TestMarket - Limited-Time Offer: HSU Foam Windslayer for GoPro Hero 11 Mini, Noise Reduction Windscreen for Crisp Outdoor Audio and Video Recording (2 Pack) - Now Only 11.19£!

Limited-Time Offer: HSU Foam Windslayer for GoPro Hero 11 Mini, Noise Reduction Windscreen for Crisp Outdoor Audio and Video Recording (2 Pack) - Now Only 11.19£!

Apr 06, 2024 10:27 pm
Limited-Time Offer: HSU Foam Windslayer for GoPro Hero 11 Mini, Noise Reduction Windscreen for Crisp Outdoor Audio and Video Recording (2 Pack) - Now Only 11.19£!
Brand Name: ‎HSU
Category: Action Camera Cases
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Rating: 3.90
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Limited-Time Promo Alert: Grab the HSU Foam Windslayer for GoPro Hero 11 Mini at an exclusive price! Reduce wind noise for clear outdoor audio and video recording. Don't miss out on this special discount of 20.00£, saving you 2.8£. Act now to secure your deal before it ends tonight!

Title: Strong foam, should last well
Content: I have had thin wind stopper covers for previous GoPros which are prone to tearing on the corners of the holes. Not this one though; it is made of thick foam (approx 7mm thick) so should last a long time. It comes with two foam covers which are a reasonable fit, not too tight, possibly a tiny bit too slack. The holes are in the right places for both buttons and both the rear and bottom mounting legs. A possible downside is that the GoPro might get warm if filming for a long time as the foam is so thick. Personally, I only film in short bursts of no more than about 30 seconds, so I cannot say for sure whether cooling would be a problem when using this foam cover. It is certainly no problem when used in short bursts and is effective for its main purpose, cutting down wind noise dramatically. The provided soft plastic lens cover cannot be used with the foam cover in place, so I'm not sure why it's included? You can only use it once the foam cover has been removed. Also, it's not a very tight fit, so it might be easily lost if brushed by clothing accidentally when mounted on the camera. So it's really only useful as a lens cover when the GoPro is not in use, perhaps when stored away in a drawer or bag. The three glass lens protectors are OK and will be familiar to anyone who has ever put a screen protector on a phone. Each one comes come with a wet and dry cleaning cloth and a dust remover pad. Just clean and dry, dab it for dust removal and stick the protector on, very easy. I cannot say for sure if it has had any effect on the lens quality or introduces any colour cast, but I should hope not as it is claimed to be tempered glass and is very slim and clear in appearance. Is it worth the price? Probably yes, but I would rather have an option to get just one foam cover at a lower price without the not very useful lens cover and lens protectors, all of which offer little extra utility in my opinion.
Title: Ok at lower speeds
Content: From someone who bought it to record motorcycle rides, up to around 50kph it does a good job, above that it is better to have a good mic or sound capture system in the backpack.
Title: Espuma para POP
Content: Realmente parw viento es inutil, la espuma es muy corta como para dar un aislamiento, es mas para golpes cortos de viendo como el pooe o una caida ligera como un aislamiento, pero para poco mas se le puede dar uso.
Title: Une protection pour votre Gopro 11 mini
Content: Un accessoire essentiel pour les propriétaires de caméras GoPro Hero 11 qui cherchent à améliorer la qualité audio de leurs vidéos. Cette coque de protection en mousse est spécialement conçue pour réduire efficacement le bruit du vent, ce qui permet d'obtenir un enregistrement audio optimal, clair et net. Très simple à mettre en place, cette protection enveloppe parfaitement votre caméra. La mousse douce enveloppe la caméra et réduit considérablement les bruits indésirables du vent, sans compromettre la qualité visuelle de la vidéo.
Title: Ottimo bundle!
Content: Davvero ottimo bundle di buona qualità, è composto da 2 cover morbide in materiale espanso, una cover per lenti e ben 3 vetri protettivi per l'ente. La cover della go pro mini 11 fitta molto bene e è ben stabile ma sconsiglio di usarla per periodi prolungati in estate in quanto comunque limita la dissipazione del calore ma migliora nettamente l'audio raw fornendo una protezione dal vento. La cover della lente è un pelo larga rispetto a quello che vorrei ma non si stacca se non urtata. I vetri sono della dimensione giusta e si mettono facilmente, hanno un rivestimento leggermente idrofobico quindi bisogna capire bene il comportamento con la pioggia ma al momento sembrano essere buone! Consigliato davvero data la fascia di prezzo nella quale si inserisce!
Title: Der Windschutzeffekt hat mich beeindruckt
Content: The media could not be loaded. In einer neutralen Schachtel und der Amazon Umverpackung erhalten. Hierin die beiden Windschutz Schaumstoffhüllen, drei Linsen Protektoren (mit dem erforderlichen Zubehör), eine Linsen Kappe und zwei kleinen Reinigungstüchern (Abb. 1). Insgesamt schon ein recht komplettes Set zum Preis von rund 15,- €. Die Ernüchterung stellt sich jedoch mit der Passform und Handhabung der Schaumstoffhüllen ein, wirkliche Begeisterung kann da nicht aufkommen (Abb. 2 u. 3). Generelles Problem der GoPro ist die recht hohe Wärmeangabe, durch den Schaumstoff kommt auch bei ruhendem Stativ-Betrieb noch etwas Luft an das Gehäuse, sofern man den Schaumstoff auch als Schutzfunktion in Betracht zieht. Nun ergab sich für mich die Frage, wie bekomme ich ein nachvollziehbares und tatsächlich vergleichbares Testergebnis, im Hinblick auf die Windschutz-Rauschunterdrückung? Dazu die GoPro auf ein Stativ, Ventilator davor und kurze Testaufnahmen gemacht, zunächst einmal ohne Schaumstoffhüllen (Abb. 5) und einmal mit (Abb. 4). Der Ärger geht aber schon los, die GoPro durch den Schaumstoff eingeschaltet zu bekommen. Nachdem das dann geschafft war, besagte zwei Video-Aufnahmen gemacht und anschließend zusammengefasst (habe den Versuch dreimal wiederholt, immer das gleiche Ergebnis). Da war ich dann doch baff, während bei der Aufnahme ohne Windschutz (Video 1, Video stark komprimiert) eigentlich nur überdeutlich das Windgeräusche zu hören ist, ist bei Verwendung der Schaumstoffhüllen tatsächlich nur das Brummen des Ventilators zu hören. Zusammenfassung: Die Verarbeitung und Handhabung sind letztlich weniger als ausreichend, das muss man schon konstatieren. Die Eliminierung der Windgeräusche - zumindest bei meinem Indoor-Test - ist jedoch beeindruckend. Daher von mir in der Summe dann doch 5 Sterne.

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  • Compatible with Hero 11 Mini Only: This foam windslayer is only fit for GoPro Hero 11 Mini camera body, NOT workable if the camera built into an extra protective frame except the silicone housing case
  • Reduce Wind Noise: The Foam Windslayer Housing can help to reduce the wind noise effectively, enhance audio capture performance in windy environments and high-speed activities, and get a better video recording effect
  • Elastic Sponge Material: The windproof cover for GoPro Hero 11 Mini is made of special sponge material that is environmentally friendly and odor-free, soft and flexible, comfortable to handle, with good stretch easy to wear on and remove, unlike other cheap sponge
  • Precise Fit and Durable: Flexible foam cover around the camera for a secure fit, the precise hole would not impact the video effect, allowing you quickly to get access to the shutter button.
  • Package Includes 2 x Foam Windslayer for Hero 11 mini, 3 x Lens Screen Protectors for Hero 11 mini, 1 x Lens Cap for Hero 11 mini.
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