TestMarket - Limited-Time Promo: Fosi Audio MC101 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier - Save 15%, Now Only $76.49!

Limited-Time Promo: Fosi Audio MC101 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier - Save 15%, Now Only $76.49!

Jan 14, 2024 06:26 pm
Limited-Time Promo: Fosi Audio MC101 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier - Save 15%, Now Only $76.49!
Brand Name: Fosi Audio
Category: Amplifiers
Seller Name: Hifi Made Fun
Rating: 4.10
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Don't miss out on this exclusive limited-time promo! Grab the Fosi Audio MC101 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier with VU Meter and enjoy high-quality sound in your home. Designed with a vintage all aluminum alloy build, this 2 channel HiFi receiver is perfect for passive speakers. Take advantage of the bass and treble tone control for an optimized audio experience. Act fast and unlock savings of 15% off the old price of $89.99. With a discount of $13.5, now is your chance to save big on this must-have audio component. Hurry, this offer won't last long!

Title: The everyday joy of music
Content: I ordered the MC101 because I really liked the V3, and because my interactions with the company created a positive impression about their products and service. Please see the attached images for a sense of my set up(s) and use context. -- BUILD & AESTHETICS: Solid build, good non-shiny polished metal, smooth knobs for volume, treble, and bass. Nice old school switch for power - bluetooth - rca inputs. Binding posts are robust, as are the rca inputs and the power cord slot. Of course, the VU meter! It looks nice with a sweet orange glow (see images). Excellent build. -- USAGE: I've got a few speakers, and I've tried the MC101 with all of them. Speaker model and sensitivity: Sonist Concerto II 97db JBL Studio 580 90db Klipsch R-51m 96/97db JBL Studio 530 86db I use Tidal Lossless and Apple Music. I did not use bluetooth on the MC101. I'm not going to bother you with DAC, cables, etc. etc. for the reasons below. -- PERFORMANCE: First off, I'm an objective-subjectivist. I believe that good engineering is important, and then it is a matter of personal preference what speakers you like. I don't believe in DACs having different "voicing." A simple, well executed DAC should have no sound of its own. I don't believe "tubes are better" by any objective metric. But I really like having a couple of tube amps. I think A/B vs. Class D is a non-factor as far as my listening set ups and needs are concerned. I believe that a well made amplifier should provide power, and that's it. I believe that having lots of power is good. I detest the term "audiophile." I don't think cables do anything beyond a basic level, I don't think cable risers are money well spent, I don't care for power conditioners, I don't think I need to spend thousands to listen to the sound of silence, which is what a load of subjective audiophiles seem to be into. I have vinyl, but I find streaming simpler. I would like everything to be 24/192, but I'm perfectly happy to listen to CD quality 16/44.1. There, that is my "good audio" credo. Now on to the performance. Genres: Rock, Folk, Rap, Jazz, Blues, Classical, R&B. The MC101 works very well with all my speakers, and works exceptionally well with the Klipsch and the Concertos. The power is plentiful, the sound is clean and as loud as I want, and the VU meter works and is pleasing to look at in the evening. Most important, the MC101 gets out of the way and lets me enjoy listening to the music. There is no audible distortion at loud volumes, no channel imbalance at low volumes, and the tone controls help to dial-in the sound for certain songs or artists when I feel like. The Klipsch set up includes a subwoofer from the Bluesound Duo 2.1 set up, and I use the 3.5mm out on the MC101 with a passive attenuator to connect the subwoofer. The MC101 could do with a pre-out so you don't need an attenuator, but most subwoofers come with crossover and volume controls. The pre-out does help controlling amp + sub volume simultaneously, but this is not a big issue for me. This system is in my study, and it fills the room happily. The Concerto II is a 2.0 setup, and it is in the living room. These are poplar oak floorstanders. Beautiful dynamics, and lots of fun listening to Folk/Americana, Rock, R&B, and hip hop. The Studio 530 and 580 are in the largest room. Studio 530s are not very efficient, but the MC101 (and the V3, for that matter; you'll see it in some of my images too) have not had any issues driving them. They sound great. The Studio 580s sound fine with the MC101, but it is a large floor stander with two woofers, so one just feels the need to have loads of power. Thing is, I have two way more powerful amplifiers (Cronus Magnum II by Rogue Audio and a Crown monster), and have gotten used to playing those in this room. -- IN CONCLUSION... What do we want from our kit, eventually? Musicality with no obvious distortions, artefacts, ground loops, etc.? A few minutes or hours of focused or casual listening? Occasional moments of joy that music—one of the few things still recommending us as a species—can provide? Spontaneous instances where the singer or the drummer or the guitarist or the violinist or the damn triangle player takes our breath away? The MC101 can join your kit in doing these things for you. RECOMMENDED WITHOUT RESERVATION.
Title: A good purchase.
Content: I bought this Fosi unit to function as a BT pre amp that connects to my vintage tube amplifier. Does what I needed, and I like the style of the unit. It compliments the glow of the tube amp it's paired with.
Title: The Fosi Audio MC101 is an Incredible Value
Content: This little amp from Fosi Audio is amazing! I have never heard a Class D amp sound so good. All in a package that looks so good and is so small. At its present price 12/28/2023 its got to be the amplifier bargain of the year. Even at its regular retail price, the Fosi Audio MC101 punches way above its weight. I had some extra audio rig sitting around so I tested the MC101 with USB output from my PC using J River software into a Topping E50 DAC into the MC101 into Klipsch R-40Ms, a budget set up, indeed. I believe the Klipschs are rated at 93dB efficiency. The sound produced was amazing for this type of equipment and the MC101 was a star performer. Now, you can't turn the volume to eardrum splitting levels (but who wants to) but at normal and even above normal volume there was no clipping and the music up and down the audible frequency range. Now, from my reading about this amp, the 100-watts per channel at 4 ohms claim is the maximum output of the opamp inside which is the TPA3116 for each channel. The Klipschs which are rated at 8 ohms and are relatively efficient, produced a satisfying loudness with the MC101. Your mileage will very, depending on the speakers you use and their efficiency rating. Another great feature is that you can play audio using Bluetooth. The MC101 uses version 5.3 which makes connecting is a snap, however, the MC101 does not use any lossless codecs like Apt-X, Apt-X HD, or LDAC. For the price, the Fosi Audio MC101 is an incredible value.
Title: Cute
Content: I generally don’t like D amplification but for $89 this is very cute sounds ok in my office with small old Realistic speakers. It turns off the BT music from my phone when i try to take a video. Not sure why - strange - but overall small (which is nice) sounds fine and cute. Comes nicely packed - how ling it will last ? Times will tell. I like that it has on off that also selects the source BT or RCA - you will need an external RCA selector switch for more than one RCA source.
Title: Prima versterker
Content: Goede versterker met een prima uitgangsvermogen
Title: Bello, ottima qualità, ma potenza lontanissima dal dichiarato.
Content: L'amplificatore è davvero bello, qualità audio altissima, rumore di fondo praticamente assente, arriviamo all'unica (credo) nota dolente: potenza lontanamente distante dal dichiarato, ovviamente dipende dal tipo di diffusori che gli date in pasto, con l'alimentatore fornito non riuscirete a pilotare in maniera corretta diffusori poco sensibili. Infatti con Dali Spektor 2 (100w) non ci siamo proprio, restituito quindi, in quanto affrontare un'altra spesa aggiuntiva per sostituire l'alimentatore non ha proprio senso.

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  • Mini Vintage Amp: Crafted for music lovers, this VU meter amplifier harmoniously combines retro charm with contemporary design. Dive into the HiFi world with its superior sound quality and a powerful output of 200W. Experience a musical journey through time, where nostalgia harmonizes with audio perfection.
  • Effortless Setup: The MC101, featuring Bluetooth 5.3 and RCA wired connectivities, is versatile for various scenarios and easy to configure. Its user-friendly design includes automatic Bluetooth reconnection and a simple manual pairing reset, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted wireless music experience.
  • Visual Dashboard: The VU meter combines aesthetic appeal with unique functional features. The pointer in the meter dynamically swings with changes in the audio signal, helping you adjust the audio volume in real-time to prevent overload and distortion.
  • Personalized Tuning: The MC101 features tone adjustment knobs, allowing for precise tuning of bass and treble gain to tailor your preferred sound. Additionally, the built-in central detents facilitate easy restoration to the sound's original character.
  • Refined Craftsmanship: More than just its captivating look, the MC101 boasts a CNC-machined, all-aluminum alloy construction, ensuring both longevity and a luxurious feel. Experience the superior quality in every touch, complemented by the peace of mind that comes with Fosi Audio's 24-month warranty.
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