TestMarket - Act Now! Get Tyger: British Book Awards Children’s Fiction Book of the Year 2023 for Only 6.49£ (28% Off)

Act Now! Get Tyger: British Book Awards Children’s Fiction Book of the Year 2023 for Only 6.49£ (28% Off)

Jun 15, 2024 10:17 am
Act Now! Get Tyger: British Book Awards Children’s Fiction Book of the Year 2023 for Only 6.49£ (28% Off)
Category: Action & Adventure
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Rating: 4.70
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Title: A thought-provoking read for ages 10+
Content: Firstly, if you covet handsome books, Tyger by SF Said is a thing of gorgeousness. Chunky tactile format, matt-laminated finish, striking interior illustrations from DaveMcKean...and that wraparound cover! It's the perfect gift for a middle-grade bookaholic. The story itself does not disappoint. It's a powerful and thoughtful read set in a dystopian future version of London where the Empire still rules supreme and a brutal segregated society has formed. But although there are some dark themes (slavery, racism, capital punishment, animal cruelty, etc.), this is ultimately a book of hope. We meet Adam (a muslim from the ghetto) who discovers a Tyger (a mysterious creature thought to be extinct) in a rubbish dump and sets out to save the Tyger with his friend Zadie. That in itself is an exciting premise, but the book is so much more than this. SF Said writes beautifully (there are strong echoes of Blake and CS Lewis), but I think one of his strengths is his ability to take quite complex ideas and write about them in a compelling and accessible way for children. I recommended this book to our school book club (ages 10-11) and many children said it was one of the best book they'd read. No small feat for a book which covers topics such as creative censorship, distribution of wealth and the power of the human spirit. Tyger won the Children's Fiction Book of the Year Award 2023, and I think it's an inspiring and worthy winner.
Title: Utterly memorable
Content: This stunning book is set in the dark dystopian future of a British Empire where slavery,racism and a segregated society is the grim reality. Adam is a young Muslim boy living in London where his day to day life is fraught with the dangers and “ shame” of his cultural background . Movements around the city are controlled by soldier checkpoints and free expression is considered dangerous and is banned so Adam’s love of drawing and expressing himself in his art must remain secret, even from his own family. Then, into Adam’s bleak way of life appears Tyger – a wounded but beautiful, powerful and wonderous animal. Tygers are supposed to now be extinct but this creature talks to Adam and is a gentle voice of wisdom, conscience and is connected to the past, present and possible future of humanity in a way that transcends the chains and injustices of Adam’s society. Tyger is absolutely breathtaking . The powerful narrative of S.F Said and the bold , black and white illustrations by Dave McKean makes for a book that captures the reader on so many levels. A book about the blossoming bond between a young boy and a wounded beast alone would make an engaging, fantastic heart warming read but Tyger is so much more ; it is about human spirit, our collective morals and conscience and about harnessing our connections to each other and to beliefs we cannot see but need to hold onto in order to survive and be stronger than chaos and evil. Like Aslan in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books , Tyger herself is both a warm blooded real creature who the reader can take to their hearts and yet also represents the thoughts, dreams and magic of the strengths humanity can possess if it chooses the right path. Utterly wonderful and memorable .
Title: Fabulous book.
Content: A must read for children. My daughter is 10 and has read it at least 3 times and has now Sked for her own copy.
Title: great book
Content: my 10 year old granddaughter loves this book
Title: Appeals to pre-teenage readers
Content: My 9 year old Grandson was keen to have this latest book by S F Said for Christmas. He tells me ‘Nanny there’s lots of exiting bits in his stories’. It thrills me to know that he can recognise well written books.
Title: Great
Content: Arrived promptly . Christmas gift

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