TestMarket - Exclusive Savings for You - PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, Save 15% Today!

Exclusive Savings for You - PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, Save 15% Today!

Jun 15, 2024 02:25 pm
Exclusive Savings for You - PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, Save 15% Today!
Brand Name: PETLIBRO
Category: Automatic Feeders
Seller Name: PETLIBRO-UK
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 6118
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Title: Absolutely fantastic
Content: The media could not be loaded. Looks sleek, very well designed, easy to set up if you just follow the instructions one step at a time, don’t try and wing it, you’ll do it wrong! Perfect for stopping my cat yowling in my ear at 5am!
Title: So far so good
Content: We have a fairly disciplined cat so never had the need to buy a feeder, having put large quantities of food out for our cats to graze, with a meat pouch once a day. That was until our latest cat thought the food bowl was supposed to be licked clean within 5 minutes of us refilling it. Realising tried and tested methods were no longer going to work with our greedy new addition, we invested in this robot feeder. First impressions are that it's really well made and designed. It disassembles all the way down to the propeller that dispenses the food, so it's easy to clean out. What i really like it's that the lid has a push to click suction that seals it shut. This helps reduce food odours and keeps the food fresh. The hopper lasts for about a week with the two cats (3.8 and 5.5kg) we have and the quantity we set each day. You can set anywhere between 1 and 6 feeds a day, and you can specify how many portions each feed should dispense. We have ours currently set to feed 3 times a day, with 4 portions per feed. That's two portions per cat. Just a note... we use Hills Feline Id dry meal. We have had no problems with this food. It's simple to set up and adjust. Also has a manual dispense button. There's also a nice led indicator on the front to give you a high level view of the status - red means empty or blocked, green is good to go.
Title: Amazing product at an amazing price!
Content: When it comes to owning a cat, I've had my fair share of unusual cat feeders in the past from the basic battery-operated rotating circular feeder to the advanced wi-fi with webcam feeder - both had their issues. However, I am quite impressed with this basic model of the 2L Petlibro Cat Feeder. The programmable controller is very user-friendly, it has a white indicator light that lets you know that your feeder operation is running smoothly and goes into red light mode if the feeder is running low on dry food. It is very portable and can run off 4 disposable D batteries automatically, should there be no main power to your home, whilst away. Obviously, you can hear the rotation for a mere few seconds, which is good in some ways to let you know that its doing its job. Easy enough to clean - simple damp/dry cloths will do the trick. Obviously, there is a couple of downsides to this product (hence the 4 stars)...the red light mode can also flash if the rotation is jammed - thats ok if you happen to be around, but not something you want to be aware of if you happen to be going away for a few days - not that I have experienced this issue as yet. The other downside is, as this product is mains powered, its not very environmentally-friendly that it only uses disposable batteries as its back-up power - obviously I wouldn't know if my disposable batteries are healthy enough to continue its action until I arrive back home, but at the same time, I could be throwing away perfectly healthy disposable batteries after 3-4 months if the back-up power has not been used. A simple built-in rechargable battery (lasting at least a week) would of been the way forward, rather than potentially wasting disposable batteries (old or new) - I can only hope that Petlibro will consider this option in the near future. Other than that, in my opinion, this product is a must-have cat feeder...its simple to operate and very practical...it does what you would expect of a cat feeder and its certainly well worth the money....just don't depend on it if you're on holiday/business vacations alot.
Title: Works great!!
Content: Bought this for my greedy cat that gobbles his food too fast then pukes unless you feed him little portions. Was able to set it up to deliver 6 little meals over 24 hours, and it's been absolutely great!! The food drops into the dish with a clatter that brings him tearing through the house the second he hears it. There's a helpful table in the instructions to work out how many portions your cat gets in a day - I first had to weigh out his daily food ration and pour into a measuring cup to work out what volume he eats e.g. half a cup of food a day. The table tells you how many portions that is, then you can divide up that number of portions across the feeds you want in a day. The table gives suggestions, but other combinations are available if you do the (simple) arithmetic. I found the meal programming really easy to set up and very intuitive once I'd worked out the quantities should be. After it's set up, it runs like a dream - just need to remember to top it up every so often although the "low food" red light indicator comes on to let you know if food is running low. A worthwhile buy and highly recommended!
Title: Definitely worth buying !
Content: This has allowed us to spend 3/4 days away now - before it was down to the cattery or get a friend over. No more. It's easy to program, easy to control portion sizes and the cat was used to it within hours of plugging in. Do plug in rather than batteries for peace of mind. Has not jammed, failed or had any issues at all. The only funny is more to do with our cat where she dragged the nuggets out on the floor to eat. We purchased a drinking fountain to go along side so she has food and water on tap 24/7
Title: PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, 4L Auto Pet Dry Food Dispenser
Content: I found this device was not the easiest to set up. I suspect this was more due to the instructions being inadequate than the device itself. Once we had mastered the menu and realised that every step needed to be confirmed, it worked very well. I recommend that you install the back up batteries before you program the controls. If you do not, you will have to reprogram it every time you unplug it from the mains. If you use the recorded message to call your cat, you need to be very close to the machine when you record the message. If the cat doesn't eat, it will not release any more biscuits until the bowl is somewhat emptied. You can set the portion size and the frequency of meals. It seems smart and well made and modern looking. We've only had it a couple of months but so far so good. Overall I would say it works very well.

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  • Who It's For: This feeder is ideal for weekend getaways or one-week trips, and is perfect for pets on a wet food diet that require regular dry food supplements. It's also excellent for those with pets who have scheduled feeding needs and who are conscious of their pets' weight management (wireless and space constraint-free)
  • Healthy Meals Assistant. Is your kitty's meal schedule in disarray? PETLIBRO cat feeder automatic with timer lets you serve up to 6 meals per day, with 16 portions per meal, for a feline fit as a fiddle
  • Stop Overeating, Say No Buffets. Tired of furry food thieves? The secure press-to-lock button on the top lid and control panel of the PETLIBRO cat feeder keeps paws off your snacks
  • Ants Out, Freshness In. Are ants a problem? PETLIBRO's got you covered. The rubber rotor and strip keep food fresh, ant-free, and prevent the entry of air or water. Let your furry friend feast in peace
  • No Worries, Wherever You Are. Whether your power's out or you're on the go, PETLIBRO got you covered. Powered wirelessly by 3 D-size alkaline batteries (not included), the device has a lifespan of 180 days. We recommend replacing with new batteries from reputable brands. Please search for B093C763HC and B07QM1FQMK on Amazon for your purchase
  • Secure and Easy to Clean: The patented sealed food rotor prevents pets break into the feeder, keeping your pet's food remains safe. The quick-release body design allows for easy installation and cleaning, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Note: The base of the feeder is not washable
  • Sleek and Portable: The cordless, lightweight, and modern design of the PETLIBRO Air Automatic Cat Feeder allows for easy placement anywhere in your home. Whether it's in the living room, bedroom, or even on a table, it adds both style and functionality
  • What You Get: You will receive an automatic cat feeder (2L), power adapter, USB-C cable(1.5 m), user manual, 2-year warranty, and friendly customer support
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