TestMarket - Limited Time Offer: Digital Alarm Clock with 5.5" Large LED Time Display - Get Up to 15% Off!

Limited Time Offer: Digital Alarm Clock with 5.5" Large LED Time Display - Get Up to 15% Off!

Jan 14, 2024 08:56 pm
Limited Time Offer: Digital Alarm Clock with 5.5" Large LED Time Display - Get Up to 15% Off!
Brand Name: JALL
Category: Alarm Clocks
Seller Name: Doreg-US
Rating: 4.40
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Don't Miss Your Chance to Save - Shop Now for the Best Deal on the Digital Alarm Clock. Hurry, Limited Stock Available! With its 5.5" Large LED Time Display, Adjustable Alarm Volume, and 6 Level Brightness, this Clock is Perfect for Your Bedroom, Bedside, or Desk. Plus, it comes with Alarm Settings, USB Charger, Temperature Detect, and Snooze feature. Get it now for only $16.14 (15% off the old price of $18.99) and Save Big on Your Purchase. Act Now and Enjoy Exclusive Savings Today!

Title: Cute, simple little clock for simple needs
Content: There's not really anything to dislike about this clock. It's small and compact for small spaces, it has a detailed screen, the temperature is accurate (contrary to what the other reviews said), and it's bright but not blindingly bright. I don't like sleeping in pitch-black darkness, so this acts as a nice nightlight with a bright enough glow to add light without being blindingly bright. And for the nights I don't want as much light, it gets pretty dim. The time and date are easy to set. No fussing with buttons. The instructions were clear and easy to read. The temperature is accurate, at least for my room it is. I have a small bedroom so maybe that plays a part. My room is always hot, and the temperature reading rarely goes below 77 F unless I have my fan going, which then reads 75 to 73. Our heater is extremely hot and stuffy, and when it runs, the temperature skyrockets to as high as 85, which is accurate given the thermostat reading which is in that ballpark as well. I think if you want a good temperature reading for your room, this clock is good if you have a small room. Bigger rooms will be less accurate. So far the time has not gotten out of sync. I set it as close to my laptop and phone time as I could get it and right now it is about 10 to 15 seconds fast. I could probably get it even closer than that if I could be bothered to set it again, lol. I can't speak to the alarm function because I did not buy it for that purpose, so I don't use the alarm. I'm Team Phone for alarm use. Clocks are too old-fashioned and inaccurate and unreliable for alarms, in my opinion. You're better off using your alarm settings on your phone, which can get very precise and detailed. Unless you are a super heavy sleeper and need something louder, in which case I recommend a Bluetooth speaker, not an alarm clock lol. My main purpose for buying this was to check the time and date without having to get up to get my phone in the morning, and it serves that purpose very well.
Title: It’s DOPE! I love it. Color display pops!
Content: Full disclosure, I’m not using it as an alarm clock, so no comment there. But as a small easy to see clock, it’s awesome. My previous Amazon alarm Clock was all Blue Digital, and the temp was so small and rarely accurate. This one, with its multicolors is great, and the temp is only off by maybe a degree or so. 2 degrees plus or minus is acceptable by any current standards, even thermostats so, can’t complain. Super easy to read and I’m viewing it from 12-13ft away. Have it sitting on top of a mini Nintendo on my TV Stand underneath a 75” TV, and it’s plenty visible. I do wish the brightness had maybe 1-2 more levels of adjustment to make it just a tad brighter, but it’s by no means dim. And I love the 4 color display. The white for the time pops, and the date, day and temp are still totally visible and easy to read. It honestly reminds me of something I’d have seen in a movie in like 1999 that was based on the future like 2020-2040 and I look at it and think “wow I wish they had those now”. And now we do lmaooo. Final thought… would be sick if the colors were adjustable for Time/Date/Day/Temp. But at least the settings are easy to dial it with the wheel on the back, and that backup battery is a nice plus if the power happens to go out for a few minutes, you won’t lose your settings! Awesome Sauce! And it’s cheap. Under 20 bucks? Cmon. Stop reading, just buy it. If it’s not for you the return is easy peasy lemon squeezy! DO IT! It’s dope!
Title: Nice bright display
Content: Very nice and bright display. There are no directions for how to turn the alarm off if set by accident. Temperature not accurate.
Title: Beautiful clock!
Content: It was easy to set up, and the scroll wheel even lets you go backward when setting the time or date so you don't have to cycle through if you accidentally went too far like typical clocks. My daughter always complained that every single clock we've tried was too bright at night even on the lowest setting, but this one works perfectly. It's very colorful and has multiple displays of the date, day of the week, and even the temperature, which makes it so much cuter to see than just the time. We've never had use for an alarm feature anyway because everyone uses their phones for it nowdays, so the extra features instead make it well worth the cost.
Title: Brightness is fully adjustable and the colored information very easy to read.
Content: I was concerned about the brightness of this clock based upon the reviews I read. However, I am very happy with this product. The brightness is easy to adjust up or down, and the other controls are quite simple to use. It is a very nice product.
Title: Super Excellent
Content: Easiest setup ever! This 73 year old grandma was ready to battle my way to get all the settings right. But not so! What a pleasant surprise. The flywheel feature is wonderful to change each setting forward or backward. Spring forward, fall back with just one simple touch. 2 USB ports, 6 brightness levels, various alarm sounds. Just be sure to adjust the year via the flywheel before setting the time, date, and day display. Temperature is indoor temp, not outdoor. Cannot imagine a better clock.

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  • 【Big Screen Display】- 5.5" High Resolution Digital Alarm Clock clearly spells out the time, date, temp. Illuminated LED digits ensure it's clear enough to see the time in the distance.
  • 【Adjustable Alarm Brightness】- 6 Brightness Levels from 5% to 100%, no need to worry about the brightness is too high to affect your sleep or too dark to read the time.
  • 【Adjustable Alarm Volume】- Adjustable Alarm Volume with 8 sounds can be set from 30-90 DP as person preference. Easy snooze with a simple press of the top button to get an extra 9-mins nap.
  • 【Easy operate】- It is an easy operated alarm clock with features large clear display, 12-hour / 24-hour, indoor temperature, easy for kids, seniors and the elderly, experience zero stress when setting the time and alarm.
  • 【USB Chargering Ports & Battery Backup】- USB charging ports can charge cellphones, tablets or other 5v electronics. The 3 * AAA batteries ( ******** not included ******** ) can preserve time and alarm settings in case of power outage. In battery operated mode, the clock will automatically turn on power saving mode, the screen will go blank until you press any button of it.
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