TestMarket - 🔥 Selling Out Fast! PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder, 2.4GHz App-Controlled 3L Feeder - Limited Stock!

🔥 Selling Out Fast! PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder, 2.4GHz App-Controlled 3L Feeder - Limited Stock!

Apr 07, 2024 03:27 am
🔥 Selling Out Fast! PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder, 2.4GHz App-Controlled 3L Feeder - Limited Stock!
Brand Name: PETKIT
Category: Automatic Feeders
Seller Name: PETKIT-UK
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 3629
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Title: Looks great, easy to use, but most importantly 100% reliable.
Content: We purchased the Petkit Element Solo feeder at the end of December having had a bad experience with a Wopet auto feeder. The issue with the Wopet was it would work two or three times, then food would get jammed in the mechanism, so you are left with a hungry pet. I tried different foods with different kibble sizes and shapes, but no good. I think the issue is that the feeding mechanism was a poor design and very liable to getting kibbles caught in it. You buy a feeder to feed your pet whist away, so the most important criteria is that it doesn’t jam leaving your pet hungry. A case where function over form is the priority. Having used the Petkit Solo for over a month now, I can advise this item has been 100% reliable and has not missed one feed. The feeding mechanism on this unit is very well designed to not jam and I trust it completely now. We got the orange one and it looks great in our kitchen. Set up of the unit is very easy and it connected to our wifi immediately. The app takes a little working out initially, but once you have got it, its dead easy to set up your pets feeding regime. We purchased this mainly to use whilst we are away on holiday as it would make it easier for our neighbour to pop in and check on our cat without being such a tie to them. The food hopper will easily feed our cat for at least 10 days, so they just have to check on the food level, top up if needed and keep his water bowl topped up. What we have found is we use it all the time now whilst here as our cat has a weight problem, so we have set up a feeding plan on the app so he can have small portions at regular intervals rather than just two meals a day. This is helping with his weight. Additional functionality we like is you get a confirmation on the app whilst you are away every time a meal has been successfully served which is very re-assuring. You can of course change the feeding plan remotely too. The app is very informative overall with feeding guidelines and a section to track the weight of your pet. As mentioned earlier the design of the unit is really nice with a clean minimal look. There is just one button on the side of the unit. Press this to dispense an extra meal manually, though you can do this from the app too. Cleaning the unit is very easy as the hopper just unclips from the base which is good as you don’t want to be unplugging from the power all the time. The unit also has a battery backup compartment (5 x AAA’s) which will kick in if there is a power cut. The stainless steel bowl also lifts out for easy cleaning. I think this unit has been thoughtfully designed and so far I am really impressed and can highly recommend it.
Title: Changed my life
Content: How have I not had one of these before?? I no longer have to remember to feed my cat, and no more meowing at me early hours of the morning nagging me for food. It’s super handy when I’m away from home, and I can adjust the feeding plan sooo easily from my phone. I love how you can give an extra unscheduled feeding from the app just by clicking a button. My cat has got used to the beep when it dispenses food and literally runs across the flat when she hears it! She’s on a diet so needs her food in smaller portions throughout the day so this is super handy. Works perfectly, I love it!
Title: Product great, app glitchy
Content: The product itself is great. Looks nice in my living room, holds lots of my dogs food, works as it should. The app is a bit weird and took a little playing around with, but I now have her food scheduled. One thing to note if you’re planning to buy this for a dog - it probably wouldn’t be good for a big dog. It dispenses max 0.5 cups (50g) at a time, and bigger kibble might get stuck. My dog used to eat 1 cup twice a day, but now she eats 0.5 cups 4 times a day.
Title: Reliable feeder
Content: Useful app that lets you know when the cat is fed. A bit tricky to get your head round but otherwise great. Main thing is it’s reliable.
Title: So far so good
Content: Only had this a few days but quite impressed so far. My cat is quite fussy and won't eat from a deep bowl. This machines one is quite shallow compared to others. Deep enough that food doesn't spill out the sides but shallow enough her whiskers don't rub off the sides as much as some of the others. App is really easy to use once you figure it out which takes a few minutes looking through the options. Every type of food will be different so you'll need to do some dummy runs to work out portion sizes. The machine says 1/10 cup is approximately 10g, 1/5 cup is 20g and so forth. This worked out at 7g for the food I'm using on 1/10 and it's very consistent. 1/5 a cup would always work out at 14g etc. So from there you can decide how you want to schedule the feeding relative to the portion size and total amount of food you want to dispense over the day. Once you know that you can then schedule everything through the app without even touching the machine other than filling it up and cleaning etc. You also get notifications for completed feeds so if your out and about you've got peace of mind the machine has actually gone off. Would recommend.
Title: Absolute Garbage!
Content: The media could not be loaded. To Start... The App! Add your brand food? So I add Purina.. Nope doesn't recognise that?? But why does it ask for access to your microphone on your phone when setting up??? The Connectivity! Am I missing something?? Is there a page missing in the instructions?? Apparently it like magic it can bypass all the router security and just add itself? No it can't! The QR code to set it up 👍.. Nope! It was written by Fred Flintstone and is out of date, lost in the anals of Android version 1.. In other words useless. It requires backup batteries! Why? Surely for a .50p chip and a one rechargeable battery? The don't supply a charger, or 4 cheap batteries to get you started. Don't buy it. Don't waste your money, Don't waste your time

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  • Convenient APP Control and Data Monitor: PETKIT FRESH ELEMENT SOLO automatic feeder for cats and dogs can controls your pet feeding time and amount to be fed from anywhere anytime. You can also look at the feeding records and get notification on the APP. It helps you to keep a check on your pets weight and keep them healthy. Support only 2.4Ghz Network
  • Smart Notifications & Indicators: Your phone will receive notifications and the machine’s indicators also flashes when the food tank is empty, food gets jammed, the battery is low, or has other problems. It is very helpful during days when you are working late or are away from home
  • Customized Feeding Plan: Different with other automatic cat food dispenser, our smart pet food dispenser can customize your cats feeding plan setting for everyday, which means you can set different amount for each meal and each day(10-50g per meal, up to 30 meals a day). This auto cat feeder is also equipped with a manual feeding button to easily reward your pet
  • Freshness in Every Bite: This intelligent pet feeder is compatible with dry food and freeze- dried food(kibble<12mm). The freeze-dried food should be less than 20% of the whole food portion. It is equipped with trio protection which makes sure that the food comes in less contact with air. We suggest you to replace the desiccant pack every 30 days to ensure the food's maximum freshness
  • Dual Power Supply: Coming with a 5V USB adapter, the automatic cat feeder WiFi also can be powered by 5AAA batteries (not included) for backup in case of power failure, ensuring scheduled feeding is uninterrupted. PETKIT cat feeder is got you covered, wherever you are
  • Removable & Easy to Clean: The detachable design of this automatic dog feeder makes your cleaning easier & more convenient. It removes food residues and odors, letting your pet enjoy healthy and fresh food
  • Made from high-quality food-safe ABS and 304 stainless steels. 3L large capacity, can store 1.33 kg dry animal food at once. It is expected to provide adult cats with about half a month worth of food
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