TestMarket - Exclusive Offer: Piececool 3D Metal Puzzles - Limited-Time Discount!

Exclusive Offer: Piececool 3D Metal Puzzles - Limited-Time Discount!

Jan 14, 2024 11:12 pm
Exclusive Offer: Piececool 3D Metal Puzzles - Limited-Time Discount!
Brand Name: Piececool
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Title: Great model, but requires lots of patience
Content: The media could not be loaded. This was my first metal model. Firstly - even though it says no tool required, don't even attempt it. You NEED the proper tools to build this. Luckily I bought the tools ahead of time. I soon found out that the parts are so small that a good magnifier of some sort is beneficial. So I bought a magnifying ring light which made a huge difference. Highly recommend one of those, or a head mounted jewelers magnifier. The parts are very fragile. You need to really make sure you understand every bend in the instructions because if you bend the wrong way, you likely will break the part when you attempt to bend back the other way (I had to use super glue to fix parts 5 times). The hull is super hard to get the right shape, and there's lots of stuff attaching to it so it must be correct or other stuff won't align. There are some parts that get ridiculously monotonous though - like building 18 canons, each canon is made of 3 separate parts, each part has to be hand bent into specific shape. So that is 54 parts that have to be shaped, which becomes a tedious process that makes you feel so glad when you get those done LOL It really tests your patience! But if you just go slow, take your time, complete focus... Making this becomes a very zen like hobby. Hours would just fly by as I worked on this. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent building it. I have already committed to building more metal models in the future. It's a great hobby.
Title: Here’s Queen Anne’s revenge
Content: This was my “first” metal model. I had made three bug brooches, which was fun same company…So then I was ready to take on the big guns. Do this model with no fear. If you are afraid, it will never make it out of the box. It’s all pix with very little written instructions. It will help to review ALL the pix before you start. I cut up the into fours to make it easier to manage. Then you cross reference the metal sheet to the corresponding paper reference to cut out the right part. I would also suggest that when you get to the rigging…you might be tempted to cut more than one piece at a time. Don’t. Do it, one piece at a time. The pix can be a little confusing, but look at the end of the rig piece, and follow it down. That’s where it goes. A magnifier is a must, along with really really good bright light. However, you will learn quickly how to hold it because it will blind you. It is metal after all. Beens this was my first, I made a few boo boos…but the bottom line is, if you boo boo, have a plan to fix it. Case in point: I bent one of the masts the wrong way, and when I bent it back the right way, it broke completely at the seam. Without a plan, it’s game over. You can use anything really….a piece of fabric….I had some silk clay on hand. The part needed to be folded was at a 90 degree angle. I made a template to hold that 90 degree angle. I made a scored piece of cardboard and bent it and laid the two pieces in and tilted it so the “point” was facing down. So, either fabric or silk clay (which will dry hard), but you need a binder. I used super glue. It worked really good and the repair was invisible. And because I repaired it at that 90 degree angle, I didn’t have to bend it. 95 steps. To bend the tabs, use a wooden stick. If you slip, it won’t scratch. I will make a suggestion. When you bend the hull and get it into the right shape, I would reinforce the inside with your superglue fabric, in slits. You will understand when you get to that point. It does get dicey when doing the rigging. You have to manipulate it around without bending the parts you have already placed. I will say that one night it was on the table, work in progress and it fell on the floor…and I stepped on it. I sat down and it did my best to get it back into shape. Bottom line. It was fun and I learned a lot. Yes, I would make another one….probably the Flying Dutchman.
Title: You have come to the right place.
Content: Do you like a challenge? Do you like the constant headache and hair-pulling sensation? Do you ever feel like you need to know what crippling anxiety? What about the feeling of despair and wanting to give up and say meh and let it sit in the attic like all the other failed projects you said you will come back to like the peloton you put up there and now you have aged by 10 years and gained 50lbs you and me both know you do not need that burger sally and jerry that diet Coke doesn't wipe out that number 5 combo you fat fat man *awkward smile here* then this product is for you!!!!!!! But joking aside, this was a level 5 difficulty like the box says though I would lean it more to a level 6 because of the fact that some of the pieces are intricate. like you literally need great head and eye coordination to bend and rotate some of these pieces. a lot of these small pieces can be almost irreversible once bent a certain way ( I wont go into detail about it due to I don't want people to sway away from a challenge I know how some of you people can be about a challenge looking at you Tim dont understand how challenging putting the milk back into the right section at walmart you moved to steps it don't need to be in the chicken area not that hard.) But if you can get the pieces into the correct slot the instructions weren't as bad as most people say they it is. I mean yea the arrows do cause confusion but its your Puzzle and we are human is anything we create perfect if so the titanic wouldn't have sank, and the Hindenburg disaster wouldn't have happened and those were some good minds and had blueprints (like our instructions) so dont mind the instructions and do your best with them, there are no words and it is easy to follow. To those that are worried about the size its basically 6in x 7in x 2in it comes flat in the box meaning that it is literally metal sheets. So dont worry about the size of the box nothing is put together so it comes completely flat. Also be really careful when cutting and folding pieces as it does scratch easily, because the paint is really thin so be careful. I loved doing this because of the challenge that it presented to me and how I needed to be careful and gave such a .....a.....thrill *insert thriller song here* but it is a fun puzzle and I do recommend to others because it was fun I just finished it today 7/8/22 and now I can say I feel fulfilled by doing this as we speak I am looking for more by them to do. overall: 10/10 funniness 5/5 anxiety 5/5 hairpulling 4/4 what should I do now would recommend
Title: Very nice looking boat
Content: Had a lot of fun building it. A lot of tiny pieces. Need a 20/20 vision or a magnifier 😆
Title: Excelente
Content: Excelente artículo, muy buena calidad de los materiales y detalles. Muy recomendable
Title: Super small and break easily
Content: The whole diameter of the boat is probably around 15-20 cm, which is quite small. It would not have been a problem if it didn’t break, which it did sadly. Once a piece is broken, it’s impossible to glue them back together, which is a total let down. I’ll never buy from this seller again

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  • 【FUN TO ASSEMBLE & CHALLENGING】- 3D metal puzzles are suitable for teenagers and adults aged 16+. Making a metal model kit is challenging and may take over 8 hours, depending on your speed and patience. After hours dedicated working and completed your own amazing handcraft, you will get a strong sense of accomplishment and stress relief.
  • 【EXQUISITE HOME DECORATION】- The metal craft kit is not only functional and interesting, but also beautifully designed! Great Gifts for Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, Christmas Day, Father's Day, Back to School Day. A truly unique metal handicrafts piece on your desks, bookshelves or nightstand.
  • 【FAMILY TIME】- Thrill the entire family and provide fun and entertainment piecing this DIY metal puzzle model kit together. Building this 3-D Puzzle models can be worthy for the family to complete together. Believe us, this is an unforgettable family time, and it will inspire and promote your child's ability to plan and build structure like a real architect or engineer.
  • 【DETAILED INSTRUCTION】- Our 3D metal models are made of superior stainless steel and all metal parts would be easily clipped, no glue or solder need during assembly. Also the educational toy comes with very detailed instruction. Follow the steps shown in the instructions and you will build the metal art craft set correctly.
  • 【DIY TOOL KITS REQUIRED】- Assembling tools are recommended, but not included. Parts can be easily cut off the sheets. Clipper and needle nose pliers are the recommended tool for bending and twisting the connecting tabs.
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