TestMarket - Unlock Your Savings Now! OlarHike Inflatable Queen Air Mattress - Limited-Time Discount

Unlock Your Savings Now! OlarHike Inflatable Queen Air Mattress - Limited-Time Discount

Jan 14, 2024 09:21 pm
Unlock Your Savings Now! OlarHike Inflatable Queen Air Mattress - Limited-Time Discount
Brand Name: OlarHike
Category: Air Mattresses
Seller Name: OH Official Store
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 3059
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Hurry! Grab the OlarHike Inflatable Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump now and enjoy special discounts! Selling out fast! This 16" Elevated Durable Air Mattress is perfect for camping and home use. Originally priced at $89.99, get it now for only $66.98 and save 26%! That's a saving of $23.01! Don't miss out on this exclusive promo. Act fast and secure your deal today!

Title: Pick this one - you'll love it!
Content: I am extremely pleased with my queen air mattress purchase! It deserves a solid 5 stars for its outstanding comfort and durability. The inflation and deflation process is quick and hassle-free, and the mattress holds air exceptionally well. Its size is perfect for accommodating guests, and the overall quality surpasses my expectations. A fantastic investment for a comfortable night's sleep – I highly recommend this queen air mattress!
Title: Comfortable and easy
Content: Used for overflow guests. The mattress was easy to inflate. It is a little noisy inflating but inflates in about 5 minutes. A couple with total weight of about 400 lbs. slept comfortably and the mattress did not deflate but stayed firm. The height is not too low and high enough to sit on the edge. My queen sheets fit this queen size mattress without any problems. Would recommend for overflow guests. Iam very pleased with the purchase. It folds up adequately after use.
Title: Well designed, comfortable....But you'll eventually need a patch kit
Content: Update: The seam I had patched ripped open further, so I added another patch, then another patch etc, etc. By the time half of the circular seam was patched, it was ripping easier. Then I threw in the towel and bought a foam mattress. I looked inside to check out the design, and those circular seams are defintely the weak spot. There is a loop of tough clear plastic the joins the top circular pockets to the bottom, this is why they eventually tear apart. When you move around an put more weight on one spot, the tethers yank harder on those circular patches. Too bad they did not make those circular areas stronger, it was a comfortable air mattress. I've been using my Queen sized Olarhike air mattress for just over 2 months now. I bought this air mattress in hopes it would be more durable than the last one I bought, an 'Outbound' brand from Canadian Tire. It's more durable, but not by much. This one developed a small rip along one of the circular pocket coil seams on the top surface. Other reviewers here have posted pictures of this. To fix this, you'll wan't to get a bicycle tire patch kit, the kind that uses glue and a rubber patch, not the sticker type. I used my Park Tool patch kit (comes in a small blue box). I used sand paper to shave off most of the felt surface around seam where the rip developed. After applying glue, I just held the patch in place for about 5 minutes before peeling off its clear plastic protective sheet. Peeling off that clear plastic from the rubber patch will be the trickiest part...work slowly from one edge until you peel it off. Then work the patch down with your finger for another 5 min. These patches work very well, and I was able to patch my mattress without fully defelating. If you can apply the bicycle tire patch while the mattress is mostly inflated, then it will allow the patch to assume a more proper shape. Another tip if, you decide to buy this mattress, is don't try to inflate the mattress until the top is hard like a volleyball lol, this would put extra stress on those pocket coil seams. Leave a little bit of slack on the top. Firm, but not super tight. Oustide the durability issues, this mattress is very comfortable. I'm 6' tall and 210lbs, and this mattress impressed me in how in maintained a firm comfortable surface. Most air mattress' don't have any kind of baffle system inside them, they are just one big bag. The advantage of this one is, when it loses a bit of air through normal seepage, the air coils do a good job of equalizing the air pressure, keeping the mattress level as you sleep. I kept my mattress inflated all the time, and after the first two weeks, it hardly lost any pressure through normal seepage. I only needed to turn the pump on for about 20-30sec every week to maintain it. When you first inflate the mattress, you'll need to give it some time for the air pressure to equalize (maybe an hour). Also, if you buy this mattress, it will stink like a chemical solvent (acetone like) for the first 2 or 3 days, so leave in a well ventalated area for the first few days. The air pump works very well, and it only takes a few minutes to inflate. You don't need the pump to deflate, which is nice, as that can spare the motor/pump extra wear. The hieght of the mattress is nice when getting up in the morning, as you're not so close to the floor. Would I recoomend this mattress?: Yes - But only if you are willing to use a patch kit. If you can accept the fact it will eventually develop some holes and you'll need to patch them up, then your good to go. I would recommend this over others based on the internal pocket coils alone! The pocket coils keep the mattress fairly level, even when you lose a bit of air. The built in pump works great and the hieght of the mattress makes it a winner. If you are not into the idea of patching it several times (I've only patched mine once so far), then I'd suggest getting a foam mattress, because almost all air mattress eventually will leak and need to be patched. I'm using mine full time because I lost my last bed from smoke damage (fire next door to me), so I expect to be patching mine up once or twice every few months.
Title: Super comfy Queen air mattress!!
Content: This was the most comfortable air mattress I’ve ever slept on. It was super easy to get in and out of and stays inflated all night. The fact that it was in a cold basement meant we needed a heater in the room and an extra blanket between us and the mattress. So after we took care of that, I slept better than in my new king size bed at home. We did make sure to top off the air again each night before going to bed. Highly recommend!
Title: Edited review - FOLLOW DIRECTIONS
Content: This mattress aired up just fine. The deflate function didn’t work very well - it was slow and I ended up squeezing most of the air out myself. It’s comfortable. My major complaint is that is leaked air after the first use. I don’t know how we could have punctured a hole in it and I feels more like a seam is not tight or where the plugs are may not be air tight. We had to air it up twice over one weekend. EDIT and updated to five stars. READ THE DIRECTIONS. It suggests you air it up for a while before actually using it. Every single time we’ve used it since my original review, the bed has stayed inflated perfectly. I stand by the deflate function not working great but if you open the manual plug part, it deflates flat on its own without using the plug in feature.
Title: Worth Every Cent
Content: My husband and I absolutely love this mattress. He is over 300 lbs, and I am 175. We've used this at my mother's when we visit town and have slept on it 2 or 3 nights consecutively without having to add air. It's super comfortable and durable, and I actually sleep better on it than I do the mattress on my bed at home. It's tall enough to allow you to sit on it or stand up from it with ease. I highly recommend.

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  • ✅2-Year Manufacturer-Backed Warranty✅OlarHike offers a risk free 2 year manufacturer warranty for all its inflatable beds so you can purchase with confidence and depend on us for top notch customer service! We are committed to providing excellent sleep experiences to our customers - let us prove it!
  • 🌟[Self-Inflating]🌟When you are tired after a day of adventure and fun, a self-inflating air mattress gives you the convenience and ease of setup you desire. The built-in 110V electric air pump makes inflating & deflating fast and effortless!
  • 🌟[Innovative Air Coiled Design]🌟 This 16" queen air mattress uses innovative air coil beams to create superior head-to-toe support. Even weight distribution throughout the air mattress is perfect for both kids and adults.
  • 🌟[Leak-Resistant Inflation]🌟 High-quality reinforced seam stitching prevents leaking air and collapsing during the night, supplying rejuvenation and comfort. Durable materials provide years of use with quality, supportive sleep!
  • 🌟[Ultra-Portable]🌟 It has never been easier to fold down and store your air mattress when your adventure is complete. Our blow-up bed is self-deflating for quick and easy packing after a weekend on the go.
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