TestMarket - Limited Time Offer: WETNFIX (20 Discs) - Fixing Wall Plugs Fast! Save 24%! No Need to Fill or Redrill - Now Only £5.95

Limited Time Offer: WETNFIX (20 Discs) - Fixing Wall Plugs Fast! Save 24%! No Need to Fill or Redrill - Now Only £5.95

Jun 15, 2024 02:06 pm
Limited Time Offer: WETNFIX (20 Discs) - Fixing Wall Plugs Fast! Save 24%! No Need to Fill or Redrill - Now Only £5.95
Brand Name: ‎WETNFIX
Category: Anchors
Seller Name: WETNFIX
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 9108
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Title: Great and easy.
Content: I'm no driller, moved into a flat with horrendous diy drill holes. Tried to fill hole then redrill and attach but heavy blackouts ended falling down. So saw these and I'm so happy, so easy to do and curtain pole is solid 4 months down the line, no budge at all.
Title: Genuinely shocked by how good these are.
Content: I was honestly sceptical at first when I saw these but they work incredibly well. For the price you pay they are definitely worth it! I had a curtain rail that had fallen down leaving a hole in the wall that was too big for a standard rawlplug. A quick dip in a glass of water and this was ready to go. I followed the instructions and it completely packed the hole giving the plug purchase to hold the curtain rail up and set/cured very quickly giving a solid mount. So far it has lasted and shows no signs of coming down again any time soon. If your hole is bigger than the screw these will do you very well. Only down side is they can be a little messy as they can drip plastery water if care is not properly taken.
Title: Messy and a bit fiddly
Content: I thought I'd try these instead of the usual epoxy filler I use and am reasonably impressed. I've filled in two holes that I slightly over-drilled and they seem to have gone in well and given a tight fit in next to no time. They are rather messy, though, but if you've used this sort of stuff before you'll be expecting it. Even after a good shake to get the drips off (ooer, missus) it still left plastery white trails down the wall. Worse, when I tapped the 1st plug in - gently as I could - not only did it splash around the place I was filling but it splashed all over a wall about two feet away. Not a small mess, either. It wiped off easily enough but I made sure to hold a cloth up to the next one to catch any mess. I know it says 3 minutes, but I gave it 10 before attaching the coat hooks to the wall and am leaving it overnight before hanging anything on it. I'd rather be sure it was dried and set properly than have to do more repairs. All-in-all I found it quicker and easier than the epoxy plugs I've used before and would recommend giving them a try.
Title: Tried with loads of filler. This saved me.
Content: This is super simple to use and extremely effective. Tried to fix holes that were to big with filler and nothing stuck well enough except for these. Absolutely worth the value.
Title: Worked Perfectly
Content: I'd never had a wall plug come loose before, and wasn't sure what the best way to fix it was given it was a masonry wall. I came across a recommendation for WetNFix and ordered some. They work like a charm. The instructions say to wait 5 minutes to let them dry before putting the screws in. I gave it half an hour and I could really feel the screws and the wall plug bite in. I think they're more secure now than originally.
Title: Didn't work with crumbling plaster
Content: I had a large screw hole due to the wall plaster crumbling. I used two sheets (basically plaster of paris) of these 'plugs' and let the stuff set in the wall for couple of hours before trying to attach something. It didn't hold the weight - the rawlplug with the attached sheets of fixer just fell out of the wall. The fixer sheets were still a little damp so it might have worked better if I'd left it overnight or a day before trying to attach something to the screw.

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  • Specifically created to solve the commonest DIY problem - securing wall plugs/anchors in weak crumbly masonry or oversized holes or fittings which have come loose with repeated use.
  • It is ideal for fittings such as curtain rails, shelves, toilet roll holders, towel rails, hooks etc.
  • Fast, easy to use and sets in 3 minutes
  • Suitable for most materials, including masonry, wood, ceramics and plasterboard
  • If you have a wall in your home or office, you need WETNFIX in your tool box.
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