TestMarket - Grab Yours Before It's Gone! Sports Research Triple Strength Astaxanthin 12mg - Antioxidant Supplement

Grab Yours Before It's Gone! Sports Research Triple Strength Astaxanthin 12mg - Antioxidant Supplement

Apr 08, 2024 12:53 am
Grab Yours Before It's Gone! Sports Research Triple Strength Astaxanthin 12mg - Antioxidant Supplement
Brand Name: Sports Research
Category: Astaxanthin
Seller Name: Sports Research
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Title: This is the real deal. Supplements are no joke.
Content: When I was first offered Astaxanthin at the Fit Expo, I was a guy who didn't take any form of supplements (even protein). I didn't want to take supplements not because I was against them, I just wanted to be "unique" and push myself to reach my goals WITHOUT using supplements. However, I found myself hitting a wall, plateauing often because of the limitations of not being able to recover. I go very hard at the gym because I was motivated to outwork and outperform people who were using supplements. After many instances of battling the temptation of experimenting with supplements (and then going to the Fit Expo), I decided to just go all in and give it a try. That's when I experienced a drastic shift in my results. I didn't get HUGE overnight, but what I did experience was higher levels of efficiency. My body was able to process and synthesize stress more effectively and was just able to recover much quickly overall. The studies of improved endurance and all of that was more than just placebo lol, I could actually feel it. But yeah when I was given that free bottle of Astaxanthin, I was very skeptical because I thought to myself, what the hell is this? I can't even pronounce the name. I thought it was some lab made drug, but after looking into it more, I realized it's a pretty natural (not synthetically made). It's a form of nutritional supplement you could say (which I'm more fond of than the lab made ones). I experienced a drastic difference in my body's adaptation to stress. I can say with confidence my CELLS worked better. My levels of soreness were heavily diminished, even after very very heavy weights. That's when I knew, supplements are about efficiency and optimization, and what allows serious athletes to take it to the next level. My favorite supplements are Spirulina, Chlorella, Astaxanthin, and then Whey Protein. Anything else is supplementary/bonus.
Title: Best all-around price and quality for Astaxanthin in a12mg soft-gel capsule
Content: Best single capsule daily protection for the brain at the lowest price and highest quality.
Title: Very potent effects. Injury recovery verses erection quality.
Content: This is one of the most potent and powerful supplements I have ever encountered. I took this supplement for approximately 2 months. During that time I noticed several positive and negative effects; To begin I am a 28 year old man. In my experience this supplement will alter skin complexion and tone to be warmer and also reduce wrinkles somewhat. The main reason I began exploring Astaxanithin was to reduce inflammation and pain in my back that resulted from a torn rhomboid muscle and degradation of the underlying bursa beneath the shoulder blade. Astaxanthin is incredibly effective with soft tissue recovery and injury. During the course of use I rapidly felt my pain and weakness go into remission, further I began to gain muscle volume and size across my body. Overtime i felt myself becoming very aggressive socially - not in a completely negative way. A final positive; my hair began growing more thickly. Unfortunately I began to develop difficulty attaining and sustaining an erection and also began feeling tenderness in my pectoral muscles and nipples. these two things were enough to make me discontinue use. It has been over a year since I used the product and I feel I have completely recovered from the negative effects of the Astaxanthin. Further I feel that I have retained some degree of resistance to inflammation. My original injury is vastly more manageable. I feel this is a quality supplement but it is essential to understand it is not to be used trivially. It is absolutely effective and potent but like many substances it is a double edged sword. Sports Research has yet to lead me astray. Please be careful - particularly if you are a young man like myself. Young women may have more flexibility to the hormonal effects but that is just speculation on my part im not a doctor.
Title: Sports Research Astaxanthin review-Andrea Psoras
Content: **** and possibly 1/2 For some reason the website won't give me stars assignment capability. First, thank GOD! it is NOT GMO. This product makes/made a difference, although taking more also was yet more noticable. As well, given the nuclear waste problems and other serious herbicide contamination in the evironment, few sea based products from pacific sea life is going to be safe from fukashima nuclear waste and also the herbicides - roundup, 2,4D and other herbicides from flowing into the water and causing probliems up through the sea life food chain, then into people's food 'chain', Meanwhile, I use many supplements, virtually all of which are top quality names. I keep a careful, analyzed generally thermogenic diet and assiduously avoid gmo in any form. This is a dangerous lurch into serious harm that even a monsanto scientist in 1994 said that there should be a skull and bones on this when products are from genetic engineering (and associated herbicides). While coming out of 2 careless food mishaps which contaminated my body w/gmo and herbicides, i began having bowel and then joint and muscle trouble. Degree of bowel health is key to what else happens in the organs-body and brain. Nonbiodegradable Herbicides too tend to build up in the body and tissues, brain etc and affect nerves, muscles, neurotransmitters, and thus also the brain, eyes, etc unless and without aggressive effective 'remediation'. This harm is intended to create a sick annuity into the medical (medtech, pharma) system while also passively achieving the population reduction of 'Sustainability' policy (the US policy name for being a signatory to the UN's Global 2000, a population reduction policy) When one realizes that in countries such as Germany and France (socialist countries with socialized medicine) that no gmo is permitted to be grown in those countries because those governments know the contamination and danger of it to people, animals and the environment, not to mention the gov budgets for that healthcare spend, it's disgraceful the US government aids and abets this harm in our society and on our people, livestock and environment when other sophisticated western countries do not. Interested to see what about Sports Research's Astaxanthin was worth my 'experiment' to use it, I ordered the product. In part because I was coming out of a gmo/herbicide episode, which tends to diminish and impede the effect of all other efforts (repenting in the Lord, prayer and slogging through the negative impact of the gmo and herbicides, adhering to a 'perfect diet', and using high powered supplements -which do help when there is all the pollution-contamination/war crime chemicals in our environment and food) for high quality health and well being... this product was/is noticable when taken in 'double' doses. On a budget constrained wallet, needing to reorder more quickly... has its downsides, however and i also take high quality ocean oil products... and coming out of gmo and that pathology put all supplements into a deficit situation, still this product is good to very good. I will recommend it to friends, family. I had had some joint issues come up and although the gmo 'tail' is long, this product didnt hurt and probably will remain among my list of names I use. and Thank God i may obtain another. That i appreciate. Other companies for which Amazon provides reseller services should do the same. Respectfully, Andrea Psoras
Title: Great product!
Content: I like the strength, the size of the capsule, and when I have run out in the past, I feel a difference in my mobility.
Title: Excellent item
Content: Quality

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  • ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY: Gain quality wellness support with Astaxanthin—a natural carotenoid to support antioxidant activity* Made with Astalif, a pure, concentrated source of Icelandic algae, this is among the most potent formulas available
  • SKIN AND EYE HEALTH SUPPORT: One daily 12 mg capsule—cold-pressed with organic coconut oil for a superior experience—supports your best cellular, skin, and eye health*
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: Manufactured in the USA with third-party tested ingredients you can trust, from our family to yours. Our astaxanthin is sustainably sourced and produced using clean geothermal energy practices, reducing energy consumption by 50%
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Sports Research is proud to offer products using only the best ingredients available so you can have total peace of mind in the supplements you are taking. Our vibrantly colored carotenoid astaxanthin supplement is IGEN non-GMO verified and free of soy and gluten
  • THE SPORTS RESEARCH DIFFERENCE: Founded in Southern California in 1980, Sports Research is a family-owned business born from a passion for fitness and wellness. Our goal is to embrace the sport of life through research-backed products created for every body—inside and out
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