TestMarket - 🔥 Flash Sale Alert! Oasser Airbrush Compressor Kit - Save 32.00£! 🎨

🔥 Flash Sale Alert! Oasser Airbrush Compressor Kit - Save 32.00£! 🎨

Apr 06, 2024 10:45 pm
🔥 Flash Sale Alert! Oasser Airbrush Compressor Kit - Save 32.00£! 🎨
Brand Name: Oasser
Category: Airbrush Materials
Seller Name: Chenhong Store
Rating: 4.20
Total Rating Count: 490
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🚀 Hurry! Seize the Opportunity to Get Your Exclusive Savings on the Oasser Airbrush Compressor Kit! This dual action airbrush suit comes with a rechargeable 1000mAh lithium battery, 0.3mm nozzle, and 7CC cup. Perfect for model making, tattooing, manicures, cake decorating, cosmetics, and painting. Old Price: 79.99£, New Price: 54.39£. Don't Miss Your Chance to Save 25.6£! Act Now!

Title: Very handy.
Content: Absolutely brilliant bit of kit, I work in a trade which consists of me fixing damaged house hold fittings like kitchen cupboards, internal pre finished doors window frames and things of the sort. I use an airbrush or my devilbiss SRI pro 4-5 times a week, with which I need a transformer and a compressor to use, lugging 40-50kg of equipment around brand new homes isn't ideal for anyone, having used spray equipment for years I can confidently state this kit is fantastic for me. I use 2 part acrylic paints with it, absolutely no leaks or anything, 60/40 thinners to paint ratio is absolutely perfect for it. It's key to keep the kit Very well maintained to retain adequate performance from it, dismantled, cleaned and put back together ready to use again. I noticed in a lot of reviews saying it leaks and spits but I've had neither, maybe I got lucky. Battery life is great, I've used it for several cupboard door touch ups today and it's still got life. Overall Very impressed, I'd consider myself a professional with such equipment and it's extremely convenient given the small size of the compressor, and it looks great!
Title: A brilliant tool
Content: Really well made and very easy to use, a lot better than I expected for the price
Title: Good for a start but has drawbacks
Content: I think this is a good kit for someone just starting out with airbrushing. It's a relatively simple bit of kit to get used to and to practice airbrushing but there are some drawbacks to this. The pressure seems very low even on the highest setting, you can feel the airflow on your hand but I find that the flow of paint will seem very low/slow even with the machine turned right up and needle adjusted. It's fine for spraying models but it takes a long time to do because of the low paint flow. I thought this may be because the paint/primer was too thick (it was already very thin Vallejo primer) but I thinned this even further and didn't see any noticeable change. Overall though, it's a cheap kit and is obviously for beginners and doesn't include high quality parts, so you have to expect lower performance but it still seems to fall short somehow.
Title: Excellent starter airbrush and brilliant compressor
Content: The title really does say it all. I have not used this very much but I can honestly say this is an amazing purchase for the price. I was always put off using an airbrush because of the costs involved but for less than £70 this compressor and airbrush combo are right on point. The airbrush itself is functional and works really well. This the only one I have ever tried so whether this is good compared to others I really cannot comment however it meets my needs and produces good results on my miniatures (when I get it right myself due to my inexperience) The compressor on the other hand is definitely one of the best I have used. It fits in the palm of your hand and includes both power supply and also internal batteries which means in the even of a power failure you are not going to ruin your model but also you can still paint when there is no socket outlet nearby. Truly a wonderful purchase
Title: Impressed
Content: I was really unsure about buying this as after watching many YouTube videos I was lead to believe that it's max pressure of 15 psi wasn't enough to paint scale models very well. However straight out of the box I was really happy with this, it's a really nice compressor, small and not too loud at all. The air brush itself doesn't appear too great at first glance, it felt quite flimsy and after I stripped it down for an initial clean I was a bit concerned because it really did feel very low quality, BUT! After I reassembled it and loaded it up with paint I was really really happy with the results I got. Didn't have any splattering and paint was going down really nice and evenly. I used tamiya acrylics mixed with IPA at about 60/40 ratio and it atomised perfectly at all 3 settings. If you're like me and looking for your first air brush but don't want to spend a lot and don't want a big compressor then I really recommend this. Just make sure you fully clean the air brush after each use.
Title: Seems decent, but there's a snag...
Content: Well, this product seems very decent. It does precisely what it's supposed to do. I needed a very fine and reflective finish on something and it half-delivered. I stopped work due to the late hour and set about the task of cleaning it. If I didn't, I'd ruin it. I looked at the instructions for disassembly of the airbrush for cleaning, and I did manage to get it apart. I got it all scrupulously clean, and that's where it all went wrong. The instructions lack a huge amount of detail. I couldn't put the airbrush back together after hours of trying. I tried YouTube, but the design seems slightly different. It just wouldn't go back together and work properly. The trigger is just hanging loose with no "push action". The instructions and diagram are missing lots of small parts and steps that are incredibly important. Bear in mind that I'm fairly mechanically minded - I happily work on my car regularly for things almost everyone else would never dream of trying themselves - but this thing has flummoxed me. I emailed the seller a week ago asking for detailed instructions on disassembly/reassembly but got no reply. So, that's one perfectly good product being returned, and for what reason? The manufacturer couldn't be bothered giving full instructions and diagrams. Avoid this one - get something that has proper user instructions.

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  • 【Suitable for beginners】Easy to use and versatile. With a detailed tutorial, even beginners can easily start. Oasser airbrush compressor kit can deal with hobby spray painting, model coloring, art painting, manicure, tattoo, DIY, cake, modeling, etc. Durable and delicate miniature airbrush compressor, easy to carry.
  • 【Two power supply modes】Oasser airbrush compressor kit built in 1000mAh lithium battery which can work continuously for at least 70 minutes after fully charged. It Support wireless operation , airbrush compressor kit can be used outdoors without power supply. At the same time, it is equipped with AC adapter with cable length of 1.84 m, it can be used indoors while charging.
  • 【3 Mode Pressure Adjustment】 Oasser airbrush compressor kit divided into three grades: low, medium and high. Adjustable pressure range is 2 - 15psi, can spray different sizes of area, for a variety of purposes. You can adjust the pressure to complete different painting tasks.
  • 【Double action structure airbrush】0.3mm double action airbrush, 7cc capacity fluid cup. You can control the amount of air and liquid released by moving your fingers to achieve your desired effect. Compared with the one-piece airbrush set, Oasser airbrush compressor kit is smaller and lighter. You won't feel tired even when working for a long time.
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