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Act Fast! A Boy Called Christmas - Limited-Time Offer

May 20, 2024 05:48 am
Act Fast! A Boy Called Christmas - Limited-Time Offer
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Title: A new seasonal and spirited origin story - for all ages. Wonderful Christmas story
Content: A funny, charming and inventive ‘origin’ story. I can see why reviewers are calling this a modern classic – it really could become a perennial seasonal read – it’s not twee or sentimental, it’s delightfully twisted at times, and it ticks all the Santa boxes. It even has an Oliver Twist feel to it – Nikolas and his father are dirt poor, the woodcutter giving his son a turnip doll as a Christmas present for lack of anything better. When he goes away to make his fortune by proving there really ARE elves in the Far North, and Nikolas’s less-than-loving aunt comes to ‘look after’ him, the son decides he will follow his father into the cold of winter… You know what is likely to appear in the story, and yes – you will meet reindeer and elves, but Haig’s tale takes a few macabre and twisted turns, taking Nikolas to prison, to death’s door, to some incredibly sad scenes that certainly take this above the average children’s Christmas tale. I loved it, I loved the arc of Nikolas’s journey from small boy to the figure he is destined to become, I liked Matt Haig’s ideas for each element of the Father Christmas persona – where the reindeer came from, why he gives presents, why he doesn’t age, the sleigh, the hat and outfit – all are present and correct, all questions answered. And who can fail to snigger (young or old) at a reindeer who takes his own revenge on enemies with his own ammunition? There’s a very funny scene involving characters who like making heads explode. And an elf who has taken all the joy and fun out of Christmas. Wonderful – I’m not usually one for trying to read seasonal books in December, but I can see myself making time to read this again next year, and with a six year old next Christmas, might be sharing this with him as well. I think this could be a perfect class read for the end of a school day through December, the chapters are short and it’s within the understanding and humour levels of an infant or junior class, and it’s also a very enjoyable read for an adult looking for a light Christmas read that brings a few twists to the story, as well as some delicious Mould illustrations, he makes his characters both vulnerable and Burton-esque. I’ve loved the Haig books I’ve read for adults, and he’s also a deft touch with younger readers – highly recommended.
Title: Book Review: A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig (From AntonySimpson.com)
Content: From AntonySimpson.com: A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig is the perfect bedtime story to read to your children in the month of December on the run-up to Christmas. It is beautifully illustrated by Chris Mould. In A Boy Called Christmas, Nikolas and Joel (his father, the Wood Cutter) are poor. Nikolas has no brothers or sisters and Miika (a mouse) is his only friend. Throughout his life, he has only received two christmas presents: a sleigh and a turnip doll. That is until Anders – the Hunter comes to recruit Joel on a mission for King Frederick. If Anders, Joel and some other men can prove the existence of Elves to the King, he will reward them handsomely. This is Joel’s chance to lift Nikolas and himself out of poverty. Joel explains to Nikolas that he has accepted this mission, meaning he will be away for Christmas. But that when he returns, Nikolas and he will be rich. That Nikolas will no longer need to look in the window of the toyshop window wistfully, but will be able to have all the toys he wants. While Joel is away, Nikolas is to be looked after by his horrible Aunt Carlotta. Joel leaves and Nikolas waits. Nikolas waits for his father to return for a long time. When Joel still hasn’t returned Nikolas begins to worry. Eventually, Nikolas sets out with Miika to The Far North to find his father. The journey is long and treacherous. When Nikolas arrives at The Elf Village, accompanied by Father Topo and Little Noosh, it is not at all what he imagined. Little Kip has been kidnapped by Anders, Joel and the other men, who have escaped and are heading to King Frederick. The Welcome Tower has been turned into a Prison. Nikolas is imprisoned with a naughty Truth Pixie that likes to watch people’s heads explode and unpleasant Sebastian the Troll. Nikolas uses magic and the help of flying reindeer Blitzen to escape the prison. He sets off to find his father, Anders and the other men to put things right. The ending is well thought out, fabulous and explains how after many years Nikolas finds his purpose: being Father Christmas. Young children will love everything about A Boy Called Christmas, including Nikolas and the other characters- all of which have depth, the pacing and the magical plot. It is a captivating read that can be enjoyed by both younger children and grown-ups together. The only criticism I have about A Boy Called Christmas is that the release date was too close to Christmas. Haig can’t be blamed for this, but the Publisher can. Still, now that A Boy Called Christmas has been released, it can be enjoyed by the many for years and years to come. I’ll be giving my copy of A Boy Called Christmas to my older brother, so that he can read it to my nephew on the run-up to next Christmas.
Title: A delightful and exciting festive read.
Content: A Boy Called Christmas is a delightful and exciting festive read. Telling the origin story of how Santa Clause came to be the man we know him as today, the story follows a fun adventure filled with all the magic of family and Christmas, with a heartwarming message about hope and the joys of spreading kindness. It’s the perfect book for adults to read their young ones at Christmas (or just if you want a bit of Christmas cheer at this time of year!), with an exciting world for children to imagine and experience, and plenty of added humour for parents to enjoy at the same time. I really enjoyed Haig’s Dad-humour, as well as the beautiful illustrations by Chris Mould. My boys are possibly a little young for this book at the minute, but it’s definitely one that I look forward to them reading in a few years. The new film adaptation on Sky didn’t quite leave me with the same magical feeling that the book did, but it’s still an exciting adventure for the family to enjoy together.
Title: Funny
Content: Finding a funny novel to read can be difficult. I wanted a read that would make me laugh… and this one did! I think I will hang on to this book to share with my kids and hopefully grandkids some day. Loved it, already into the next book in the series.
Title: A great Father Nicholas origin story
Content: "An impossibility is just a possibility you don't understand." For the second time in less than a week, I have gotten to enjoy a Santa Claus Origin Story; this one on Christmas Day, no less. In A Boy Called Christmas, we meet 12-year-old Nick, whose mother has passed away and who lives with his father. The two of them don't have much, but they love each other very much. Nick has also inherited his belief in elves from his father. One winter, Nick's father leaves on an errand for the king - to bring back proof that elves exist. He promised Nick that he would be back within 3 months, but until then Nick would be under the care of his Aunt Carlotta - a truly terrible woman who does not like children at all. When three months come and go, and there is still no sign of his father, Nick begins to worry. Knowing only that he had headed in the direction of the Far North, Nick sets off after him with his trusty mouse Mika, who may not believe in elves but does believe in cheese, though Mika has yet to actually taste cheese. What follows is a wonderful set of adventures for Nick and Mika including, riding and flying on a reindeer, meeting the elves, discovering their magic, and more. Some of the adventures are good and some are not, but they all help bring Nick closer to finding his father and figuring out who he is and who he wants to become. This was a wonderful origin story for Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus, and I especially liked the concept that elves would stop aging once they figure out who they truly are, and what they want to do or be for the rest of their lives. I also find it quite cut that the elves only had one curse word: impossible. Just think of all the things one might be able to accomplish if they removed "impossible" from their vocabulary. I mean, having magic also helps, but still... I had the opportunity to listen to the audiobook, narrated by Stephen Fry. I don't think I need to tell you how wonderful Fry is, but just in case I do... Fry does an absolutely wonderful job with the narration; his voice work is spot on - I loved his voice for Mika - and he brought the story to life. I'm somewhat disappointed that Fry doesn't narrate the next book in the series, but I also understand it since the protagonist of the next book is female. I definitely look forward to reading the next book, whether that is through reading it myself or listening to the audiobook.
Title: Un classico di Natale
Content: Il libro è davvero carino! Storia ben strutturata, belle le illustrazioni, piacevolissimo da leggere anche per gli adulti. Purtroppo è arrivato con un angolo rovinato, ma non era un regalo, quindi va bene lo stesso.

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