TestMarket - Get Your Exclusive Discount on OVERFUN Web Launcher String Shooters Toy Upgrade 2.0 - Selling Out Fast!

Get Your Exclusive Discount on OVERFUN Web Launcher String Shooters Toy Upgrade 2.0 - Selling Out Fast!

Jan 14, 2024 05:09 pm
Get Your Exclusive Discount on OVERFUN Web Launcher String Shooters Toy Upgrade 2.0 - Selling Out Fast!
Brand Name: OVERFUN
Category: Action Figures
Rating: 4.10
Total Rating Count: 117
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Title: Works surprisingly well, gives good range, retract function is nice
Content: This web shooter really adds to the cosplay element of my spider man costume. It is pretty nice to have and fits perfectly on my wrist. The first thing I will say is that this thing is spring loaded but it is not loaded when you receive it. You have to actually press the other end into the actual mechanism and hear a click then it is loaded. You can attach the suction to the other end as well if you want it to stick to a wall or object. It is not pinpoint accurate but it actually has some range to it. The next thing is that this is a velcro strap in order to attach to your wrist. It is actually pretty strong so you do not have to worry about it coming off. It is also not very uncomfortable but you will have a harder time moving your wrist around with this thing on. The trigger is not overly sensitive and requires some pressure before it can be triggered. It shoots at a very fast range so be careful not to have this pointed at anyone's eye or anything. The string is pretty strong so you do not have to worry about it snapping. What I really enjoy about it is that you can retract it. You just press a button and it will retract all the way back to the wrist. One thing I will say is that it does not reload it for you and be careful as the string can be tangled in the spring. Do not continue to press the retract button because it will just make it tighter. Overall I love this device. I wish it came with two but one will be okay. It shoots pretty far and is relatively accurate to the show. It uses a type c cable to charge and nothing special about the type c cable. It does not use a ton battery power power so do not expect it to need it to be recharged any time soon.
Title: Lightweight, Safe, Fun
Content: This is a well made toy that is simple to use and a lot of fun. If you are looking for a real-ish web shooter, you found it. You won't be swinging through your neighborhood, but the magnetic projectile can stick to iron metal, and the included suction cups are of a quality to stick to flat surfaces, such as windows. So far, I can say it is safe for indoor play as the line is launched solely by a spring. It's only slightly more powerful than launching a mechanical pen with it's own spring. The listing says for teens and adults, but my 5yo is capable of playing with minimal tangles in the line, which BTW, is simple to untangle. If the line gets too tangled to bother with, you can order a new string from Overfun and the line is anchored by one screw, so replacement is simple. I don't normally get this involved with reviews, but given the quality of other products available on Amazon, I felt I needed to praise a product that performs as much as one can expect, if not more so. At least, until radioactive spider-bites, and the responsibilities there in, become a reality.
Title: Won't charge
Content: My kid LOVED it. It worked for maybe an hour after opening it for Christmas. Now it won't charge. The connector doesn't seem to work. The red light comes on then turns off almost immediate and the string won't retract. Returning it, sadly, because if it was made better, it would be incredible. The whole QR code thing on the bottom seems like a good faith effort to make sure counterfeits aren't out there and assure me that there's a 2 year warranty. HOWEVER, the form didn't work when I tried to submit it. So, not sure if this is real or yet another crap attempt to look like a legitimate business operating in the US while actually being a scam fly-by-night company. Amazon has a big problem and the customers are suffering. I will no longer buy from a company that doesn't have US roots and storefronts. I want to reward R&D, innovation, and proper customer service. I'm so tired of b.s. companies and counterfeits. If this company, OVERFUN, is a real one, then I'm sorry to leave this review. I just want a product that doesn't disappoint my child after one hour of use. This is ANOTHER Christmas gift that was ruined by underwhelming products from overseas suppliers who have no integrity. What a nightmare. I'll be returning this to OVERFUN. If that's even their real name, and if they exist. And I do hope Amazon learns maybe to vet the business they allow to sell to their customers. Wouldn't that be amazing?
Title: Powerful Webslinger!
Content: We bought this for our son for his birthday. This thing is awesome but probably not great for smaller kids, due to the fact that it shoots far and fast. It does get knotted if you aren't careful when reeling it back in, but once you get the hang of using it, you figure out how to limit the knots. Really cool and fun!
Title: Great Product
Content: This "web" shooter is a great product. My son wanted a web shooter for Christmas and after doing lots of research we selected this item. Needless to say it has been a hit. The item works great and we have had no issues with it despite it being shot thousands of times. Once in a while the string gets stuck but the access panel make it easy to fix. I would highly recommend this item to anyone looking for the most user friendly and fun web shooter.
Title: I didn’t get any suction cups
Content: This is a pretty good product but my main complaint is I didn’t have any suction cups to really use it

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  • 【Become an upgrade superhero】: This is an upgraded web launcher that can be repeatedly launched, With the iconic movements of superheroes; everyone can become a superhero.
  • 【Amazing! Easy to operate】: Built-in 2.0 version micro reels and rechargeable battery, gently press the reel-in switch for about 4 seconds to complete recycling; In case of line tangled, manual disassembly does not require any tool assistance, even an 8-year-old child can operate it within 10 seconds.
  • 【Avoid frequently getting knotted】: The 2 micro reels technical scheme helps Enhance fun Since no entangling of the string around a reel is needed and the string can be directly collected by the container, reducing the resistance caused by pulling a reel during launch, avoiding string knotting or jamming caused by falling off the reel due to inertia and thus making the launch of the string smoother.
  • 【A variety of ways to play】: A light press on the launch switch to launch. The projectile with a magnet can adhere to iron products after being launched. If the magnet is equipped with a suction cup, the projectile can adhere to a smooth and flat object.
  • 【Great gifts for kids】: The Cool Gadgets is suitable for cosplay, Halloween, birthday parties, theme parties, film parties, stage shows, daily play interaction, or other occasions. It's the perfect addition to your Spider costume.
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