TestMarket - Exclusive Savings for You - Furid Carbon Fiber Wallet with Money Clip, Slim Metal Wallet

Exclusive Savings for You - Furid Carbon Fiber Wallet with Money Clip, Slim Metal Wallet

Jan 14, 2024 03:49 pm
Exclusive Savings for You - Furid Carbon Fiber Wallet with Money Clip, Slim Metal Wallet
Brand Name: furid
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Seller Name: Wonderful Career
Rating: 4.30
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Check Out the Deals - Get the sleek and stylish Furid Carbon Fiber Wallet with Money Clip at a special discount. This minimalist wallet is perfect for men and comes in a sleek black color. Made with high-quality carbon fiber and featuring a slim design, this wallet is a must-have accessory. Use it to hold your credit cards and cash securely. Shop now and save 20% off the original price of $21.99 - Now only $17.59! Don't miss your chance to snag your discount today and save $4.4!

Title: Does not catch or bulge in front pocket!
Content: Someone stole my wallet or picked it up and didn't return it when i was traveling to Texas Mexico Border. I decided to get this so I can track it going forwards. The quality is there. I didnt want to spend 6x the money on a "brand name thats advertised on youtube frequently" because I prefer something slim that dosent have a bulge that can get caught in in my pocket. Many other wallet's airtags are like a popsocket or an addon. This one however is tapered so its sleek and built in. To those people that complain about the screws, you probably overtorqued them or stripped installing the airtag. You can fix this by buying threadlocker. and applying a tiny amount to the threads. I love how small it is and I normally only carry about 4-5 cards. The only thing i noticed is i can't really carry business cards in it unless you use the clip because they are a bit too big and it gets caught on the elastic. This wallet is made for plastic cards. The money clip is good I can take 5 bills and fold them twice over and keep them secured.
Title: Sturdy Card Holder with Some Minor Quirks
Content: The media could not be loaded. I've been using this for several months now, and overall, it has proven to be a reliable accessory. One of the standout pros is the impressive durability of the hard case itself. It has held up remarkably well even after enduring everyday wear and tear, and it can take a beating without showing signs of wear. The straps holding the wallet together are also a noteworthy positive. Despite months of use, they remain as tight as when I first got the holder. This ensures that my cards and other essentials stay securely in place, which is essential for peace of mind while on the go. On the downside, I did notice that the case doesn't provide as much protection to the Airtag as I had hoped. While the hard case itself is robust, it doesn't entirely prevent the Airtag from getting scraped or scratched if it encounters rough surfaces. It would have been nice if the case had a more pronounced protective design around the Airtag slot. Another occasional inconvenience is that the screws holding the case together can come loose over time. However, the manufacturer does provide a small screwdriver for tightening them, which is a thoughtful inclusion. While it's not a frequent issue, it's still something to keep in mind. In conclusion, the Hard Case Card Holder with Airtag Slot is a durable and well-constructed accessory that excels in terms of maintaining the tightness of its straps and withstanding everyday wear. However, its protective capabilities for the Airtag could be improved, and the occasional need to tighten screws might require a bit of maintenance. Despite these minor quirks, it remains a practical choice for keeping your essentials organized and secure.
Title: I love it
Content: This wallet it slim and beautiful. I never will lose my wallet again and it was at a great price. I recommend everyone get them a wallet.
Title: Just okay
Content: Wallet lives up to expectations if they are low. The plastic is not the best quality, the screws were very difficult to get out and I accidentally broke the screw driver that came with it trying to get the screws out. Was most disappointed by the color. I expected a dark seafoam as shown in the product image but it came in a typical true dark green. However it does the job and works for keeping the AirTag as apart of the wallet.
Title: Worth Every Penny
Content: Solid product, easy AirTag installation, feels sturdy 10/10 would recommend. Customer service responded promptly about the warranty setup and free gift as well.
Title: Extremely Dissatisfied with Furid Airtag Wallet Men - Beware!
Content: I recently purchased the Furid Airtag Wallet Men, hoping for a convenient and reliable wallet to keep my cards and money secure. Unfortunately, my experience has been nothing short of a disaster. I feel compelled to share my grievances with this product, as it has caused me immense frustration and inconvenience. First and foremost, the screws on this wallet have proven to be a never-ending problem. No matter how tightly I try to secure them, they continually come loose. It is incredibly frustrating to have to constantly monitor and tighten the screws, only for them to loosen again shortly afterward. This flaw alone is a major design oversight that greatly affects the wallet's functionality. Moreover, the money clip, which is supposed to hold bills securely, is a complete failure. On multiple occasions, it has unexpectedly detached from the wallet, causing me to lose my hard-earned cash. It is beyond disappointing to invest in a wallet that cannot even perform its basic function of keeping money intact. The lack of reliability and poor craftsmanship is simply unacceptable. Additionally, the card storage system in this wallet is poorly designed. Attempting to sort through my cards quickly becomes a frustrating task as they constantly spring out of their slots and scatter all over the table. It is not only embarrassing but also time-consuming to gather up the scattered cards every time I need to access a specific one. This design flaw renders the wallet virtually useless for practical everyday use. Considering the exorbitant price I paid for this wallet, I expected far better quality and functionality. The Furid Airtag Wallet Men has been a massive disappointment, and I regret wasting my money on such a subpar product. I strongly advise potential buyers to steer clear of this wallet unless they enjoy dealing with loose screws, a money clip prone to detachment, and the frustration of card chaos. Save yourself the headache and look for a more reliable and well-designed alternative.

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  • Excellent Metal Wallet:Made of premium aluminum money clip wallet, Advanced electroplating process guarantees never fade, Carefully polished smooth surface money clip.
  • Convenient Use: Easy to holds up to 16 cards,The smooth metal V port can be easily inserted into the card,The C shape mouth on the opposite helps you to pull out cards easily.
  • Slim Wallet for Men: A slim minimalist wallet for men, light money clip wallet, Fashionable and convenient appearance. 8 stylish colors is available . Small size Free up more personal space:2.1*3.4*0.2 inch.
  • Clip & Elastic Band: The stainless steel money clip can be used to hold cash,besides can be Hung on a pocket or belt. Flexible webbing greatly improved the card holding capacity, very convenient for card carrier.
  • Purchase without Worry : If you have any quality or any other questions, please contact us at any time and we will resolve it for you as soon as possible
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