TestMarket - Limited Time Offer: Save Big on FITVII Slim Fitness Tracker with Advanced Health Monitoring!

Limited Time Offer: Save Big on FITVII Slim Fitness Tracker with Advanced Health Monitoring!

Jan 12, 2024 02:38 pm
Limited Time Offer: Save Big on FITVII Slim Fitness Tracker with Advanced Health Monitoring!
Brand Name: FITVII
Category: Activity & Fitness Trackers
Rating: 3.90
Total Rating Count: 8926
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Discover the ultimate fitness companion with the FITVII Slim Fitness Tracker! This cutting-edge device not only tracks your daily steps and monitors your heart rate 24/7, but it also keeps a close eye on your blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and sleep patterns. Stay motivated and achieve your health goals with this IP68 waterproof activity tracker, available in a stylish blue design. Don't miss out on this limited-time deal to grab your own FITVII Slim Fitness Tracker and enjoy exclusive savings, promo codes, and cashback offers. Start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today!

Title: Great watch and excellent customer service
Content: I love wearing this watch. It is very user friendly and comfortable. The metrics are great, as are the reminders to stay active and hydrated. Customer service is top notch....very professional, helpful and friendly.
Title: Good Product
Content: Slim comfortable and stylish. The watch has what I was looking for and that it measures the blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen and it does monitor with the app at intervals so you don’t need to constantly be pushing the button and it is accurate for the amount of money it works very well and it can also sync with your email phone and all the other social media’s if that’s what you were looking for so it’s a wonderful finding a great buy.
Title: A Decent Bang for the Buck
Content: So far, so good. I've only used this for a few days, but am pretty impressed! First off, I think they sent a gold colored watch face for my pink band, but it's not that noticeable. I wondered how it could measure BP without pumping up, but apparently there is something new called pulse arrival time (PAT) that measures time and/or strength between a heartbeat and the time it reaches your wrist as a pulse. It's seeming pretty accurate. Same with oxygen and HR. Weather measurement is off. I tried the sleep monitoring one night and that seemed pretty good too. I usually have an 1.5-hr intermission during sleep in the middle (hate it, but that's the way it is). It picked up a 30 min awake time surrounded by light sleep instead. I'm usually watching TV during that time, so I think I was awake. No biggie. I saw that I'm getting the deep sleep required. Steps seemed spot on when going straight continually, maybe not as good when turning around. I haven't tried the different activities' counts, but found when I rode my exercise bike, the watch did not pick it up as steps. I'm older and not great with newer technology, but eventually did sort out most of the app and settings. Tricky for old fingers to get the band on, but I did. Then realized I needed to charge it first and couldn't find any holes. By luck, when maneuvering it, the swinging cable attached itself to the magnets on the back of the watch. LOL. The Q&As here helped me along (thanks, fellow shoppers). I'm still getting the swiping directions down to find things on it. For those who can't find how to change metric to imperial, you do it through the app on your phone. There are three tabs in the app at the bottom of the screen that bring up a host of selections under Home, Device, and Mine. For some things to work, you need to provide permissions. IE, I had to allow access to SMS and WhatsApp to view text messages on the screen. Tiny to read, but neat technology. It throws out Hints if you're trying to set something up, but have not allowed specific permissions yet to do so. Now some of the things it asked permission for seemed out of bounds to me, and I refused. So I probably will never even try to put a picture on my watch, see my email there or phone calls. I did find a more pleasing face dial in their app library than the red/black or striped thing. Lastly, I can't report on longevity, but if it fails anytime soon, I will update. I'm quite pleased right now. 3/19: Still liking the watch, but a couple issues. It can be frustrating to scroll on the watch face. Some swipes don't seem to register. I've found a slow thumb moves the menu best for me to get to the correct area without opening a different one with my swipe. A couple times, the watch face has seemed to change itself- perhaps I did it accidentally. But I've always been able to get the one I want back. I read here that a person put it on a drinking glass and it still read a heart rate, so I tried it. Nope, mine shows blanks. When you first open a previously used function, it will display the last measurement taken, so I wonder if that was the case with the reads that person got.
Title: Doesn’t fully work with iPhone 14 Pro
Content: I bought this product to monitor my othostatic blood pressure. It doesn’t seem to capture the problem I’m having with orthostatic tremors. It synchs and works with my iPhone but only for the fitness tracking, weather sometimes it works and vibrations when my phone rings only. It does not control music, locate my phone, notify me or allow me to view texts, etc. It only allows phone ringing vibrations and the ability to answer or send calls to voicemail and even at that there is a huge delay. It continues to vibrate long after the phone rings out to voicemail. It does allow you to see battery levels but buyer beware seeing the battery life is difficult to get to as you have to scroll all the way to the bottom, hit settings then more scrolling to see the battery life. It has on several occasions woken me up vibrating because the battery is almost dead. So you would either have to turn it off or get up and take it to a charger. For a cheap watch I wasn’t expecting much but don’t say it works with iPhones when it barely does!
Title: Okay product
Content: I have had this product for a few months now Pro Looks sharp Steps seems accurate Cons BP is highly in accurate. Do not trust it. It reads on the low side which can be problematic if you are watching your BP The watch face will not stay on my choose face. It keeps changing to awful watch faces. Magnetic catch does not always hold. It will however attach to other things
Title: Love this watch. Get the App :-)
Content: I was looking for a “smart” watch that wasn’t so expensive. This one is great. I’ve had it a couple weeks now and it keeps good time, it’s easy to change the watch face (You have to use the App) , it’s comfortable, and the Rose Gold color is great. Somehow the Blood Pressure reading is the same as the old wrist cuff? How?? But so much easier !!!! I just ordered the screen protector, I recommend getting one, just like for your phone.

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  • Dress you up! A design combining jewelry and a fitness tracker. Take straps in different styles and colors. Find the style that moves you.
  • 24/7 Blood Pressure & Heart Rate: Understand your resting heart rate and blood pressure trends with FITVII 24/7 Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring watch. Provide data support for your exercise planning. (Only for encouraging a healthy lifestyle, not for medical use.)
  • Blood Oxygen: FITVII fitness tracker can measure your blood oxygen saturation and help you understand your physical state. Great for high-intensity workouts and sports like marathons and gym workouts.
  • Sleep Tracking: Better sleep can power your days. Track your time in light and deep sleep to better understand your sleep quality each night.
  • Track all-day activity: Your steps, distance, and calories burned will automatically count and record.
  • Smart Functions: An easy-to-use activity fitness tracker with 7 sports modes and various intelligent features. DIY watch face, call and message notifications, weather, drinking and sedentary reminder, alarm clocks, music control, and female menstruation period reminder.
  • Compatibility: FITVII Slim Fitness tracker compatible with Android 5.0 & iOS 10 and above smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0, but is not compatible with PC, iPad, or Tablet. One full charge gives up to 7-10 days of working time. (varies with use and other factors)
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