: Basic Cases
Seller Name: Spigen EU
Rating: 4.60
Total Rating Count: 8640
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Title: Great case and I've tried a lot!!!
Content: I have just got the Spigen Tough Armour Case for my green S23 Ultra. Firstly, I did have the S22 Ultra and tried a few cases on that before settling on the Poetic Spartan case. At first I thought that was a great case, looks great, and as a case was very sturdy and hard-wearing. My issue with that case is that you have to clip a plastic frame onto the edges of the phone. In around 11 months of using the case this led to some very very small scratches around certain parts of the phone, which was disappointing as I am very careful with my electronics. The case added a lot of bulk to the phone, which is already large, but I factored the large case wouldn't cause damage, which sadly wasn't the case. I looked at the supcase beetle and otterbox, but these used the same system. Plastic around the phone that clipped onto a Softer TPU bezel. I have therefore skipped them for my S23 Ultra and got the official Samsung Silicone case in green. The case looks and feels fantastic and has a microfiber all around the inside so no worries about little scratches this time. It's really luxury, but doesn't offer much by way of protection for the lenses. The issue is I wanted a decent lens protector, so went with the ESR I used on my S22 Ultra, that served me very well. Unfortunately, the individual lens don't fit in the cut outs for the official silicone case, so sadly it would no longer fit. I have therefore ordered some more to try them. I got the ringke fusion x in Camo. Looks great and adds protection, but has various gaps around the sides for a landyard. Who attaches a £1.4k phone to a landyard? Over time lots of dust will get in as I've used the Fusion X on other previous devices. Does look great in the camo with the green S23 Ultra and for under £10 is a great buy. I had heard good things about Spigen, so after a bit of searching on-line and going through various YouTube Videos, I got the Spigen Tough Armour. First impressions were good, nice packaging and unboxing experience, and using the tips online, to remove the hard plastic rear first before installing, the soft TPU goes around nicely. Clipping the hard plastic on after, really firm's the case up. It feels well procted and adds a but if weight, but not much bulk. It's got a good grip on the sides, although the buttons take a bit of getting used to, as they don't stick out as much as other cases I have used. The best bit is that the case fits like a glove around the ESR Clear single Lenses. The actual phone is only in contact with a softer TPU, with the nice yellow foam covering a lot of the back. I don't like TPU screen protectors, so I got a reasonable glass one off Amazon, which does work with the fingerprint sensor (but does have the circle) cant really see it off angle, so id trade that for glass protection anyday. For anyone interested its use this link https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0BQMD9VKL?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_image. The case fits great on with the glass screen protector for a snug fit with hardly any gap at all around the protector, so my phone is now protected 360 °. The Samsung Silicone left a few mm gap around the screen protector, so collected dust and lint, which I was having to clean daily. The only real negative is the kickstand is very cheap and weak. You can only use it in landscape. The Poetic kickstand was far sturdier and could be used in portrait or landscape, securely. A Flap over the USB C port to keep dust out, like that on Poetic would have improved the design. In summary for £20, I am really pleased with the Spigen Tough Armour at this stage and fits perfectly with my glass screen protector and lense protectors and looks pretty good. I would highly recommend it. I also cant see anywhere, apart from the USB C port, S Pen and lower microphone that will attract dust. The case, however has a nice tight seal around them, so I can't see it being an issue. I don't usually leave reviews but I hope this helps someone, so they don't have to spend a load of money trying other cases, like I did.
Title: Robust...
Content: Well made, good materials and design, accurate cut outs and features allow access to ports, camera lenses and easy operation of switches. The back of the case is thick enough to allow the phone to sit flat on a desk and the edges of the camera lenses recessed to afford protection. Most importantly the case protects the edges of the phone and making it easier and more confortable to hold. This is the third Spigen case I have purchased, a brand I trust and highly recommend.
Title: Armor plating, but for a phone!
Content: Ive had Spigen cases on my last couple of Samsung phones, so it was a no brainer for my S23 Ultra, and the Tough Armor case is literally like armor plating covering the phone! It does at a little bit of size to the phone in hand, but is very tough and durable and has weathered several knocks that would have done serious damage to an unprotected phone! Easy enough to hold, and looks good too. Can't say ive ever had use for the little stand mind you. I do have a couple of 'complaints' about it, but they are both minor and you'd have to be rather unlucky which I just happened to be! While the case is like armor plating, and covers most of the back and sides, there are some weak points, one glaringly obvious and the others more minor but still noteworthy. One, the entire front of the screen is unprotected. If your phone lands back down then great, the armor will take the blow, but if it lands screen down, then potentially it could be a horror scenario! The other issue is the cut outs in the case (charging port, s-pen port, speakers and cameras).. I happened to drop my phone twice on the same day, hitting two of these vunerable places. First time, I was in a field and managed to drop the phone onto the only rock within 10ft of me, and it just so happened to hit the phone right on the s-pen port, damaging the metal frame. Thankfully the port and pen still work, but its left an unsightly dent in the metalwork around it which could be troublesome further down the line. The second time I was on the same trip, crossing the only concrete road for miles between two grassy parts, and dropped the phone again on said concrete.. this time one of the camera lens' have got a visible crack in it. so im assuming a pebble or something has hit the glass lens in that vunerable spot to cause the damage. Thankfully it doesn't seem to be noticable on images so isn't causing an issue yet, but again I think this could cause issues further down the line. So overall a good case, but beware of its vunerable points which are there.
Title: Great case however needs front protection!
Content: This case is very strong and the areas it covers are well protected however I would like it to have some form of protection for the front screen and cameras.
Title: Great fit & Quality
Content: I've bought Spigen cases for my last few phones and I've always been impressed. This case fits my S23 Ultra like a glove and it seems to offer good protection. The cut outs for the camera are precise and the side buttons still work well. I bought the gunmetal option which I think looks great. There's a little pull out stand at the back. I've used it couple of times and it works as expected but doesn't look that robust. Overall, I recommend this case.
Title: Good fit.
Content: Good fit with decent protection of the screen, as there's an edge going over it. Camera cut outs in right places and protect the lens. Green is nice and pleasant colour. Case is between super slim and bulky one. Wireless charging working well.

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  • Extreme protection with shock absorbing foam inside of the phone case
  • Air cushion technology on all corners for shock absorption
  • Built-in kickstand for ultimate viewing comfort
  • Raised bezels for screen and camera protection off flat surfaces
  • Precise cutouts and pronounced buttons for easy accessibility
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