TestMarket - Snag Your Discount on NexiGo Charging Dock with LED Indicators! Limited-Time Promo!

Snag Your Discount on NexiGo Charging Dock with LED Indicators! Limited-Time Promo!

Jan 14, 2024 03:16 pm
Snag Your Discount on NexiGo Charging Dock with LED Indicators! Limited-Time Promo!
Brand Name: NexiGo
Category: Accessories
Seller Name: NexiGo USA
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 3711
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Title: Brilliant!
Content: Had a dock from another vendor, but the controllers weren't charging consistently. Before the Nexigo, it would take us at least 5 minutes after every Oculus session to fumble around with the old dock until the controllers would make contact (and then they'd lose contact overnight). I'm so glad I decided to try the Nexigo! We've had it now for nearly a month, and the old dock is now packed away as a backup. The Nexigo dock is quick & easy to set up and has a compact profile. If you have a 3rd party halo or other gear attached to the Oculus headset, you don't have to adjust the attachments to charge, as the dock will not interfere with the attachments. The controllers fit nice and snug in the dock and we have never had an issue with the connections losing contact. Note that we don't have anything on the controllers, such as grips or other accessories - if you have these, the controllers might not fit in the slots. The charging is fast and always charges to the recommended level (headset is at 100%, controllers at 80% so they don't burn out). The profile is sharp, and it keeps everything organized. The only downside - if you consider this a "downside" - is that the blue / amber LED charging light under the headset platform is BRIGHT and will light up a room. We haven't yet figured out if you can turn the light off or down. Fortunately, our Nexigo is in an empty room, but if you keep your Oculus in your bedroom, you might want to put a box over it or something to block the light. Bottom line: Great dock for the money and looks fantastic. Works great and easy to set up & use. Light is bright enough to be used as a night light. Really happy with the purchase.
Title: *UPDATE*
Content: The media could not be loaded. **UPDATE** 08/09/2022 Got an email from customer support offering to replace the product in full, no returns required. Received the new item and it is working beautifully and as advertised. I can appreciate a company that is willing to make a bad situation right and they did exactly that. I’ve changed my review to 5 stars based on this. **UPDATE** 7/24 Product is garbage. DO NOT BUY!! Save your money. I bypassed the headset charger and just plugged it in directly since the cable issued had failed. I was still using it to charge the controllers and as a holder for the equipment. Now the right side controller won’t charge. The charge indicator light just blinks every few seconds. This thing is now no more than an oversized paperweight. After my initial review I was hoping the company would make good on the product and sent a replacement cable or something. Haven’t heard from anyone. Not Amazon, not the manufacturer. Find another product to buy cause this one ain’t worth it. Cool product. I like it, I really do. I needed a place for this thing to charge. Within a week, the charger stopped charging the headset. I plugged the headset into its factory charger and it works fine. Otherwise, easy assembly and parts seem of pretty good quality.
Title: Awesome.
Content: Easy to set up, charges way faster, looks good too!
Title: Great charging dock for gamers and children
Content: I recently got the NexiGo Enhanced Charging Dock for my kids' Oculus Quest 2, and it has been a game-changer in terms of ease of use and the fantastic magnet charger. Here's why this charging dock has earned a spot in our gaming setup. Kid-Friendly Operation: The NexiGo Enhanced Charging Dock is incredibly easy for kids to use. The simple design and clear instructions make it a hassle-free experience. My kids can effortlessly place their Oculus Quest 2 on the dock without any assistance, fostering a sense of independence in managing their gaming accessories. Magnet Charger Magic: The magnet charger is nothing short of amazing. It effortlessly aligns with the charging port on the Oculus Quest 2, ensuring a secure and reliable connection every time. The magnetic feature eliminates any fumbling or frustration associated with traditional charging methods, making it a standout feature for both kids and adults. LED Light Indicator: The built-in LED light adds a touch of visual appeal to the charging dock. The indicator clearly communicates the charging status, making it easy for kids to know when their device is fully charged and ready for the next gaming session. It's a simple yet effective feature that enhances the overall user experience. Space-Saving Design: The compact design of the charging dock saves valuable space in our gaming area. It neatly organizes the Oculus Quest 2 when not in use, reducing clutter and ensuring that the gaming setup remains tidy and organized. Reliable Charging Performance: Beyond the convenience features, the NexiGo Charging Dock delivers reliable charging performance. The dock charges the Oculus Quest 2 efficiently, ensuring that my kids' gaming experience is not interrupted by low battery levels. In conclusion, the NexiGo Enhanced Charging Dock has proven to be a fantastic addition to our gaming setup, especially for kids. The easy-to-use design, impressive magnet charger, and LED light indicator make it a standout choice for hassle-free charging. If you're looking to simplify the charging process for your Oculus Quest 2, this charging dock is a must-have.
Title: Parfais 🙃
Content: Qualité 👌🏻
Title: Very Happy with Purchase
Content: Works well. Easy to set up and very cool display with orange backdrop lights when charging and blue when fully charged.

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  • 【Designed for the Elite Gamer】Built to charge the Quest 2, the Elite Strap, and two Touch Controllers simultaneously, the NexiGo S20 Charging Dock is designed with the Elite Gamer in mind.【 Note:】It's not compatible with controller grips.
  • 【Lightning Speed Charge】Fully charge your headset in ~3.5 hours and Touch Controllers in ~4 hours. The included magnetic USB-C connector remains in the headset for easy use charging. Rechargeable batteries and controller covers save you from endless battery replacement, saving you money.
  • 【Convenient LED Indicators】The NexiGo Charging Station is designed with LED lights in the support column and on the left and right sides of the base to indicate the charging status of the docked headset and controllers. It's easy to tell when your accessories are charged: orange while charging, and blue when fully powered.
  • 【Stylish Display】The NexiGo Stand stores your VR headset, Elite Strap with Battery, and Touch Controllers all in one place to keep your gaming area neat and organized. Its stylish design and colored lights add a sleek aesthetic to your VR display.
  • 【All-in-One Set】Package includes: 1 x Charging Dock, 1 x 5V/3A power adapter, 1 x Magnetic USB-C Connector and Charging Cable, 2 x Rechargeable Controller Batteries, 2 x Custom Controller Covers, 1 x User Manual.
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