TestMarket - Limited-Time Discount! Upgraded Xbox Series X Cooling Fan with RGB Light Strip - Only £20.85!

Limited-Time Discount! Upgraded Xbox Series X Cooling Fan with RGB Light Strip - Only £20.85!

Apr 06, 2024 11:23 pm
Limited-Time Discount! Upgraded Xbox Series X Cooling Fan with RGB Light Strip - Only £20.85!
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Get exclusive savings on the FASTSNAIL Cooling Fan Dust for Xbox Series X. The accessory comes with a dust cover filter, rubber dust plugs, and an adjustable 3-level low noise top fan with LED light. Plus, enjoy an extra USB port for convenience. Don't miss out on this deal - save £13.14 today! Limited stock available. Act fast!

Title: Works as advertised.
Content: I have found this cooler to be excellent and it most definitely keeps my XBox X temperature down. Some have said it is too noisy on top speed but that is not an issue for me. Would I recommend it? Yes most definitely. With only one proviso - I only use the top cover for dust protection when the XBox is turned off as using it when the XBox is running doesn't allow the most effective dissapation of the extracted heat.
Title: Awesome
Content: Christmas gift but opened to confirm all well before putting away for Christmas. I've seen reviews on here saying the following and would like to address those negative reviews from my experience and knowledge. Other peoples reviews/complaints: ▪︎ no forza (or other co-shipped title) game. ▪︎ console banned from xbox live. ▪︎ only one controller. No Games. The option I got was a bundled console and game the game is a digital version meaning its a download only. When you set up your account the console will ask which xbox account (if multiple are added) is to get the bundled game you simpky confirm an account that simple. It is NOT a disc in a box in the shipping carton. Console Banned A couple of reviews have said their purchased console is banned from the xbox live system and this is serious if it happens, as there is NO WAY AT ALL to unban a console. Bans by xbox come after a multitude of steps to try and correct errant online behaviour and when that fails the team refer the console to a banning list which is irrevocable. However it is wrong for those reviewers to post what they did how they did. Those consoles were nor bought direct through amazon but theclickable link to buy from the "third parties at a lower cost" option, where there are a list of sellers selling secondhand consoles for lower costs but are slightly worn devices. This inherently runs the risk of a banned device. Buying at market price from amazon you will buy a brand new unopened, unused, console. ONLY BUY secondhand if you are unconcerned with online use or are willing to risk not having access to online services. One Controller Consoles come with one controller (typically), because most times games are single player or online multilayer nit so much split screen any longer. As such shipping two controllers with every console would make consoles too expensive for everyone, so to keep prices down one controller per console and if you really need a second, third or fourth controller they are available to match your console from between £50-£70 each I'm sure I don't want to pay an additional £50+ on a new console for an extra controller I won't use. I'd rather spend that £50 it on a dust and cooling kit to help care for my new console. As for my experience of the series X, I own one (bought elsewhere which is why my son wants one and I bought the one above), its a fast launching console, its fluid quite and awesome graphics and sound. In photos series X appears large and bulky but it actually isn't, it can be lay on it side too with the power button top right or stood up right power button top left. It is aesthetically pleasing with line green accents in the top (end if lay on it side) vent which as you move yoyr head fade in and out of view (this entertains my autistic brain no end lol BTW I am really autistic, I was not being flippant). If you enjoy gaming and have an investiture in Microsoft already with years of digital content purchased moving to PlayStation is not viable and the backward compatibility of series X over three generations of consoles is phenomenal. The backwards compatibility goes right back to Xbox360 games each title carefully ported to the new format. The console home screen is identical to the xbox one/s (XB1/s) and is indistinguishable from the latest XB1/s homescreen and xb OS update (Sept 2023). The controllers come with standard AA batteries and will require an optional but additional cost, recharging dock or cable kit, unless you have shares in Duracell or Eveready batteries that is for those DVT inducing gaming sessions. SERIOUSLY: Move around every hour or so to keep blood and muscles moving and preventing nerve damage, seriously, stay healthy. Hope this review helps, and hope you enjoy your gaming experiences whatever they be.
Title: Like an air-con for your xbox
Content: This thing is awesome. Keeps my xbox nice and chilled no matter how heavy the sesh. Some think the fan is a little loud but who cares - you won’t hear it over the sound of you crushing your enemies. 5/5
Title: Great but slightly loud
Content: Fantastic set for the money the addition of the covers was nice and helps make the Xbox to clean the air covers, nice choice of colours for the tower and definitely makes it stand out. Only thing is when the fan is on the highest setting and can be noticeable so just turn your TV up or put headphones.
Title: Does what it says, but very LOUDLY!!!
Content: My main concern was to keep all the fluff bunnies out the vents. The unit I kept my X Box in has no back to it and I found the lint was gathering, which is what led me to buy this product. The self adhesive grilles that go over the vents on the back are simplicity itself to install and there are more in the package than you could possibly need. The rubber plugs for the un-used ports and other gaps in the X Box unit are equally easy to apply. Be aware that the X Box has to be in the upright position to fit the fan, which meant that mine had to come out of the unit. I'm not sure how I feel about that at the moment, I guess we'll see when any kids come round and start bouncing round the front room. If yours is placed somewhere you need to keep it on its side, then forget this for starters. The fan section fits snugly on top of the X Box Series X. The colours are pleasing and the facility for more USB ports is welcome. Where I've marked this product down is the noise the fan makes, I mean, it is loud. There are 3 levels for the fan and even the lowest one was distractingly loud. I suppose the up side is you can't forget to turn it off after a gaming session; the USBs on you Series X don't appear to power off when the console does, even in the "green" shutdown mode. Does the fan actually help to keep the X Box cooler? Who knows!? I wasn't reaching into the AV cupboard every 5 minutes to see how hot it was getting before. It stands to reason if you obstruct the vents with a smaller mesh grille to keep dust out, you may need something to increase the air flow to compensate. I'm not aware of any temperature metrics being available from the X Box OS, so I'm not sure how you'd ever objectively tell. The bottom of the unit was very cool to the touch and the top end was quite warm. This might be because that's where the main CPU and GPU sit, I just don't know and I'm not about to start pulling apart my precious X Box to find out.
Title: Does what it’s supposed to do.
Content: Arrived today with no delay was packaged fine and arrived with no damage. Installation couldn’t be more simple, unbox, plug-in, and fit mesh dust sheets provided. And watch the light show. Fan is very quiet so won’t disturb anyone. Was worth the money only bit of advice I’d give is, if you have your Xbox on its side like mine is you may want to get some thick double sided sticky tape just to hold it onto your Xbox. Again the little roof that comes with it will slip so depending on how you feel then maybe a tiny spot of glue on each post will secure it.

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  • 🆕Multi-functional Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X - This FASTSNAIL product perfectly combines top cooler fan, RGB light strip, dust filter, dust plug, extra USB data transfer & charging port. Not only does it keep xbox x console from overheating, it also keeps out dust. More, 7-Color light can also make you better enjoy game environment. It's a must-have xbox x gaming accessory for Xbox Series X console!
  • 🍃Efficient 3-Speed Adjustable Fan: Compared with bottom and rear cooling fans, this high-performance cooling fan is installed on the top to discharge hot air more easily, and and the speed can be adjusted in 3 levels (1800/2000/2200RPM) by independent touch switch.This x-series x fan with built-in cooling & silent system effectively prevents your console from overheating and prolongs the life of your console(PLEASE NOTE- for heavy use,you can remove the cover to enhance the cooling effect)
  • 🍀Dust-proof design: These xbox accessories - top cooling fan and side dust filter and host port dust plugs can effectively prevent dust, moisture and tiny particles from entering. Easy to use and install, multiple protection of your Xbox X console performance.
  • 🌈Adjustable 7-Colorful Light Bar: The cooling fan dust stand for Xbox Series X with unique RGB light bar design. The light strip contains 7 kinds of color-changing effects, which are divided into magic color effect and solid color effect. With independent touch switch, can change or on/off. These xbox series x accessories create a very cool gaming environment for you.
  • 💗What You Get: 1 × for xbox series x fan, 2 sets dust covers, 1 set rubber plugs. The multi-functional xbox x accessories to bring 360° full protection to your console, it's within easy reach.(Note: Does not include the Xbox X console)
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