TestMarket - Today Only! Topo 4 Pack Chef Aprons - Waterproof Adjustable Apron for Men, Women - Limited Stock

Today Only! Topo 4 Pack Chef Aprons - Waterproof Adjustable Apron for Men, Women - Limited Stock

Jun 15, 2024 10:35 am
Today Only! Topo 4 Pack Chef Aprons - Waterproof Adjustable Apron for Men, Women - Limited Stock
Brand Name: atopo
Category: Barbecue Aprons
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Rating: 4.00
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Discover Exciting Discounts on this 4 Pack Chef Aprons in Black, with 2 Pockets. Perfect for Kitchen, Gardening, Restaurant, Barbecue, Coffee. Grab Yours Before It's Gone! Old Price: £15.99. New Price: £13.52. Save £2.47 (15% Off)

Title: Sick of getting splashes of something on you when using the barbecue? Buy one of these.
Content: Never had an apron before. Not because I didn't see the point, it just never occurred to me to get one. Last year when the family came down to visit we all sat in the garden and had ourselves a little party in the autumn sun. It was wonderful. I had the fish smoker out there, and the barbecue cooking away, there was wine and beer and it was, well, just wonderful. We don't see the family nearly enough, but they are all very busy with careers and such. Of course, I had dressed up a little bit from my usual jeans and t-shirt and that was when I ruined a good quality shirt. Turning the meat on the barbecue, one piece slipped from the tongs, landed on the griddle and splashed my shirt. Nothing the wife has tried has managed to get whatever that is out of my shirt. It was at that point when she said "why aren't you wearing an apron?" Of course, I didn't have one. A lack I have now fixed. I'm rather looking forward to the gathering this year, as it looks like it's going to be another nice summer and autumn (where I live anyway) and this time, I'm prepared for the barbecue attacking me. The apron here is a decent size, good quality material with a full width front pocket. Either I'm larger than I think, or the apron strings are not as long as I would like, but I can't tie them in front of me. Which means the wife has to tie them as I cannot reach behind to do so. Of course, I just know she's going to do some kind of fancy bow when it comes to using this thing and I will suffer at the hands of my family due to the relentless mickey taking. This is thick enough to prevent most substances getting through, and strong enough to withstand a fair bit of maltreatment. The tab is higher than I expected, but probably in a good place to protect the chest from splashes. The stitching is well done and a decent quality with a good thread used that should stay in place for some time. I don't know if this is easy to clean until we use it. Four in the pack make this a good value purchase. I'm happy with it anyway.
Title: Great Value Aprons
Content: Purchased these at a bargain compared to what I would usually pay for aprons. Im a chef have been for over 30 years. Go through a lot of aprons, but these are a little different. The material is similar to what you would get on a rain coat. The back of the apron has a light white lining. Overall I am well impressed. Nothing sticks to them in the kitchen. Just have to be careful around heat though or gas flames, as the could material. But for this price for 4, they are well worth the money.
Title: Great for professional use
Content: I wear these while working in a professional kitchen. I like how lightweight they are while remaining more functional than a traditional fabric apron. I would not say that it is 100% waterproof, if you are soaked, water will get through but the water resistance is enough. My only issue with these is that the stitching on the neck piece could be made stronger. A couple hard tugs on the apron had the seams partially rip for me which i quickly sewed back together
Title: Not bad but not good either.
Content: Nice colour, and very comfortable, not very strong, especially on the side. Avarage.
Title: fantastic
Content: the best by far i’ve ever bought smart appearance really easy to wash comes up clean no matter what spills i have on it highly recommended
Title: It’s not waterproof at all
Content: Waste of my money pls remove this product and stop misguiding ppl thanks I lost my money on this

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  • Excellent Waterproof : The apron is made of waterproof polyester, it repels the water drop to keep your clothes dry. Upgrade back strap, extended to 75cm (29.5 inches).
  • Adjustable Neck Strap : The work apron suitable for both men and women (78*67 cm/30.7*26.5 inch). The neck strap is adjustable, which can be quickly adjusted to the required size, making it easier and faster to wear.
  • Two Large Pockets : 2 large pockets in front for holding cooking gadgets, mobile phones, seasoning bags, etc.
  • Multi-Purpose : This apron is not just for cooking. It can be used for baking, cleaning, gardening, serving, tailoring, crafting, etc.
  • Perfect Gift : The plain apron with space for your own design, you can draw on the apron as you like, making it a unique gift. Very suitable as a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or Birthday.
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