TestMarket - Seize the Opportunity! Tool Daily 15 Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment with Wheels - 30% Off!

Seize the Opportunity! Tool Daily 15 Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment with Wheels - 30% Off!

Apr 07, 2024 10:45 pm
Seize the Opportunity! Tool Daily 15 Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment with Wheels - 30% Off!
Brand Name: Tool Daily
Category: Accessories
Seller Name: Tool Daily
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 2086
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Seize the Opportunity to Save Big on this Tool Daily 15 Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment with Wheels! Get it now for only 69.99$ (Old Price: 99.99$) and enjoy exclusive savings of 30$. Act Fast and Claim Yours Now before it's gone! Don't Miss Out on this Limited-Time Discount!

Title: Amazingly easy to use and excellent results.
Content: I have had three similar concrete surface cleaners before but have never had one that is easy to use. Most of this time of cleaners are hard to drag around and wear you out. This one is amazing, and that it requires very little effort and can be done by most anyone with ease.
Title: Bought previously used item
Content: Works great! I received it as a used item through Amazon and I was a little apprehensive in doing this. When I received the box it looked pretty beaten up but the product worked perfectly and nothing was damaged on it. I will buy a used product again. Thank you Amazon!
Title: Do not expect scrubbing!
Content: I must have paid closer attention to the pictures. I though the round brush underneath the plastic cover would actually rotate and scrub the surface. I was wrong. It is fixed and basically serves no real cleaning purpose. Think of it as attaching a large brush to the end of the hose and having to push the brush manually to scrub the surface. Very disappointed! But, I am not holding that against the vendor and giving it 4 stars since the delivery was fast and the assembly was really easy. Manufacturing quality seems descent. Have no idea how long the brush is going to last, but I suspect it needs to be replaced frequently given the material if used to wash large areas. Overall, I find this product of no real utility for scrubbing.
Title: Get it with wheels. It is worth the extra cost!
Content: The media could not be loaded. I have purchased several items from Tool Daily and have not yet been disappointed. The build quality is good for the cost. I own a smaller surface cleaner from a different brand that doesn’t have wheels, which flips over when I try to move it. This Tool Daily one slides smoothly with the wheels. Even without the wheels it is a heavier plastic so it is more stable than you will find in more discounted brands. I tried it out on a dark spot on my driveway, which I have posted some before and after photos of the test along with a short video. Note that I am using a 2,300 psi pressure washer so I would expect even better performance hooking up to a gas powered washer in excess of 3,000 psi. Since it was cold out I didn’t finish the area, but figured leaving some of the black shows a good contrast of the before and after. You can see in the video I am not struggling to push it around, so I highly recommend getting a surface cleaner with wheels. This smooth movement helped reduce swirl marks typically left by a surface cleaner that is moving too fast. This is certainly going to make washing the sidewalks and driveway much faster and easier.
Title: As good as I hoped it would be, it was even better!
Content: I have a 2800 psi washer and a large deck. It's incredibly tedious to walk up and down every board trying to evenly clean each one. I saw these attachments and wondered if they would be any good. Well, I just learned.... Yes! I am cleaning as if vacuuming a rug, and it couldn’t be easier! The cleaning is even and balanced. The dirt lifts right up. The skirt keeps the water from splashing. The wheels are also a game changer. I thought they would get caught on the spaces between the boards – nope! I ended up not needing the wand that comes with it since it attaches to the end of my current washer rod without an issue. I don’t get excited and write reviews, but I ran in from cleaning to write this. You will not be disappointed. This is a must have if you clean any large horizontal surfaces.
Title: Absolutely Phenomenal. Makes a hard job a piece of cake.
Content: The media could not be loaded. My husband could not wait to try this out. He did today and it works perfectly even without any solution. We have a long driveway and a 3-car garage and it works fantastically. Our driveway looked clean, but as you can see it definitely was not. Love it.

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  • Surface cleaner for pressure washer: The surface cleaner is installed with 3 wheels that help power washer surface cleaner move easily and flexible on large area. Flexible bristle skirt protect adjacent surfaces and resist water splash out while working. Working pressure is up to 3600 PSI. 1/4” standard quick connect fitting. Dimension of the surface cleaner is 15” X 15” X 3.9”.
  • Application: The 15" surface cleaner is much more efficient than normal pressure washer spraying nozzle. Perfect for cleaning large area like driveways, patios, rooftops, walls and sidewalks.
  • Pressure washer extension wands: The length of each wand is 15”. 2 wands are connected with thread to avoid leakage at the connection. The end of the wand is 1/4" quick connect fitting, suitable for most pressure washer attachments with 1/4" quick connect.
  • Replacement nozzles: 2 additional nozzles are attached for replacing the original nozzles when seriously blocked. To avoid the nozzles blocked, please use water inline filter. And when the nozzles are blocked, you can use needles to remove sand or other debris in nozzles and rinse with fresh water.
  • Package include: 1-piece 15 inch pressure washer surface cleaner with 3 wheels, 2-pieces power washer extension wands and 2-pieces power washer replacement nozzles.
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