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Limited-Time Exclusive Nightshade Deal - Save 10% Today!

Apr 07, 2024 02:35 am
Limited-Time Exclusive Nightshade Deal - Save 10% Today!
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Title: Excellent
Content: Excellent condition and promptly delivered
Title: Alex Rider is back
Content: Can you believe its has been 20 yrs since the first Alex Rider book (Stormbreaker) was published and the series is still going strong. In this new instalment Alex is just returning from a trip with Jack and is looking forward to getting back to school now that he is no longer working for MI6, however on the other side of the world (in Rio) a agent of MI6 is investigating a terrorist organisation known as Nightshade who are planning a attack that is going to take place in London however he is murdered (by two teenage assassins) while he his delivering the message to MI6. However the secret service were able to capture one of the teenagers and bring him in for questioning (however they are unable to learn anything ) With Mrs Jones under pressure by the ministry of defensive (who has learnt about Alex's previous cases) and who seems to have a personal connection to this case will she be able to persuade Alex to do one more mission by going into the prison where the assassin is being held, befriend him so he can learn about the attack and prevent it from happening. This is other action pack novel which has a brilliant climax (which looks like a scene from the latest Mission Impossible movie). I grow up with the Alex Rider novels and although I am no longer the target audience (now being an adult) I'm still a big fan and fully enjoy this series. Fans of the series will not be disappointment and will be carving for the next instalment. I would recommend reading some of the series past books meanly Point Blanc and Scorpia to refresh yourselves as the events of those books are covered in this book. Fully recommend this book and the series.
Title: Ingenious plot line
Content: When my life gets too stressed I always like a good fast-paced read to chill out. Alex Rider did that for me! Very intriguing and enjoyable. Also well written, as Horowitz's books are. I enjoy this book at 80. I don't know if it was designed for teenagers like the hero, Alex.
Title: Great addition to the series
Content: We enjoyed this novel just as much as the rest of the Alex Rider series. Always leaves you on a cliff hanger and desperately wanting to know more
Title: Horowitz attempts to reboot Alex Rider...and (mostly) succeeds!
Content: THE GOOD, - After the dramatic events of ‘Scorpia Rising’, the sequel ‘Never Say Die’ felt a bit of a cheap cop-out to me (I appreciate some people will hold differing opinions on that!) But this is a much better attempt at ‘resetting’ the Rider series by Horowitz, with a new, interesting and most importantly different enemy to face off against. - This is one of, if not the longest, Rider story yet (haven’t checked definitively so don’t hold me to it!), but it still doesn’t felt slow or dragged out in any way. As ever, the writing is snappy, detailed and engaging all at once - one of the outstanding hallmarks of this series that keeps me coming back! - and strikes a good balance between action and those important reflective moments to understand what is going on inside Alex’s head. If anything, it could probably have done with another couple of chapters at the end but I’ll come onto that down below. - If you’ve read the previous novels (which you really must in order to enjoy this one) then it’s no secret to say that some favourite characters and locations return to play their part. This is a nice reward to loyal readers of the series! But they never feel ‘throwaway’, the plot does a good job of making all characters and settings feel important. - Finally, although I won’t spoil the ending, it leaves considerable space for a new story arc that Horowitz can develop further with some important questions still to be answered. This is important, to prevent the Rider series from feeling like it has been dragged out for money reasons only since the decision to restart again after initially planning to end after ‘Scorpia Rising’. Although the jury remains out on this decision for me (it seemed like a perfectly believable and satisfying ending), this book gives the series a new direction which Never Say Die did not (in my humble opinion!) THE BAD, - Most frustratingly for me, I guessed the plot and main answers to the ‘puzzle’ fairly early on, which left me slightly...empty of the usual thrill I get. What was left was still a very enjoyable read, with a lot of curiously about HOW it would be resolved, but something was missing in that the plot seemed more simple than usual. Which is odd given the length of the book. Now, I appreciate that I’m a long time reader, having started when the original ‘Stormbreaker’ novel came out all those years ago. So as an adult now, I have hopefully improved my ability to predict the plots of this series! But even taking this into account, I’m still left with a slight feeling Horowitz could have taken a few more chances with the overall ‘aim’ of the villain, even if the character themselves is quite interesting, as mentioned above. It’s possible this may be developed further in future books, of course! - The ending could have done with a bit more explanation in my opinion. Not because it didn’t make sense - as mentioned above, it was almost too easy to follow! - but there are a few too many important plot holes left unanswered for me. Some of these may well be dealt with in future books and it’s difficult to explain what I mean without giving away some of the plot. The best way I can find is to say that certain people seem to end up knowing key information without any explanation of how. In addition, it seems quite hard to believe NO ONE at MI6 worked out what was happening...but then again, it’s a story and the plot dictates that. Similarly, some of Alex’s stunts as ever border on the ‘Indiana Jones’ scale of incredulity, but I’m cool with this - it’s all part of the fun after all! Although I can’t help wondering just how a message hasn’t yet spread effectively throughout the crime world about a certain boy spy with fair hair... - ...which brings me nicely onto my last and probably most controversial point. As mentioned earlier, I personally felt Scorpia Rising was a good, clear ending for the series so the decision to restart again held considerable risk for me. And it still feels like the series is searching to regain earlier momentum. It’s a better attempt than Never Say Die, but there is no getting away from the fact that most of the key personal questions about Alex and his life have already been answered. AH attempts to try and deal with this by taking it in a different direction in this book and, to be fair, it’s a good effort. And maybe that’s not even important to you! But for me, the mysteries of Alex’s history in earlier books are always going to be a struggle to live up to! Also - no Smithers! Which is a big loss to the series - surely there could have been some way to bring him back? SUMMING UP... To many people, just having a new Rider book will be enough in itself. And to be fair, there’s also a part of me that is very glad to have him back also! I really enjoyed reading this book and it was a genuine struggle to put it down at times, it’s fast moving and engaging. Is it in my top 3 Alex Rider stories? No, probably not even top 5 to be honest. But it’s hovering somewhere around the middle, which is good going compared with the letdown of Never Say Die. To reboot a series after initially intending to end it so comprehensively (as admitted Horowitz himself) is no easy task. But this book is a fine attempt and continues to fuel my enthusiasm for Alex and his adventures! Well done Mr Horowitz - looking forward to the next instalment now!
Title: Alex rider is ... the best!
Content: From stormbreaker to nightshade - there has always been excitememt, adventure and terror. It is fair to say that alex rider is ... the best. I started to read stormbreaker in lockdown n1. I found it terrifying... After I finished stormbreaker I read point blanc. I found it terrifying... After ppint blanc I read skeleton key. I LOVED it! Don't be put of on the first book if you find it too scary - you will soon be alex riderfied! Then you can't stop... Hope you all enjoy the series as much as I did!!! Thx Anthony Horroritz - ( I physicaly can't spell) :)

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