TestMarket - Discover Exciting Discounts: What's That Lady Doing? False starts and happy endings

Discover Exciting Discounts: What's That Lady Doing? False starts and happy endings

Jun 15, 2024 10:36 am
Discover Exciting Discounts: What's That Lady Doing? False starts and happy endings
Category: Applied Psychology
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Rating: 4.50
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Title: Beautiful, funny, poignant and such a page turner!
Content: I absolutely loved this book and will be buying copies for several friends. Lou helped me own my own sobriety years ago when she said at one of her gigs: "I used to love drinking. Now I love not drinking." I always remembered that. That and "I had to give up drinking because I was such a legend." So I was eager to read an entire book of Lou's words! If you were once a party animal and have found a more calm, spiritual side as you've got older, or you are looking for one, then you'll love this book. Plus, she's funny as hell in such a natural, warm, delightful way. Some of the stuff Lou's been through will break your heart but she's a absolute gem for sharing the hard stuff along with the silly.
Title: Lively and loose
Content: A rollicking read, especially the first half. I found Lou Sanders's tales of her childhood and wild adolescence in Thanet picaresque and shockingly funny. The first two thirds of this memoir were for me a compulsive page-turner, my favourite type of book. On stage, Sanders has called herself a legend, but shamefacedly. This book reveals her as once the type of kid who fully lives up to that title: the force of nature who leaves the rest of us in her town or school agasp and aghast, half envying her the adventures she gets up to, half relieved we don't get into such scrapes ourselves. The book could hardly go wrong with so much to tell; and Sanders's light touch and quippy style make for a vivid ride for the reader. But the author's apparently fun life caught up with her as she grew into and through early adulthood. The tone becomes darker as alcoholism claimed her, and shame becomes a growing theme in the book. This inevitably darkens the tone, and the narrative voice becomes more reflective and philosophical, making the book the book feel like increasingly harder going. Which is fair enough: I'd rather Lou Sanders faced up to her demons, as she does towards the end, than continue to adopt fun-time-Charlotte as an identiity and revel in self-destruction into middle age. I often find the pre-adult memories the best part of memoirs, so this pattern is common. I think we have more distance from our childhood and can therefore view that part of our story almost objectively. Most of what happens to us before we leave home is not our fault, because our life's structured for us by others and because our sense of responsibility hasn't matured. As a reader, I don't blame children and juveniles for what they get up to; but, of course, I do blame adults. Lou Sanders seems to regard her young years as a gallivanting tale; but she writes about her adult antics, many of which do make great anecdotes, with a note of regret. She did madcap things, irresponsible things, rotten things. She owns up to it all. The honesty is impressive. Maybe she learned that power from the alcoholics rehab meetings she describes with such gratitude. The last part of the book has less narrative. For me it feels a bit loose. Sanders mentions here and there how her stand-up career progressed; but I'd've liked to hear more about the successful Lou Sanders. You have to be gritty, determined, and disciplined to make it; but Sanders would rather gloss over her more steely side and let that all be somewhat mysterious. Maybe the lack of stories about her career is just a matter of self interest: you don't want to be slagging off those involved in ensuring your income. You don't want to sound unprofessional. From my point of view, the dullest parts of the book were when Sanders gets preachy. She likes to draw what to me are rather superficial moral lessons from the story of her life. She goes on about spiritual practices, such as consulting healers, at tedious length. To be fair, she says she knows this material will piss some readers off. But I'm glad she's in a better place. Whatever works.
Title: Loved the audio book
Content: A great book. Lou takes you through her journey of becoming who she is now. She’s been through a lot and doesn’t shy away from some very serious topics. It’s impressive and inspirational hearing how she has accepted and overcome some very challenging situations. Despite the at times heavy subject matters the book is littered with comedy and if you’re a fan of Lou you will be happy to find her usual funny and authentic voice. Definitely recommend giving this a read.
Title: Making light of the dark!
Content: Such an insightful , funny , enjoyable read . Lou balances the darker side of her life with humour and grace - and offers many valuable insights along the way . I enjoyed this book so much and genuinely laughed out loud - which really annoyed my husband as he was trying to read his book too, but I think he was just jealous that mine was more fun
Title: An honest piece of writing
Content: I've been putting off writing this review because it's so new and I didn't want to negatively effect the overall rating for the book. I'm going to focus mainly on the positives of the book. Lou has had a tough life and has had to face and overcome many awful situations, there are a lot of sad moments within this book and I am glad that Lou seems to be in a happy and positive place now. It's a very honest book, Lou does not hold back at all, she owns any mistakes she may have made and she writes in a friendly, conversational tone. I really enjoyed the sections about Lou discovering therapy and spirituality, she repeatedly said she was aware that it is often viewed suspiciously by many and so she kept these bits to a minimum but as someone who had no prior knowledge about these things I found these sections informative and really interesting and I would have liked to have read more. This is ultimately my issue with the book, I would have liked it to have had more depth. I felt a lot of things were skimmed over, the general format is that Lou would tell an anecdote and then towards the end of that chapter she would write about a lesson learned from that with the benefit of a lot of time and hindsight. This would take the form of a small paragraph at the very end of the chapter and because the book's main arc is that it has a happy ending, I think it would have benefited from more depth about how Lou worked through the issue and more self-reflection. I felt the book wasn't sure whether the overall vibe was trying to be funny or serious, the book features some very serious topics such as rape, addiction and low self esteem but there always seemed to be a layer of attempting to be light-hearted not far behind and the book never really settled in to what it wanted to be.
Title: didn’t want it to end
Content: Really vibrant writing. Honest, moving and entertaining. Lou Sanders is one funny crazy lady. It’s a roller coaster of a read. Give it a go.

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