TestMarket - Save Big on Your Purchase - 19 Alarms Digital Clock with Auto DST and Sun Moon Icons, Custom Reminders and Calendar Clock for Seniors - Limited Time Offer!

Save Big on Your Purchase - 19 Alarms Digital Clock with Auto DST and Sun Moon Icons, Custom Reminders and Calendar Clock for Seniors - Limited Time Offer!

Apr 07, 2024 07:55 pm
Save Big on Your Purchase - 19 Alarms Digital Clock with Auto DST and Sun Moon Icons, Custom Reminders and Calendar Clock for Seniors - Limited Time Offer!
Brand Name: MASSII
Category: Alarm Clocks
Seller Name: MASSII Care
Rating: 4.60
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Title: If you love someone with memory issues - get this!
Content: My wife and I are well into our seventies and dealing with the many adjustments that come with our age. Being well into retirement and away from the rigid scheduling of regular employment it sometimes becomes problematic to maintain a sense of passing time. While I have, so far, managed to mostly avoid the more frustrating memory difficulties, my wife has gradually progressing issues which necessitate modifications in the way we do things. While we continue to work with doctors to do everything we can to counter the effects of advancing age we also have to make whatever adjustments we can think of to deal with issues that arise. One of those has been a sense of the passage of time. She often loses track of what day or date it is and since she has me around it is easy to ask, "What day is it?" and get a ready answer from me. But often the answer doesn't register well and it can lead to the question being repeated - on occasions three or four times within an hour. While I can and do readily provide an answer, I confess that I am only human and still working on improving my caregiving skills, so that sometimes I am unable to avoid the tiniest bit of frustration creeping into my voice as I answer her for the third or fourth time. She senses this and it upsets her, which upsets me because the very last thing I want to do is make any of this more difficult for her. I thought that this calendar/clock might be helpful. Placed below our television as you can see in the picture it is clearly visible in the entire living room yet unobtrusive. Not only does it display the date, day of the week and time in a clearly readable format, but it even shows such things as "predawn" or "afternoon" so there is no confusion as to am or pm times. Initial setup was as easy as it gets and while at this point we really don't have a need for the considerable number of alarms or reminders you can set it's nice to know they are there. Likewise, it's nice to have a remote control for the device although I doubt that it will be very useful to us so it will remain in the box for now so I don't lose it. The instructions are much, much better and clearer than what is standard for most electronic devices I've encountered, which often feature English that ranges from amusing to completely indecipherable. On the subject of the available alarms, you have five pre-labled alarms (wake up, three medication reminders and a "drink water" reminder) and fifteen reminders you can customize to display unique messages with the use of a USB drive to create the messages on your computer and transfer them to the clock. While this is a nice feature, I want to suggest that the makers of this clock could make it exponentially more useful by expanding on this concept. These reminders can be set to display on a specific day of the week, every day of the week, Monday through Friday only, or weekends only. If they could simply expand this feature to include the ability to set a reminder for a specific day of the year, these reminders could be used to display birthdays, anniversaries, doctor's appointments and so forth. I would readily trade the remote control for this added feature! Even without this potential addition, I give this product a rock-solid five star rating. I was concerned that it might be too overpowering. It is not - at all. I was concerned that my wife would not receive it well. She understands the adjustments we've needed to make and is delighted with this solution. I fully expect that we'll be purchasing another one soon for use in the bedroom. Thank you for a product that has already proven its worth and solved a small but otherwise unavoidable problem for us.
Title: Great clock
Content: This is a great clock. It's easy to read and has the info I want. The best thing is the size. It's on the small side and perfect for my needs. I've tried others that were way too big.
Title: Excellent clock
Content: We have now purchased 3 of these for all the seniors in the family. Easy to set up. Everyone likes how easy it is to see and read. Always being looked at for day/date and time.
Title: Perfect for the elderly.
Content: This is the second one we have had in our household & my grandparents have loved both. This one has a pretty cool alarm function, pill reminder & background options. It's very easy to set up & to see. Highly recommend for Dementia & Alzheimers households!! It's a lifesaver!!!
Title: Perfect for attention needs
Content: The large display and detailed read out is perfect for those who need extra help distinguish time, etc.
Title: nice display, a lot of alarm features.
Content: its close to 5 star for this kind of clock. just asking for a "custom" setting for alarms, so i can simply choose what days of the week i want as my schedule is "broken".. i dont need every day, i dont need just the weekend, so thats about the only real issue i have. i have to constantly change my days for the alarm to go off. brightness, sound, alarm length, all are adjustable. easy to read, easy to set.. and next weekend is daylight savings time switch, so see if this thing does it automatically or not. other than the alarm setting, good clock for the money.

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  • ❤【Best Clock for Schoolkids or Seniors】 Original 7-inch 1024x600 HD digital clock clearly spells out full DAY of the WEEK, MONTH and DATE in large, bold letters. The clock also display MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING, NIGHT ,BEFORE DAWN and Sun☀️Moon🌙 icons. Backup with a handy remote control! A reliable aid for School-learning kids or elderly Seniors!
  • ❤【 Visually-appealing Timer with Sun☀️Moon🌙 icons】 Soft light, without blue light, not hurting eyes! Display the colored icons to indicate Day or Night, Medication, Drink Some Water; Easier to read for Learning Kids or those with memory loss and often confused seniors with vivid and colorful images!
  • ❤【Auto Summer/Winter DST Adjustment & 7 Cycles】Our clock has uniquely gained Daylight Saving Time, automatically adjusting the Summer/Winter time in March and November! 7 cycles include: 4:00am - 11:59am (MORNING), 12:00pm - 4:59pm (NOON & AFTERNOON), 5:00pm to 8:59pm (EVENING), 9:00pm - 11:59pm (NIGHT) , 12:00am - 1:59am(MIDNIGHT),2:00am - 3:59am(PREDAWN).By display PREDAWN after midnight solves the problem of seniors getting up & start the day in the wee hours.
  • ❤【Multiple Alarms & 20+ Custom Reminders】Not just alarm settings, This digital wall clock with day and date for elderly comes with reminders for medications and drinking water; More uniquely, You can also custom 20+ reminders, choose more stylish themes for your special need.
  • ❤【Reliable & Easy to Use】For your best Convenience, Power cord (Adaptor) and handy remote control are ✔Included and no need to buy seperately ! Instant plug-and-play functionality, Large AM/PM or 24 Hour mode,date mode can be DAY-MONTH-YEAR or MONTH-DAY-YEAR. More than 8 colors of font combination relieves your reading difficulty !
  • 🎁【Warranty & Friendly Support】- No need to worry quality issues, at MASSII we promise 365-Days warranty and free replacement, provide friendly, easy-to-reach support. This clock has more features than others, Buy No.1 best day clock NOW!
  • ***Auto Protection】: In case of a power outage, it will be reset to the correct time and date when the power returns.
  • ***Unique Design】: our clock has the Sun☀️/ Moon🌙 Icons during the day and night, with HD pictures playback, providing extra 100% sense of time for the memory loss
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