TestMarket - Grab Your Exclusive Savings on Clarifion - Air Ionizers for Home (1 Pack) - Limited-Time Promo!

Grab Your Exclusive Savings on Clarifion - Air Ionizers for Home (1 Pack) - Limited-Time Promo!

Jan 15, 2024 11:51 am
Grab Your Exclusive Savings on Clarifion - Air Ionizers for Home (1 Pack) - Limited-Time Promo!
Brand Name: Clarifion
Category: Air Ionizers
Seller Name: Pur Theory
Rating: 3.90
Total Rating Count: 10743
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Unlock Your Savings Now and claim your exclusive discount! Get the Clarifion - Air Ionizers for Home (1 Pack) at a limited-time discounted price of $32.89. That's a savings of 45% off the original price of $59.99. Say goodbye to indoor air pollutants with this powerful air ionization system. Perfect for bedrooms, offices, and kitchens, this portable air filter eliminates odors, smoke, dust, and pet dander. Act now and enjoy the convenience of a mini air cleaner that keeps your space fresh and clean. Don't miss out on this amazing deal! Hurry, offer ends soon!

Title: Just buy it!
Content: Like 3/4 of Americans, I have a pet. I have an Angora cat. I love her to death, but she has an odor only cat people will know about. Her funk is in the carpet, the rugs, and on the furniture. I clean house regularly and had been using Resolve Pet Spray on the carpets and rugs. The rest of the house gets wiped down with furniture polish and Windex Multi Surface cleaner. Well, what I was doing was just mixing different scents with her smell. That is, until I found these neat little ionizers. I purchased (1) just to see if it worked as described. Let me tell you, it's better than I expected. They are smaller than they appear on Amazon web page, but they work wonders. I didn't notice any difference until the 3rd afternoon. I have a blanket my cat lays on on the counter next to the front door. On the 3rd day I opened the front door and was not hit in the face by my cats odor. There was no fragrance or artificial smell, only fresh clean air! I almost fell over. That (1) little ionizer was working it's butt off for me. Skip to 3 weeks later and I bought a 6-pack of these little beauties. I have one in each bedroom and my office. I plan to buy another 6 pack for my bathrooms. Get this, I sleep with an Apple Watch on to monitor my sleep. The doctor advised me to invest in these watches. Anyway, it is blutooth so it talks to my computer. I looked at my weekly sleep analysis and it looks like I am sleeping an average of 16 minutes more each night since purchasing these ionizers!!! You can't put a price on sleep so I told my doctor and he said "whatever you're doing, keep doing it." I highly recommend these ionizers to anyone with pets. If you have pet dander, hair, lint, dust, pollen, etc...I highly suggest investing in a few of these. They are super easy to clean, just a can of compressed air will do the trick. I stumbled onto these by chance and now I'm a believer in their technology.
Title: It’s easy to install
Content: We live in a condo, and have two small dogs that bark. We don’t always hear someone knocking at the door, so this doorbell has been wonderful. We are very pleased with this purchase.
Title: Works great but find they don’t last long
Content: Hoping the seller will contact me. I have several of these and I tend on buying more for other rooms but I’m finding they don’t all last long. I’ve had a couple stop working after 2-3 months. I wipe them off as instructed but not sure why some lady and others don’t. Help needed!
Title: Hard to tell
Content: I've only had this a couple of days but there is absolutely no proof the thing is working. Guess it's a "gotta have faith it works. " Glad I only bought one.
Title: Don't Buy the Hype...and prevent fires!
Content: I purchased this for a small bathroom that can occasionally smell stale. I saw reviews that said it was amazing in a large room, so figured a small bathroom would be great. Nope. In fairness -- the use is extremely easy -- open the box and plug in. I was even able to plug it into an outlet approximately 4 feet from the floor - close to the "ideal" 5 feet from the floor (which would be very unusual in a non-bathroom.) I closed the door and left it overnight and most of the next morning. I walked in close to 24 hours later - no difference at all. OK, it's a small device.... maybe it takes some time? So I left it for 2 more days - plugged in, 24 hours/day, no one in or out of the room. MAYBE there was a slight difference in the air at that point -- SLIGHTLY less stale? But definitely not $40 worth of change, especially if it requires multiple days to make even that slight difference. So I decided to unplug it to package it back up for return. That's where things got a bit frightening -- the device was HOT to the touch -- not just warm, but HOT...hot enough I had to drop it onto the counter after unplugging it. I was shocked (figuratively, not literally electrocuted). This is a device you are supposed to plug in and forget about -- the "warning" said to wipe it down every 10 - 14 days, but this had been 3 days and it was HOT. I can't imagine where it would be after 14 days?! I got online in surprise and discovered the reviews about it catching fire -- I have ZERO doubt or surprise. I can't imagine if you plugged this in and left it for a month or more -- which it would be easy to do! Bottom line? It would be great if a small plug in device could ionize the air and make the room air fresh and pure...but it's definitely NOT worth burning down your house to get that fresh air!
Title: Unexpected results!
Content: I've got to say I didn't know quite what to expect from this little air ionizer but decided to try it because of the good reviews. Living in a tiny house and just welcoming a kitten (and litter box) into my life, I needed something small that works well without a bunch of bells and whistles or noise. The Clarifion is just what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations! It is very small, silent, and does a great job at freshening the air! I love it and will probably buy one more for my bedroom.

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  • Best Air Ionizer For Home: Simply plug a Clarifion into any standard outlet and replace bulky, expensive air purifiers with a simple, filterless, plug-in device.
  • Perfect For Every Room: We recommend using at least one per bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room, and kitchen to ensure best results.
  • No Air Filter Required: Clarifion uses negative ion technology, which means you won’t have to spend time and money on replacement air filters.
  • May Help With Allergens: Negative ions attach to floating allergens like dust, dander, pollen, and more. Use Clarifion air ionizer and freshener for pets and pet dander.
  • Compact & Portable: Clarifion is small, lightweight, and compact, making it the perfect small air cleaner. Take it with you on the go and simply plug it into any standard outlet.
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