TestMarket - 🔥 Hot Savings Alert - Shop Now for Asher's Sugar Free Chocolate Candy Assortment!

🔥 Hot Savings Alert - Shop Now for Asher's Sugar Free Chocolate Candy Assortment!

Apr 07, 2024 08:15 pm
🔥 Hot Savings Alert - Shop Now for Asher's Sugar Free Chocolate Candy Assortment!
Brand Name: Asher's Chocolates
Category: Assortment Boxes
Seller Name: Mixt Solutions
Rating: 4.10
Total Rating Count: 5561
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Title: Great!
Content: I really like these. I just bought a second box. They are expensive but I think they are worth it. I don't eat sugar and thought the flavor was spot on. Someone that is use to real sugar might not agree. Like the variety. Looks and tastes like the real thing.
Title: Pretty good for sugar free
Content: The ones I’ve tasted so far have been very good. The only way I could tell it wasn’t sugar was that it wasn’t quite as sweet, but the other flavors are still there. Will probably be buying again.
Title: Great product, definitely sugar free
Content: Tastes solid. Product needs one of those sheets showing what everything is. Right now, "you never know what you're gonna get".
Title: Amazing Chocolates - Sugar Free? Couldn't tell!
Content: Great chocolates! Bought instead of a boxed heart for Valentines Day. Good size box full of various flavors, just like the "sugared one". All are delicious, seriously, they are sweet tasting, just not sugary sweet like See's. Possibly better than See's and the other brands. You really taste the chocolate and the fillings more. Will definitely be buying more. Great gift to someone who has a sweet tooth but needs to cut out sugary sweets.
Title: Beware of being deceived.
Content: Hello 下午3:19 Daniela | Customer Service Upon checking the details from previous correspondence, our team requested you to send some photos of the item's condition and sent it to us. We can't take any action for this order without receiving the photos. Once we've reviewed your photo(s), we'll determine the appropriate action that should be taken on the order. Is there any other issue or concern I can gladly assist you with at the moment? D下午3:23 1。 I don't know how to upload these photos? 2。 Because when I received chocolate, I reflected this problem. At that time, chocolate had just been received, which could prove a lot. But now that a month has passed, is it still persuasive? 下午3:24 Daniela | Customer Service In this case the quickest way to have this issue resolved is to contact the manufacturer directly for this issue. D下午3:26 I put it on the kitchen table for a long time. I don't know if the mouse has eaten it? Because two days ago, the family caught three mice. 下午3:26 Daniela | Customer Service We requested the photos since December 15, 2021. Since this item is non returnable We recommend that you contact the manufacturer, Asher's Chocolates Store, directly for any assistance with warranty, replacement, or refund information. D下午3:28 I write email to the seller every day, but it hasn't been solved. 下午3:28 Daniela | Customer Service If you've contacted the manufacturer and they can't help, please send us a summary of that correspondence and we'll work on another solution. D下午3:29 You can read the previous conversation records and never told me that I needed to take photos. 下午3:30 Daniela | Customer Service Our team sent you an email on December 15, 2021 requesting the photos. Please contact the manufacturer to investigate this issue further. If they can't help you, please send us a summary of that correspondence to [email protected] and we'll work on another solution. Is there anything else I can help you with? D下午3:32 I think your solution to this problem: delay = no refund. 下午3:33 Daniela | Customer Service I understand that this might be frustrating, but the response you were given previously was correct and we will not be able to provide further insight or action on this matter. If there’s nothing else you’d like to discuss, I’ll need to end this chat. D下午3:34 can't go back to December 15. I'll take pictures. At that time, no customers asked me to upload photos. I'll send your method to the Internet for everyone to understand.
Title: Bitter
Content: Chocolates have a bitter aftertaste

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  • Gourmet Sugar Free Chocolate: Asher’s Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates allow you to enjoy a fine sampler of all of your favorite candies without a hint of sugar in the entire package. One box of our luscious confections include jellies, caramels, buttercreams, toffees and the best truffles that money can buy.
  • Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolates: A box of Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates are a great item to have around when you’re looking to add a little more sweetness to your life – and it also makes the perfect chocolate gift box for birthdays, halloween, and valentine's day!
  • Family Tradition of Quality: A family-owned-and-operated business, we’ve been making our fine chocolates for over 5 generations.
  • Asher's Customer Family: Though our company has expanded over the years, we continue to treat our customers and employees like family, making our chocolates with love. We hope you enjoy them and come back for more!
  • Our Promise: Asher’s Chocolates has been making delicious chocolates and candies since 1892, with only the finest ingredients.
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