TestMarket - Sleeping Pad Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pad - Grab Yours Before It's Gone!

Sleeping Pad Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pad - Grab Yours Before It's Gone!

May 16, 2024 03:46 pm
Sleeping Pad Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pad - Grab Yours Before It's Gone!
Brand Name: WANNTS
Category: Air Mattresses
Seller Name: WANNTS Direct
Rating: 4.20
Total Rating Count: 3096
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Shop now for the lowest prices on this Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Camping. Built-in Pump for easy inflation. Ultimate for Camping, Hiking. Comes with Airpad, Carry Bag, Repair Kit. Compact design for easy storage. Save big with a discount of 17.00$ and get it now for just 24.97$. Act fast to unlock your savings and enjoy extra + percent off. Limited time offer, so grab yours before it's gone!

Title: Compact, light and mighty
Content: Very compact, light and mighty comfortable after inflation. Works very well. It is strong and maintains cushion enough through the night. Pumping air is easy, and does not require much effort. Deflation is simple. Highly recommend for a light packing camp out or a sleepover. For children and adults.
Title: Wow!
Content: I needed something that I could quickly inflate without a vacuum and that was easily portable for a fair price. This thing is the best temporary way to get comfortable in a place with no bed. So, it was hard to inflate at first only because my leg and hip were already hurting but once I worked that out, I was able to pump it up although it took more than the 90 recommended foot pumps. I’m using it on a flat wood floor but could possibly achieve the ultimate level of comfort by placing a comforter under it. It’s sturdy and holds my weight and would work well with carpet to absorb some shock to the knees when getting up from a low space. It deflates easily and has its own carting case. I’m pleasantly surprised. It is s definitely worth the money!
Title: Easy to Use and Comfortable
Content: I used this on a camping trip in the Smoky Mountains. It was comfortable, easy to inflate, and a good value. I would not recommend this product for rocky ground, but it is great for your typical camping trip!
Title: This is excellent!! Seriously!! Never using an air mattress again!!!
Content: So I went on a 10 day camping trip for a college class when I had only ever camped maybe 2 nights at a time before this. I had always used an air mattress to do this, but because we were going to be so remote, I was horribly worried about the logistics of inflating it. My aunts showed me a version of this like 20x more expensive, lol, so I did my own searching and found this product. Let me just say that I have NEVER in my life used a product that comes in a bag and been able to fit it back into said bag with any amount of ease (or at all, sometimes) before this. I’m still blown away by it. But first: you unroll the whole thing and make sure the plug in the back of the pillow is closed, then open the plug in the foot pad. Because my tent was so short, I found it much easier to just use my hand to pump it, sort of cupping it so the plug isn’t completely covered. Sounds semi complicated but I promise that filling this up is incredibly easy and quick- seems to take more than the 100 pumps I think it claims but these are pretty much effortless to do. Close the foot plug when it’s filled- if you pinch the sides it’s deceivingly squishy, but trust me, when you’re laying on it, it doesn’t squish down like that. I’m 5’2 so I may be biased, but this thing is long!! I read a complaint about it being too short but that was definitely not my experience- it barely fit in my tent lol, which was small, but still. I read complaints about the pillow, but if you’re camping for as long as I was, you don’t want a fabric pillow. The fact that it was built in was amazing. I just covered it with a hoodie of mine and slept amazing on this thing (with a yoga mat type of insulator cover underneath it). The sleeping bag slid around on its plastic-y surface a bit which is possibly my only complaint! I bet a blanket underneath that would have solved it. Seriously, I was completely comfortable for 10 days on this thing. It never deflated except for ONE night where the temperature dipped quite a bit, then it’s like 20 pumps to get it right back to where it was. It’s stupid easy to use continually. Ok- now my favorite part!!!!! Deflating it and storing it!! When you unplug the one behind the pillow, 80% of the air poofs out all on its own instantly!! Then I folded both sides into the middle and started rolling- at first, when I tested this in my living room, I did this painstakingly- can you imagine my surprise when there was ample room in the bag for it??? You seriously don’t have to pay much attention when rolling this back up because it fits, with a bit of extra space even, back into the bag. Incredible. FYI I learned not to roll a sleeping bag (like 6 nights in unfortunately) but to just to stuff that mf straight into its bag- seems weird but it contorts to the space around it and is MUCH easier than wrestling it. Every air mattress I’ve ever used had to be reinflated every night to keep it firm, and I’ve had more than one spring a leak and refuse to stay inflated, during significantly shorter outings, leaving me sleeping on the ground, and they’re super loud when you move. This was SO easy to fill, use, and pack!!! It was surprisingly comfortable despite seeming sort of thin, I personally loved the built in pillow, and it was very durable! It’s in perfect shape after using it for 10 consecutive days and I’ll never use an air mattress for camping again because of it! I honestly cannot rave about this enough. I’m SO impressed by it! I did use a pad underneath it but I did it mostly for warmth as I was in the high desert where it gets like 35° at night. Plus it came with patches in case it did spring a leak! Best $40ish you’ll ever spend on a camping accessory, I promise. And it’s incredibly light weight once packed away, if you’re backpacking.
Title: Finally A Mat That Actually Works
Content: This review is for the single size. I'm trying these out in our living room before going camping. We didn't get the mat as described -- the instructions say to lay it down with the logo facing up but ours have no logo -- but whatever we got, I'm very pleased with! This is my third attempt at finding a sleeping pad with a foot pump and this is the first one that actually works. It pumps up easily and once inflated, you're actually off the ground. Very comfortable. I'm a side sleeper and can't feel the floor at my hip. Getting up and down is the only time I could feel the floor. I bought two singles and snapped them together rather than one larger one because I thought maybe that was what didn't work about the other two I bought. My only complaints are that the pillows are uncomfortable -- but the pads are long enough to sleep with the pillow at your feet and use your own pillow (they're 6'3" long) and also they smell toxic. Hopefully that will go away with use. So far very happy with these! I just ordered another one.
Title: Easy to Use
Content: Easy to inflate. Comfortable, great product.

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  • 【Innovation Hexagon Design】Just Want to sleep comfortably anywhere? WANNTS sleeping pad innovation hexagon design is made special with body mapping technology.No need to suffer with a cheap, flimsy, and undersized outdoor sleeping pad! This quality portable camping pad is perfect,great sturdy and super comfortable - great for any sleep position!
  • 【Foot Press to Inflate-Only 20s Needed】There is no need to inflate with your hands, mouth, or a pump for our camping sleeping pad. It just only takes 20s after you inflate the sleeping mat fully by stamping the spot of the built-in pump with your foot.With anti-leakage films in the valves, you would never worry about air leaking when using it! Besides, super quick to deflate - take out the deflation plug.It's time to plan a camping and hiking with our innovative camping sleeping pad now!
  • 【Sturdy, Durable, Compact But Lightweight Sleeping Pad】Made with the strongest outdoor-grade material, WANNTS sleeping pad is perfect for any weather conditions. Be able to accompany you on any type of adventure, our camping mattress pad inflates to an impressive size of 75" X 25" and will give you the comfort you need.The sleeping pad is waterproof and only 30OZ weight, making it perfect and super easy to carry for any outdoor activities.
  • 【Get all What You Need for Camping Sleeping Pad】The package comes with 1 Sleeping Pad, 6 Repair Patch Kit, 1 Storage Bag, 1 User Manual.You can get everything you need for ourdoors hiking, camping,backpacking, trip.
  • 【Buy Two for a Double Bed! Refund/Replacement Warranty】 With buttons on its side, you can easily attach one to another sleeping pad and make it a double bed according to your need. Any question, please feel free to contact us.Our professional customer service is therefore here to do whatever it takes to promise your satisfaction. That's why your purchase comes backed with our incredible warranty; anytime, any reason, no questions asked!
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