TestMarket - Get Your Exclusive Savings on the LASFIT AIR CR1 Tire Inflator!

Get Your Exclusive Savings on the LASFIT AIR CR1 Tire Inflator!

Jan 14, 2024 08:39 pm
Get Your Exclusive Savings on the LASFIT AIR CR1 Tire Inflator!
Brand Name: Lasfit Signature
Category: Air Compressors & Inflators
Seller Name: LASFIT CLIP
Rating: 4.70
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Limited Offer! Check Out the Deals on the LASFIT AIR CR1 Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor. Act Fast to Unlock Your Savings Now! This 2in1 150PSI Cordless 12V DC Electric Auto Pump with a Digital Pressure Gauge offers 3X Fast Inflation. With its 7800mAH Battery and LED Light, it is perfect for your Car, Bike, or Motorcycle. Don't Miss Your Chance to Save Big! Old Price: $79.99. New Price: $63.99. Discount: $20.00. Discount percent: 25%. Saving: $16.00.

Title: Darn near perfect!
Content: I have been using Lasfit LED automotive headlamps bulbs for years and they have been perfect, working well without any issues, so I had high hopes for this pump. To start with, this pump is probably a quarter of the size that I expected. This really caught me off guard and makes it very easy to stash away in small spaces. The size also makes if convenient for me to carry the pump around the ranch instead of having to move things to the garage area where my big compressor is. It comes with a great little hard shell case and the accessories are a perfect mix of all the different use cases and make it very usable right off the bat without needing to buy anything else. I also like that it comes with two separate air hoses, so you have a backup. I will also note that Lasfit did the right thing by using USB-C as the USB charging connection and not Micro USB which is still seen in a lot of devices. It worked VERY well, even with a very large heavy vehicle, let alone a smaller item like a ball or a tire on a small piece of equipment. It has already outlasted a pump from another manufacturer that I had purchased for my son, which blew a seal on the first use. The light is stunningly bright, much brighter than I expected and of course the ability to charge devices from it is another wonderful addition. The display on it is really cool. I love how it looks and it is a nice addition compared to other pumps I have owned in the past, which at best had an analog gauge, let alone the ability to change the pressure units. Probably my favorite feature is the ability to program the set pressure that you want into the unit and then it will pump up to that pressure and stop. It is so nice to not have to keep disconnecting to check the pressure or monitor a gauge the entire time and also I found the pressure to be very accurate. The one thing that I had a complaint about was the default use of bar for the unit of measure for the automotive mode. No one in the US uses bar and most people probably do not even know what it is. PSI would be a better choice for that automotive mode in my opinion. Luckily this is adjustable and the manual outlines how to change the units. This is a VERY nice feature. Overall, I love it, I absolutely recommend it and it is of the quality level that I would expect from Lasfit.
Title: Easy to use!
Content: The Lasfit tire inflator is compact and comes with a nice case to hold the inflator and accessories. It was partially charged out of the box but I put a full charge on it before first use. Charging is not quick but is perfectly adequate for my use. It’s very easy to set inflation pressure and use. I’ve used it to inflate trailer tires, car and truck tires, and my road bike tires. It’s pretty quick - taking a few minutes per tire. It stops automatically once the preset pressure is reached. I’m very satisfied!
Title: Its one of the best inflator!!!!
Content: The product came in a crush resistant case with long length hoses. The case even has a pocket to hold the hoses. I have a small tire patch kit that fits in the pocket. Love it! Perfect size and hose length to add air to hard to reach rear tires for my motorcycle and was a perfect size for my saddle bag! The usb port and light was an extra surprise! The digital display easy to read and auto shut off makes it perfect for use. So easy to use and very fast pump. I did a full charge let the air out of my car front tire to test and it filled my car tire in minutes and the batter level barely moved. I highly recommend this product!! You must buy this for your family! Its small enough to fit in a glove box in a car or a saddle bag on a motorcycle!
Title: Solid unit; very efficient; easy to use
Content: Ordered this tire pressure inflator based on the strong reviews. It comes in a convenient carrying case, the instructions are simple to follow, and the unit feels solid. The buttons are simple and the digital display is large and easy to read. Important to note that I charged the unit with a 100W rapid charger that I already owned. It took about 90 minutes to fully charge using the rapid charger. I just finished using it for the first time and was truly impressed with the efficiency. Each of my tires was around 27 PSI and I needed to get each of them to 32 PSI. It's simply a matter of connecting the unit to the tire, turning it on, setting it for the desired pressure, and pressing start. The unit does the rest, including automatically stopping once the tire reaches the desired pressure. It took about 30-40 seconds per tire to increase the pressure by roughly 5 PSI. The unit did everything on a single charge and still has roughly 80% of its charge remaining. I have an SUV. As the photo shows, the unit sits comfortably on the ground, even when the valve stem it's connected to is at the top of the tire. This is not the cheapest unit on Amazon, but I wasn't seeking thr cheapest; I wanted the best value. I believe this is an exceptional product. I'll update this review once I use the unit for 6-12 months. Let's see how it performs over time. Initial impressions are highly favorable.
Title: Was handy recently with tire emergency
Content: After a short learning curve, such as figuring out to shut it off before disconnecting the hose from the tire (loses air), I found it simple to use, and that it worked great. Recently I got a warning light that a tire went to 19 PSI in a short time (a nail). I was easily able to fill the tire to get the car to a dealer. It charges well - maybe slowly but not an issue. One connects the hose to the device - clicks easily into place - connects the other end to the tire, sets the pressure (a little trial and error) and press the button. Need to hold on button for 3 seconds to turn and off device. Believe me, if I can use it, anyone can. Did 4 tires the first time with about 1/2 a full charge (not from zero though). Device stops automatically when reaching desired pressure (though one needs to shut it). Main problem I had is trying to put everything back into the same box (have that problem with everything)! The on button Controls both starting the device and starting the inflator. This is a button that toggles to what you are inflating (bicycle, car…) and the other buttons make the pressure higher and lower.

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  • 【Fast Inflate with Portable Design】Super fast inflating with 2024 upgraded 26mm alloy air cylinder in handy design, this tire inflator portable air compressor offers you 36L/Min airflow, 3X faster than other cordless tire inflator. 40s to refill 225/ 55/ R17 car tires from 29PSI to 36PSI, 30s to inflate motorcycle tires, 20s to inflate mountain bikes, 10s to inflate basketballs. Dual power supply with 7,800mAH batteries cordless and 12V DC power cord, this LASFIT AIR tire inflator pump is your ideal choice for inflating anything and anywhere!
  • 【Easier Preset, Easier Start Inflating】Super use to use with just one touch, you can select your desired inflation mode and start inflating. This car tire air pump portable offers 5 preset inflation modes(cars, bikes, motorcycles, balls and custom modes), and 4 preset units(PSI, KPA, BAR, kg/cm²). This air compressor for tires memories your last set tire pressure value, so next time you use it, just simply power it on, select modes, and then start inflating right away.
  • 【Smart Auto Stop with Pressure Gauge】Large LED screen display with pressure gauge, you can always easy to read real time pressure of your tires. This tire inflator is equipped with accurate digital pressure measurement monitor with precision of ±0.2 PSI, ensure 100% safe for inflating your car, bike or motorcycle tires. There is no need to worry about over inflating, LASFIT AIR smart car air pump will get your back.
  • 【Multipuporse Noozles for Wide Uses】The portable air pump for car tires is equipped with 2* 27.6" longer hose(one for backup), 1*Presta Adapter, 1*Inflatable Noozle Adapter, 1*Needle Adapter, makes it wide compatible with all compact or midsize sedan, SUV, ATV, motorcycles, bikes, balls, etc. All kits and tire inflator are well organized in a carry bag, ideal for take to inflate anywhere as you wish.
  • 【Must Have for Safe Driving】Say goodbye to roadside assistance and pay for air station now by keeping LASFIT AIR portable air compressor in your car! This LASFIT AIR car tire pump is an ideal car emergency kit gift for all drivers, comes with backup power bank and LED lights, help you conquer any emergency in driving. We will also provide you 2-year warranty for this air pump, any question or hesitations just let us know, we will solve them in 24 hours for you.
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