TestMarket - Unlock Savings on VOLUAS Cat Dry Food Dispenser with Timer - Exclusive Promo!

Unlock Savings on VOLUAS Cat Dry Food Dispenser with Timer - Exclusive Promo!

Jan 15, 2024 09:01 am
Unlock Savings on VOLUAS Cat Dry Food Dispenser with Timer - Exclusive Promo!
Brand Name: Voluas
Category: Automatic Feeders
Seller Name: Voluas Pet Feed Pro
Rating: 4.60
Total Rating Count: 8196
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Title: This is a good feeder for when you’re going to be away for a few few days.
Content: I like the ease of set up, and the way you can program up to four feedings a day and you can control the amount fed. I had an automatic feeder once before that was gravity fed, and by the time I got back, everything was all over the place and gone. I am using this to take care of a feral cat community that has moved on my property. I only have seven cats in the colony, but they count on me now for food so when I’m out of town I want to provide something for them. Granted, they will go around and hunt but I wanted to make sure there was something here. This worked well. I had to make a bigger pan, so I fabricated a larger tray like container, and a platform to raise up the dispenser. I angled the container otherwise it piled up and could not dispense the larger quantities I had programmed. I made a rudimentary center tent structure in the tray so that when the feed came out it diverted equally to each end of the tray. Very happy with this purchase.
Title: Efficient/easy to program/easy to clean. Works well
Content: Love this automatic timed feeder. Works great plugged in or on batteries. Quality materials. Cute voice recording to call your pet to device when meals are dispensed. Easy to clean. Not sure how it would work with large dog kibble. For cats / small dogs it’s Wonderful. Dispenses up to 4 meals / 24 hours. You choose the amounts. I love it. One less thing I have to remember to do - put out food!’
Title: Works nicely
Content: I like that it was easy to operate and it is reliable. The portions are small and I have one dog that weighs 60 lbs but I increased the portion #s to like 12 or 13 and it is working out fine. I really like the convenience of these automatic feeders and would recommend them.
Title: Works well! Portions need to be figured out.
Content: Product was easy to clean and put together. I like that it has a desiccant packet to keep the food fresh inside. Manual was fairly straightforward. The unit was already fully charged when I plugged it into the wall outlet. I’m glad there is a lock function as well so it’s not easy for a pet to just press the buttons and mess with the settings. Voice recording is funny and freaked my kitten out as she was probably thinking why does this thing have my voice? Totally not necessary. The speaker volume is ok but sound is a little grainy and not that clear. I recommend peeling off the plastic from the buttons to uncover the mic for clearer audio if you care to use it. Only struggle here was that the portions or servings they suggested in the manual were not accurate. I had it set to portion 16 thinking it was 1/2 a cup of foods worth according to the manual. Luckily I did a test run and set the portion to 6 just to see how much it was. Portion 6 = half a cup of dry food that we use! So please test out the portions for yourself with your own dry food as pellet sizes vary. Overall, first day of use and it’s worked well on the scheduled time I’ve set for the meal. The audio repeats 3 times for whatever reason so be aware of that. I would recommend this product as it does its job.
Title: Easy and Intuitive
Content: This cat feeder is awesome! We had previously bought a cat feeder that involved the use of an app that we (two 22 year old tech industry professionals) couldn't figure out how to set up. This one has the buttons and UI right on the thing. My only criticism is that the feeder's instructions keep referring to "portions" but don't really clarify how much a portion is, short of one line in the description of one of the buttons. For anyone wondering, a portion is 2.5 tbsp. Other than that, this feeder was easy to set up and program for our kitty girl and works like a charm.
Title: Easily set up cat feeder
Content: This product was pretty easy to set up. Almost two basic. If you didn't know how to use the technology, It was mild troubleshooting with the proportion size because they didn't actually tell you how big the size is were and they go up from 0 to 12. For my cats I feed them twice a day and portion size number four was perfect for them with the small pieces of food that I feed them. It does have backup batteries that you can install just in case power was to go out which happened on our trip that we left when we bought these feeders and luckily it stayed powered for the entire 8 hours we were out of electricity. I have one feeder inside and one outside for my outside cats. It's enclosed in a cat house to keep away from the elements. Disclaimer: It does say not to use outside but because I sheltered it it's fine. The only modification we had to use was screwing it into the cat house and taping. The lid shut because of possums and or raccoons that we're trying to get into the food or smarter than the latch mechanism itself, but for just cats in general it stopped them. So if you plan on using this for any outdoor cats that aren't in side just be aware it's easy to knock over. Positive: depending on your portion sides of course we were going a whole week and I filled the cat feeder completely full and I ran it a week prior to leaving. Then we got back a week later and it was still very full and it ran for a good month. So the proportion size was great because you can fill it up and just continue running it so you don't have to worry about ever forgetting feed your pets and you can save money with the correct proportion size. Small compact you can record your voice to have your animal come to you that seem to really work on my youngest cat. Food loves me to death and won't eat when I'm gone so that really help with separation anxiety. Cons: It will still continue to try to dispense food when it's empty so you just have to learn to check it and it gives you the option. I believe to feed up to four times a day and it doesn't really go into detail and instructions, but if you just hit zero it won't dispense any food. It just skips that time frame so you can literally put two spots at zero in your feeding time from like 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. And leave the other one zeros. But you have to go through each set up in order to feed them the amount of times you feed them. Not knowing what the proportion size were were a trouble shoot. I had to set the timer to go off and then reset it all once I figured out how big and small proportions were. Just overall it's a good simple feeder with very basic setup instructions.

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  • Easy Programmable Feeding Times: Reliably feed your beloved pet at your convenience any time during the day or night. Set between 1-4 meals with 0-40 portion choices to automatically dispense food to give a personal customized diet for your pet.
  • Wired or Battery Power: Choose between a fixed wired connection with the 5V adapter USB power cable or a portable 3 D-cell battery-powered feeding station. Flexible options prevent your pet from going hungry during power outages.
  • Voice Record Meal Call: Let your cat hear your voice when it’s mealtime to create a strong bond and set good eating habits. Record up to 10 seconds of audio for your furry friend.
  • User Friendly Operation: Intuitive LCD screen makes setup and programming a breeze. Removable cleanable parts foster a healthy environment for your pet’s food. Included Desiccant bag prevents mold, moisture, and odor from impacting food freshness.
  • High-Capacity Food Storage: The 4L/16.9 Cup (1 Cup = 48 Tsp) food storage will keep most pets comfortably fed for several days. Easily keep your cat or dog fed during long weekends and short business trips. Get the peace of mind of a full and happy pet.
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