TestMarket - Grab the Fosi Audio BT20A Pro 300W x2 TPA3255 Bluetooth 5.0 Home Audio Stereo 2 Channel Amplifier Receiver Now!

Grab the Fosi Audio BT20A Pro 300W x2 TPA3255 Bluetooth 5.0 Home Audio Stereo 2 Channel Amplifier Receiver Now!

Jan 15, 2024 09:25 am
Grab the Fosi Audio BT20A Pro 300W x2 TPA3255 Bluetooth 5.0 Home Audio Stereo 2 Channel Amplifier Receiver Now!
Brand Name: Fosi Audio
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Seller Name: Fosi Audio
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Title: Bring new life to old speakers - Reuse/Recycle
Content: RECOMMEND? Absolutely yes. TESTING: So far only 2hr of testing, but so far so good. Checked sound from headphone jack of phone to RCA of amplifier - works. Paired to same phone for Bluetooth – works. (had some trouble initially with Bluetooth range, but it turned out that it was the phone and not the amp). Paired to a different phone and had a great BT connection from across the house. SETUP: Running it with two 8Ω Bose 201 (L-R) full size speakers and one 4Ω Bose sub taken from a dead 2.1 system (sub still good, hockey puck died). Room is about 10' x 12' x 9’. PROS: This is a great way to re-purpose some speakers that were just sitting around gathering dust. Most of the controls are on the front of the amp and easy to access. Good price, good features, compact, decent power, clean sound, nice appearance, no hiss/crackle/pop, good connection options (RCA, BT, speaker lugs), has manual switch from RCA to BT input so that you don't have to keep disabling BT on your devices. Easy to use and way easy to setup. EXTRA: Wonderful support! I wrote them with an issue about my BT range, and they replied in less than a day. I was surprised. Even more surprised, they had a tip that solved my problem (try a different phone) CONS: The speaker lugs are a little close together, but that comes with this extra compact form factor. The mid-range seems a bit anemic, but I have not given the amp much ‘break in’ time. SUMMARY: Really blown away that such a tiny package can drive two full sized speakers and a subwoofer, and do it adroitly. I know, Class-D, but it’s still impressive to me. Produces WAY more sound than that room can handle, and then some. Audio is clear, crisp, and distortion free. Package is compact and sturdy, with convenient controls. I have no regrets so far about this amp and look forward to using it more. (and perhaps even getting a second one for another room)
Title: Excellent Amplifier, excellent sound quality
Content: i have a lot of Fosi audio amps, this one,, sound incredible.. but i go to the next step and i buy the Fosi Audio 48v 5A powersupply... and i will give you my impressions about this powersupply and this amp. i recommend this amplifier... This power supply proved to be an outstanding choice, effortlessly driving my pair of high impedance speakers while delivering impeccable performance. With its reliability, robust build, and impressive capabilities, this power supply exceeded all my expectations. Performance and Compatibility: The 48V 5A power supply flawlessly powered my high impedance speakers, showcasing its exceptional performance capabilities. The impressive voltage output and ample current supply effortlessly met the demands of my amplifier, resulting in clear and dynamic sound reproduction. The power supply consistently delivered a clean and stable power signal, ensuring a distortion-free audio experience. Its compatibility with high impedance speakers allowed me to unlock their true potential, revealing nuanced details and captivating clarity that brought my music collection to life. Reliability and Build Quality: One of the standout features of this power supply is its remarkable reliability. From the moment I connected it to my amplifier, I experienced uninterrupted power delivery and consistent performance. The sturdy build and high-quality components instilled confidence, assuring me of its long-term durability. Additionally, the power supply's efficient cooling system prevented overheating, even during extended listening sessions, which further demonstrated its reliability under demanding conditions. Versatility and Safety: I appreciate the versatility this power supply offers. Its 48V output combined with a 5A current rating make it suitable for a range of audio systems, not just limited to high impedance speakers. Furthermore, the power supply incorporates several safety features, including short-circuit protection and overvoltage safeguards, ensuring the protection of my valuable audio equipment. Conclusion: In conclusion, the 48V 5A power supply has proven to be an exceptional choice for powering high impedance speakers. Its superior performance, reliability, and compatibility with a wide range of audio systems make it a standout option. Whether you're a casual listener or an avid audiophile, this power supply will undoubtedly enhance your audio experience.
Title: Easy, reliable amplifier for stereo audio
Content: This Fosi amp continues the great performance as the other non-Bluetooth versions have. It has an all metal case and feels solid. The audio comes out loud, clear and easy to adjust with the integrated dials for treble and bass. The Bluetooth connection was simple and didn’t require holding any special buttons to initiate. Sound quality was just as good as being directly connected through line in. One of the other nice features is the ability to change the on board op-amp. This process was easy to remove the three hex head screws and slide the board out. While I haven’t had the need to make a change it is nice to have the option in the future. I have multiple Fosi amps and would recommend them to others. Their support is quick to respond if any issue arises and warranty support is needed.
Title: Nice little amp
Content: I purchased this amp to run a 2.1 system in my garage. What attracted me to the unit was the small form factor, built in Bluetooth, bass and treble controls and the active 3.5mm output for a sub. I connected the amp to a pair of Sony SSCS5 speakers and an older 10" sub I had to the 3.5mm port. Connecting my Android phone was quick. My phone saw the amp right away. It would be nice if a password was required to ensure no one else could connect to the unit. The sound quality was nice and the unit had more than enough power to run the Sony speakers to the levels I needed for listening in my garage. Bass and treble adjustments sound nice, not digitally enhanced. After an hour of listening the unit got a little warm, but not hot. My only gripe, and the reason I removed 1 star, is that the hashmark on one of the knobs is misaligned (see pic). Seems like the quality control isn't quite there, but overall I would recommend this unit.
Title: Me sorprendió y cumple con su función
Content: Ya a más de un mes de probarlo me sorprendió lo potente que es, muy práctico de usarlo y sus perillas para ecualizar de lo mejor, la conectividad del Bluetooth estable, estoy muy satisfecho con el amplificador es pequeño pero los materiales son resistentes y se ve elegante Le agrege un amplificador de bajos ya que tiene su salida y ha quedado superado bien
Title: Value for money
Content: Works wel, good value for money.

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  • TI TPA3255 Chip Amplifier with 300 Watts x 2 Power Output: Advanced feedback design and high-speed gate driver error correction for efficient and high-quality audio performance, with low idle losses of <2.5W.
  • Upgraded High-Efficiency: A significant upgrade from the BT20A amplifier with replaceable Op-Amps for customized. You can replace the two plug-in NE5532 Op-Amps with LME49720HA/MUSES02/OPA2604AP/OPA2134PA/LM4562/NJM4556AD Op-Amps to achieve a unique sound quality. With SNR≥108dB and THD≤0.005%.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity: The Bluetooth pair can be cleared by pressing and holding the volume control for five seconds. In addition, it has a memory Function for Easy Pairing and Alert Tone.
  • Customizable Sound with a Wide Range of Bass and Treble Controls: The BT20A Pro home audio amplifier offers a unique design for sound control. Enjoy original sound without effects by setting treble and bass effects to the middle point.
  • What you Get: BT20A Pro Power Amplifier x1, Bluetooth Antenna x1, 32V 5A Power Adapter x1, AC Cord x1, User Manual x1, our worry-free 24-month warranty, and friendly customer service.
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