TestMarket - Limited-Time Discount: Rule of Wolves (King of Scars Book 2) - Claim Yours Now!

Limited-Time Discount: Rule of Wolves (King of Scars Book 2) - Claim Yours Now!

Apr 07, 2024 12:16 am
Limited-Time Discount: Rule of Wolves (King of Scars Book 2) - Claim Yours Now!
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Title: Magical, absorbing, tormenting, and compulsive – what more could you ask for!!!
Content: The opening pages sets the scene of a spell binding and captivating story, with Makhi’s mother, who on her death bed and with the power of appointing the next queen, chooses her younger daughter, Princess Ehri, ahead of Makhi; the eldest. With a challenge, from Makhi, that she should rule, the queen replies “… and yet no lesson has ever taught you kindness. No tutor has ever taught you mercy. You have a heart hungry for fear and I do not know why” With the mothers’ words falling on deaf ears, Makhi becomes Queen with Ehri living captive in a world with little friends and in fear of a sister who wants her dead. However, the main story is about the inevitable battle between Fjerda and Shu Han, as the story switches between the worlds of a King, a General and a Spy. The Demon King – Nokolai Lantsov who must fight against Fjerda and the demon inside him. The Stormwitch – Zoya Nazyalensky – the General who commands the second army and has been building a powerful force behind the king. However, with her mentor dead and her worst enemy resurrected, Zoya must win this final battle as she fights against her heart and the love she cannot have. The Spy – Nina Zenik and the Queen of mourning, in a separate storyline wages war against Fjerda from inside its capital. All the threads come together in an epic story packed with political intrigue, fascinating world building, dangerous power struggles and dark magic. With a few romances thrown in for that extra bit of sweetness. Review and Comments - The Characterisation is superb with the King, a General and a Spy making up the core cast, although there is no shortage of equally likeable and interesting characters. Yet, it was Nikolai’s humour that got me on this one, for instance when someone pointed out that his idea was a bad one. His response made me chuckle. “I have a surplus of bad ideas," said Nikolai. "I have to spend them somewhere.” Another story set in Grishaverse and another book that highlights what a talent Leigh Bardugo is in this genre. I am really impressed with how Bardugo has tied all her books and mini series' together by some common thread, even though some of the characters and storylines are different. The Rule of Wolves possesses all the same intrigue, thrill and scheming I get from crime thrillers, but with heaps of imagination that transports you to a different world. A place that provides total escapism in parts, gentle reminders of what is important in life through the dialogue and with the customary message of hope through darker times. Magical, absorbing, tormenting, and compulsive – what more could you ask for!!!
Title: A compelling and gripping conclusion to this thrilling duology
Content: Enemies are advancing, an old evil has been released and Ravka's position has been weakened. Nikolai faces tough decisions in the impending war with Fjerda. Though the monster still resides inside him, he is ready to harness that power to save his country while keeping it secret. He also continues to hide his feelings for Zoya. With his precarious status as rightful monarch in the balance, he must sacrifice his own happiness and marry to secure allies and money. Nikolai must endeavour to use all his mercurial gifts to defeat Fjerda. Zoya is still coming to terms with her new Grisha powers. She needs to provide unfailing support and protection to her King and country as she cannot risk losing anyone else. She is determined to become the weapon Ravka needs her to be. She must push aside her growing affection for Nikolai because she knows he cannot choose her regardless of the fact she believes she is unworthy of him. Nina is still mourning Matthias but is tasked with finding a way to defeat the Fjerdan army. She is deep within the Capital hiding behind her powers while dangerously living in plain sight. She befriends fellow Grisha, Hanne and the two become very close. Nina is worried her feelings for Hanne means she is forgetting Matthias but will Hanne help heal her broken heart instead. As battle approaches, Nikolai and co must contend with godlike Grisha, a darkness causing chaos and death and the constant threat of enemies within his walls. Can he find a way out of the impending doom or will Ravka and the Grisha fall to their foes? 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Oh, my heart. I cried tears of joy and painful sadness. This book put me through the wringer. Nikolai is, without doubt, my favourite character and remains so after this book. There was everything in this story – romance and angst, battles and fighting, confronting old enemies (both within and without) and crusades for a better future. I loved how this book ended and it gives me hope that this may not be the end of adventures in Ravka. Overall a perfect fantasy conclusion to a high stakes duology.
Title: Amazing story!
Content: I absolutely love Nina’s POV’s I couldn’t wait to get to her chapters while reading and I wish she could’ve gotten a whole book to herself, overall love the story and can’t wait for more! The book came in great condition and is just as beautiful as the previous.
Title: Triumphant
Content: This was a unexpectedly emotional ending to the king of scars series a two part story set in the Grishaverse a Russian inspired fantasy world. Redemption and forgiveness were the themes and the story delivered. Long term fans, and it should go without saying this isn’t the place for newbies to start, will find much to adore character arcs come to completion and a satisfying ending is given even as the future is set up. Fan favourite characters return even if there is the trade Mark bardugo bitter sweetness going on as not every character meets a happy fate or how not every villain is brought to justice. I couldn’t help but feel that the story is coming to a Crossroads even as further adventures are set up . Confident, well written and assured this was a fantastic highlight in the Grishaverse the fun and action was there as always but there was perhaps even more heart then normal, so rather then spoil I will just heartily recommend happy reading.
Title: Es bellisimo
Content: The media could not be loaded. Definitivamente vale la pena comprar la pasta dura, llegó en excelente estado y es simplemente bellisimo, el tamaño es muy bueno y es muy resistente, ya casi estoy por terminarlo y estoy muy satisfecha con la compra
Title: Wonderful conclusion to a great series
Content: This is a review I’ve been waiting a long time to write. I preordered this book and got it on launch day, but haven’t gotten to reading it until now. And boy have I missed Leigh Bardugo’s writing. This is the sequel to King of Scars, which followes king Nikolai, Zoya and Nina on their journey to basically save their country Ravka. As usual, Leigh Bardugo has a way with weaving multiple characters into a story in a compelling and interesting way. The plot is perhaps not anything groundbreaking and new, but it’s a solid story that leads our characters from one point to the other. But the brilliant thing about this book is its characters. They are well developed and lovable, and we get a few bonus appearances from old favorites. The main romance in this book is one of the best I’ve read in a long time. It’s done well and for the first time in a long time I actually wanted and hoped that things would work out for the couple in question. I’m not going to spoil anything, so I won’t give away what I thought of the end result, but nevertheless, the journey towards the end was very well written. I’m happy to see that the author has made an effort to diversify and be more inclusive. And there’s representation of LGBTQIA+ in this book. Especially where one of the characters seems to be trans, or at least Hanne expresses that she’s uncomfortable with her femininity and seems to identify as male. I adore Hanne as a character, and I really wish we’d gotten to know her a little better. This whole thing feels a little shallow, as if her gender identity was an afterthought that wasn’t fully developed. There were just the tiniest of hints to what the character was feeling, and by the end everything felt a little flat. In turn, it made Nina seem a little blind to what Hanne was going through, and I don’t think it felt quite right. I would have loved more time developing their relationship and the trust between them. I think it all felt a bit rushed, and the ending too fell a bit flat for me because of how underdeveloped it was. And there would have been room to develop the important stuff, because the book is, in I guess true Bargudo style, a big jampacked with everything and a little more. This book is attempting to pack a lot in a small box. A lot of the things in the book isn’t necessary, and it bogs down the reading experience and makes it hard to keep track and to focus. At the same time, a lot of things that seem important are just glazed over, like Nina and Hannes relationship. There was this whole side quest with a random character that didn’t have anything to do with anything really, and then the Darklings few chapters and his journey, well, that didn’t do much either. The highlight of the story is as always Nikolai and Zoya. They are great. And unlike King of Scars, this time Nina’s chapters actually seemed relevant to the story that was being told. So, what can I say. It’s a great book, a lot happens, it’s interesting, the plot works, but there’s a lot of unnecessary stuff here, and a lot of scenes that feel like they are just put in there for please fans with a glimpse of old favorites. Like a whole plotline where Nikolai travels to Ketterdam to meet Kaz and do a heist. All these little spin-offs feel rushed and flat instead of immersive and interesting. I think Leigh wanted a little too much with this book, which with all that’s in here could (and should?) have been several separate stories instead. I’m still giving this book five stars because it’s great and I love Nikolai and for the most part I found the ending satisfying.

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