TestMarket - Your Savings Await! Avid Power Tire Inflator, Air Compressor - Up to 38% Off

Your Savings Await! Avid Power Tire Inflator, Air Compressor - Up to 38% Off

Jan 15, 2024 11:31 am
Your Savings Await! Avid Power Tire Inflator, Air Compressor - Up to 38% Off
Brand Name: AVID POWER
Category: Air Compressors & Inflators
Seller Name: Avid Power
Rating: 4.40
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Get Your Exclusive Savings on the Avid Power Tire Inflator, Air Compressor. Limited-Time Offer: Save 38% and grab it now for only $56.09 (Old Price: $89.99). Portable and convenient with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, 12V car power adapter, and digital pressure gauge. Don't miss out on this time-sensitive deal. Shop now and save big!

Title: Super convenient tool
Content: Very pleased with the performance and value of this product. It works much faster than I had expected and provides a level of convenience that has been perfect. It can be a little bulky (about the size of a small drill). The only quibbles that I might have is that there is not an off switch/button and there is not a battery life remaining indicator. Still, highly recommend.
Title: Outstanding! Is light, low power consumption, and works quickly
Content: Call me very happy. I had just returned two Airmoto (cute little small unit, but was totally useless. it had taken over 3.5 min., to put 4.5 lbs of air into car tire, before it started taking air OUT of the tire, and the hose turning very warm! ) units, due to the unit failing miserably in attempting to inflate my car tire. For this AVID power portable unit I had researched many product review sites, where it had received a top rating. I just used it to pump up a flat bicycle tire from 0 to 40 PSI, which it did in less than 1.5 minutes. It inflated the 2nd tire from 23 PSI to 40 PSI in just about 30 seconds or so. The battery indicator was still showing 'full' after the 2nd tire. Yes, I know, difference between a car tire and a bicycle tire, for inflation purposes. With how I saw it handle my bike tires, I see zero reason why it cannot handle my car tires, for a PSI of 35. I had purchased two, one for each car, and had purchased a third for a X'mas gift. Oh yeah, I bought a spare battery too, only because of experience with battery operated tools where the battery dies. I like 'backup'. So, would I recommend this pump, yes, I would. BTW, if you are wondering, yes, the unit will display the current PSI of your tire, providing you do not do something stupid, like I did. I clamped the hose on and had a reading of ZERO, even though the tire was pumped up. I fussed about not having a reading, and proceeded to pump the tire up to 40 PSI. The unit would not work! I started ranting about my luck getting ANOTHER bad pump. I stopped and put everything back in the box, preparing to write a sizzling hot bad review on the pump. I then though about something, and went back to check my thought out. I found that yes, I had clamped the hose on, BUT, I had not pressed on the clamp so that it went down and made contact with the valve in the tire stem. I pressed on the clamp, heard the air hissing, and new I had contact, and I clamped down. I immediately had a PSI reading on the screen, and proceeded with pumping up, with no issue. Basically simply, no contact with valve, no PSI reading AND the pump will not work, as it is not connected to the tire stem. 100% user fault at that point. UPDATE: I received the 2nd unit, of my three unit order two days ago. I just opened the box and was prepared to put the unit into my car, after testing it. I noticed a number written on the bottom of the carrying case, in white, which stood out on the dark case. My guesstimate being that this unit was a previously returned unit, which someone had numbered, for whatever reason, and then returned, with the returned unit being sold again, as new, with the white number on the case. I returned it and purchased another unit.
Title: Just got it. No time for endurance review
Content: I like the portability and weight. Easy to use. Works well so far with 20V battery provided. Mine does not work at all with 12V car battery adapter. Unit will make noise and show a low battery indicator and then shut down. Need more time to test with 20V battery. Probably worth the money if you are satisfied with the 20V power source only. Disappointed that the 12V car battery adapter does not work. Unit gets hot after partially inflating 4 tires from 30 psi to 34 psi on my Jeep. I would suggest removing the battery and resting the unit after it gets hot. Let it cool down! One more thing: I could not find any warranty info or AVID website for customer service questions and/or problems. There appears to be no warranty or support for this item?
Title: Superb air pump
Content: This air pump is very easy to use, very accurate in providing the correct pressure, and very transportable. I have used it to make sure all tires of our automobiles and bikes are properly inflated. The battery life is excellent and very easy to recharge when necessary. Highly recommend this pump.
Title: Avid Cordless Tire Inflator vs. Autder: Which is best?
Content: Tired of paying two bucks at the gas station, I have always yearned for a portable tire inflator. Here are two of the most popular models compared (Please see photo). Which is fastest, best built and most reliable? AVID TIRE INFLATOR OVERVIEW: Both of these cordless inflators resemble drills with similar lithium-ion batteries. The Avid has a 20 volt battery as opposed to the 12 for the Autder. Is this a real world advantage? More voltage means how much power the battery generates. Thus, the Avid is a bit more powerful and fills the tire a bit faster. Avid states that you can inflate three to four tires fully depending on tire size. For 214/60 R16, as an example, you can fully inflate three tires from flat and each tire would take about five minutes. For just topping off a low tire, the Avid works easily and relatively fast. Its maximum pressure is 100 PSI. I increased my car’s tire pressure from 32 to 41 in about 90 seconds. For accessories, you get a car adapter, a couple of inflation adapters, and a handy storage bag. You can buy an inexpensive second battery from Avid. AUTDER TIRE INFLATOR OVERVIEW: The Autder looks like my Dewalt drill but, alas, the batteries do not swap. The 2600mAh battery will last a long time. The mAh number determines how long a battery will hold a charge. This one should last a year in your trunk if not left out in extreme weather. As long as you are just topping off your tire pressure, the battery will last through many charges. If starting from a completely flat tire, the size of the tire with affect how much air you’ll get before running out. Figure on two tires if both are totally flat. In real world use, this is not a likely scenario, though. Maximum pressure is 120 PSI. For accessories, you get a great car adapter, a generous supply of inflation adapters, and an excellent storage bag. Audter does not sell extra batteries so you are limited to one. EASE OF USE: AVID VS. AUTDER: Both are equally adept at quickly topping off a tire, easy to use and were within 1 PSI of my trusty gauge. I found the Autder more intuitive and convenient to work with although both are quite usable. The Autder shows both the current pressure and desired pressure at the same time. Strictly used as a gauge, it’s easy to read, too. The available battery capacity left is also easy to access in the same area as the other readouts. The Avid can be toggled between set and desired pressures. The Autder is slightly quieter. WHICH HAS THE BEST WARRANTY AND SERVICE: Avid’s warranty is listed on Amazon as two years. Inside the box is a warranty card. Both companies respond promptly to questions. Here’s what Autder says about their warranty: “We promise you with one-year warranty, actually, we are not permitted to list the warranty on the listing according to amazon's rules.” That’s unusual. No warranty info is included in the box. RECOMMONDATIONS: WHICH IS BEST? Both air compressors are reasonably well built, similarly priced and get the job done confidently. Both have a convenient auto stop function when desired pressure is reached. At the time of this review, the Avid was about 15% less expensive. Consider this when deciding: The Avid will fill faster yet the battery won’t hold a charge as long in storage. The Autder will last a longer time in the trunk but at 12V vs. 20V for Avid, it won’t inflate quite as fast. You can buy a second battery only for the Avid. Both inflators rate 5 stars for ease of use. For warranty, the Avid rates 5 stars for a generous two years. With no option for replacement batteries, and a stated one-year warranty they say they are not permitted to list on Amazon, Autder’s service after the sale is not as confidence-inducing.
Title: Excellent Performance
Content: Perform solidly as advertised. Excellent product. Easy to use. You will never regret buying it. Great value for the money.

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  • [Auto Shut Off] Simplicity meets functionality. AVID POWER car air pump provides you with rest-assured using experience based on the auto shut-off function. Preset the desired pressure level and start inflating job. The car air compressor will shut off automatically at the desired level. There is no need to worry about over inflating, the accuracy of the indicated pressure is +/- 1 PSI.
  • [Dual Power Supply] 20V rechargeable Li-ion battery pack power supply and DC 12V power supply makes the inflation more easily. You don't have to worry about running out of the battery during the trip with the alternate power source of 12V DC adapter. A great solution for emergency on the way.
  • [Fast Inflation & Ergonomics] High-quality materials were sourced for this tire air compressor as it can inflate a 195/60 R14 no gas tire in 3 mins and a 215/60 R16 no gas tire in 5 mins. Ergonomics shape design makes it easy and comfort to use either put it on the ground or hold in hand while inflating. Built-in LED lights up while the air inflator is working, illuminates dark working place.
  • [Multipurpose] This portable tire inflator is compatible with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, sport balls and inflatable pool toys, etc. Note: It's not suitable for large truck tires.
  • [What You Would Get] A cordless tire inflator, 20V Lithium-ion battery pack, 12V car power adapter, battery charger, 3 nozzles, user manual and a tool bag for easy storage.
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