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Hottest Amazon Deal Today! Balloon Car Toy - Exclusive Promo, Limited-Time Discount Available
  • Parent-child moment: Applicable to 3 years old and above. This is a set of aerodynamic vehicles, suitable for children to carry out aerodynamic science enlightenment experiments. This will increase the childs interest in physics and knowledge. A good toy can promote the relationship between children and adults, and spend quality time with children.
  • Learning through Playing is Fun: Theoretically, the cars should go further and faster as you can blow up the balloons, but the air resistance will also become greater. Don’t worry, the kids will figure out the best size of the balloon and make the car run further after continuous trials, and learn more about Aerodynamics at the same time.
  • Keeps Your Kids Engaged in a Good Way: Eager to give your child a break from playing silly games on a tablet or watching videos on TV? Give them this toy that will keep them happy and entertained for hours, while you have hours of peace and quiet to do whatever you need to do.
  • Bring joy to children: Our products are easy to operate, bright colors, unique ideas, and balloons and toy cars have always been childrens favorite toys, our products cleverly combine them into one, and our balloons to avoid the hazards of letting children put in their mouths to blow balloons, but also to bring joy and satisfaction to children.
  • Occasion: Perfect for children outdoor&indoor game, great for party, easter day, Valentinas day, schools, parties - kids, Would make great party favors.