TestMarket - Snag Your Discount Now! COMFIER Mini Massage Gun - 10% Off

Snag Your Discount Now! COMFIER Mini Massage Gun - 10% Off

Jan 14, 2024 04:43 pm
Snag Your Discount Now! COMFIER Mini Massage Gun - 10% Off
Brand Name: COMFIER
Category: Back Massagers
Seller Name: Comfier
Rating: 4.70
Total Rating Count: 2423
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Check out the incredible deals on the COMFIER Mini Massage Gun! Get a deep tissue massage anytime, anywhere with this lightweight and portable percussion muscle gun. Perfect for athletes and a great gift for men and women. Experience super quiet body massage for your neck, back, arms, and legs. Don't miss your chance to save $4.8 with a 10% discount! Grab yours now and feel the relaxation!

Title: Portable power
Content: Update after 4mo. I’m really pleased with this massager. Plenty of deep penetrating power. I typically use it at 3rd of 4 power level. The battery lasts a very long time. I settled in and use it every 2-3 days for maybe 3-5min at a time max. I’ve only charged it once in 4mo after the initial charge. I’m not even sure if I needed to charge it then either because the battery never sent out. I love the premium feeling metal in green. I’ve been contemplating getting either a chair sized massager, which is a huge commitment both in price and in space, or trying out one of these gun style massagers. Decided it didn’t hurt to try the gun first. Main use is for the dreaded computer mouse shoulder tightness which my wife has been dealing with for years. Acupuncture helped but it comes back and it’s not cheap. Going to a massage place helps but same, limited improvement, and very expensive. I ordered this unit in green at a great price. There are many options on Amazon, but I like that it was metal instead of plastic, and the price was right. Charged it for 3 hours until the light went red to green. I tested the unit on my wife’s back shoulder area for about 1 minute, as recommended in the instructions. I waited a couple hours and did a another session for 1 minute. Waited for her review the next morning. So far so good. She’s very impressed with the improvement. Thinking to do 4x 1min sessions daily interspersed throughout the day. The unit is very solidly built, with a metal casing, not plastic. It doesn’t come with a carrier but the box is so nice and all the pieces plug nicely into the little plastic molds, so I’ll just keep the box as the storage case. It comes with 4 different massage heads, and a USB-C cable. I have many extra power plugs lying around from iPhone and tablets, so not coming with a power plug is good. No waste. Unless you’re really flexible, you can’t really massage yourself in the back shoulder area, but legs or arms, no problem. The buttons feel very solid. If the Battery charge lasts as long as advertised, probably only need to charge it once every 2-4 weeks, depending on how much it’s used.
Title: Small but mighty
Content: Small but mighty! Great little unit that packs a punch. Very well made that feels solid when handled and in use. Charges quickly and seems to hold a charge for quite some time. Four different heads allow for convenient use in varied locations. So far I’d definitely recommend this unit!
Title: Such an easy way to work on my sore spots!
Content: I wish I had known about this massage tool sooner! I’ve been a massage therapist for 20 years, so I have experience in massage gadgets and tools. I am very pleased with how this mini massager is so versatile to work on most areas of my body. It has great variation with speeds and the different attachments. It has plenty of power for me, though I haven’t maxed out the battery yet, b/c I just keep it fully charged after use, so I can’t comment on that yet. It’s a great size, and it feels high quality and substantial. I bringing it with me when I travel internationally soon. I think this is a great product for anyone who has knots, trigger points, and tight muscles. I love using it on my own forearms, shoulders, pecs, feet, and tibialis anterior/shin muscles. I think it’s a very reasonable price for what you get.
Title: Good power, has worked surprisingly well so far. It's different from the pro units.
Content: Very surprised at how well it does. The Pros: Good power Doesn't bounce on harder areas Portable USB-C, and every charger I've tried has worked. Cons: Too slick, sometimes more difficult to hold. Uses same button for off/on and speed. How is it different from the larger pro or gun versions? I have an Opove pro. It has a deeper impulse...a longer throw to it's pulse. This means it pushes deeper, but it also will bounce easily on harder areas and if at the wrong angle. This one is much easier to use as it's lesser thrust distance is more manageable especially on yourself. The speeds are pretty good and on high it has plenty of power, but if you have deeper tissue and need more penetrating depth to oscillations....get a heavier unit like an Opove Pro Max or equivalent. The small design is also better on self, as it's easier to have leverage behind your back.
Title: It’s practical for travel.
Content: The device is practical for travel, it does do the job, but for continuous work, it overheats and it needs to stop or Lower the speed. I’m a physical therapist and for some functions I cannot put too much pressure on it. I have other that work much better
Title: That wondrous, healing PURRRRRR ... AMAZING!
Content: I recently discovered the wonders of the massage gun. After years of theracane, foam roller, lacross ball - you name it - I found a power toy, that actually works. Just get it. If you are used to doing body work, and are comfortable with self-massage (rubbing out "tight spots" in muscles and joints), it will be immediately intuitive to use. Think of it as a "power thumb." It does what I can do with my hands, but better in most every way. (Saves your hands, and POUNDS out the sore spots.) But the thing that I can't stop thinking about ... it sounds like a cat, purring. I use the lowest setting, 30 Hz, it's basically the same sound a cat makes. I used to think that cats purred, when happy. Now, I wonder if that is backwards ... those low vibrations are just healing and amazing, and targeted at the right place, can work out spots that have been stuck in my body for years, or for some, even decades. The battery life is pretty amazing (maybe an hour, or more?), certainly more than enough for a serious session. The aluminum housing just feels good, and solid. I don't think I'm going to really say much that the other 1500 five star reviews have not said, but I want to add something to the chorus. If you are on the fence, but know about body work and have that already as part of your self-care routine, this thing is a natural fit. Just get the dern thing, it kinda changed my life.

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  • Pocket-Size Design: The Comfier mini massage gun weighs only 1.2lbs. Portable and lightweight, this small massage gun allows you put it into your handbag or pocket, use it at the home, office, outdoor, even in a trip, it can help you relieve tight muscles and soreness from a tiring day at work anytime, anywhere.
  • Powerful Brushless Motor: Comfier mini massager uses a powerful motor. Maximum speed can reach 3600rpm, and the vibration amplitude is 6.5mm. The power of this mini massager gun allows you to better release and relax tight muscles, deeply massage and relieve hard-to-reach muscle groups.
  • Long Battery Life & USB charging:This portable mini massager is powered by a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged via USB.The massage gun can run continuously for up to 7 hours after being fully charged. You don't have to worry about it in the gym or outdoors, it can take a long battery life to relieve muscle pain.
  • Deep Tissue massager Gun: 4 speeds provide relaxation for muscles (1800, 2300, 2900, 3600). Each speed brings greater therapeutic benefit to the body. Each massage head can target your muscle groups to deeply relieve pain and quickly relieve muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise.
  • Super Quiet&Ideal Gifts: Comfier compact muscle massage gun adopts brushless motor with the latest noise reduction technology, and the noise is less than 44dB during use. This massager gun is an ideal gifts for mom, dad, women or men.
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