TestMarket - Unlock Savings: Love is a Curse - A Mystery Lying Buried. Last Chance to Grab this Love Story for the Ages!

Unlock Savings: Love is a Curse - A Mystery Lying Buried. Last Chance to Grab this Love Story for the Ages!

May 16, 2024 03:00 pm
Unlock Savings: Love is a Curse - A Mystery Lying Buried. Last Chance to Grab this Love Story for the Ages!
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Title: Love, loss, heartbreak and hope
Content: Love is a Curse by Keith Stuart is an intriguing story about love and loss, heartbreak and hope. Cammy first learns of the curse on her family when her beloved aunt mentions it on her deathbed, but her mother dismisses it as nonsense. Supposedly the women in the family are cursed to lose those they fall in love with, but to teenage Cammy this seems more than a little ridiculous. It is not until years later when her boyfriend is severely injured by being hit by a car that she begins to wonder more about the curse and where it came from. As she digs into her family history she uncovers a story that is a hundred and fifty years in the making and will reveal the truth behind the tragedies that have befallen the generations of women before her. This is a very different type of story from Keith Stuart with darker and more gothic vibes than his previous books, not that that is something I am complaining about, in fact I quite enjoyed how atmospheric the book was with its creepy setting in an former church and the bohemian and striking characters, especially Cammy. I admire his skill in creating a story that unfolded slowly yet still held my attention as a reader and I was impressed that he managed to create an ending that worked so well in the context of the story. I also want to give praise for his handling of the recovery process following serious injury, the fear and frustration of Ben, Cammy's boyfriend as he embarked on a long rehabilitation process was brought vividly to life on the page, as was Cammy's guilt and her fear of losing him. This is a book that will appeal to many readers and I have no doubt that it will be another success for Keith Stuart. I read and reviewed an ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher, all opinions are my own.
Title: celebration of the pursuit of love through adversity
Content: This has to be my favourite of Keith Stuart’s novels so far. It is an absolute celebration of the pursuit of love through adversity. Don’t be fooled by the title, this is not a romance novel. So many twists and turns, so much drama, suspense and historic gothic atmosphere. And so many fabulously colourful and dark characters. Loved them all, even the wicked and cold hearted ones. Keith Stuart has a wonderful way of weaving a story from page one and it doesn’t take long for the reader to feel invested and immersed within the character’s lives. Cammy is a fabulous goth protagonist who sets out to solve the family curse and in doing so meets so many intriguing characters. The visual settings are crafted well and you get a real sense of place. St Cyprian’s church feels very foreboding and threatening and the sense of dread of what is following the main characters, in the dark, throughout the book feels very scary and real. My heart goes out to two characters in particular. Their story told in the form of a series of love letters, between Daphne and Robbie. The contents of these letters are incredibly moving and give the reader the sense of strength in love and friendship surviving through adversity against the backdrop of war and the attempt to save someone by letting them go. I shed a few tears there. Well done to Keith for creating yet another emotional rollercoaster ride of a story.
Title: A story of love, heartache & hope
Content: ‘Did your mother ever tell you about the curse’ Cammy is warned that the women in her family are destined to always lose the one they love She thinks nothing of it until in her twenties her new boyfriend is hit by a car A story of love, heartache and hope Very gothic and atmospheric, especially as Cammy lives in a converted church So tense you’re anticipating what will happen next Clammy was brilliant as a main character so engaging and she helped fill in the blanks with the letters and diaries from the past But also how she must decide to a risk on live with Ben, knowing the potential consequences Loved the atmospheric novel but felt the ending was a little rushed Thanks @keef.stuart @littlebriwnbookgroup.uk & @netgalley for the tense atmospheric read
Title: Love is a Curse
Content: I loved this author's previous books so I was very excited to get my hands on this, his latest. Even without reading the blurb, which I maybe should have done as this book is a bit of a diversion from what has gone before. But I needn't have worried as I blooming loved it just as much... So, as I started this book, as the main character Cammy was told that there was a family curse in which the women of the family are destined to lose the one they love, I started to worry that it was going to be going down the Practical Magic route... Which, incidentally is a series that I also absolutely love... But, there the similarity ended... What I then went on to get was a delightfully spooky Gothic tale spanning the generations as Cammy, after suffering her own issues with boyfriend Ben's accident, sets out to discover more about her family history, as she believes that maybe she could be the one to break the curse... Oh My Days! What a cracking book this turned out to be. It had all the things that are necessary for a Gothic novel. Set mostly in an old converted church, with a main character who is and has always been drawn to the darker side of life. Throw in a bunch of family secrets, both past and present, light the blue touchpaper, and away you go... As with all his previous books, the characters contained herein are superb. Well described and all play their parts perfectly. Both the present day ones and the ones in the past, the getting to know part being done through magazine articles, letters, old journals, that kind of thing. All very effective ways of getting the necessary information into the readers' hands. With the story spanning some 150 years, each era has been meticulously recreated and all felt so very very real. And the ending, when it came, when the whole truth was all eventually laid bare... WOW! Never saw that coming. But it was perfect, and I loved it. All in all, a cracking book from an author I already love. And with the genre switch this time, I really can't wait to see what he delivers me for next time. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
Title: Captivating!
Content: Cammy is 15 when she attends the deathbed of her Aunt Lorna and learns about the family curse that has blighted the women of her family for generations: that no woman in the family will have lasting love. In the years that follow, Cammy diligently avoids falling in love until a chance meeting puts her in the way of Ben. Now Cammy has a dilemma - follow her heart or follow the curse? This is a multigenerational novel that covers four different generations of the same family. As Cammy traces her family tree we learn about the roots of the curse and other big family secrets that will have a huge impact on everyone. I liked this story but there were some elements that I found a bit frustrating. I liked the multigenerational aspect, I liked the ghost story aspect and I liked the tension built around the ghost story. What I was less keen on was the aspects of the story written from her relatives point of view - whether it was in the form of a diary entry, published journal article or someone else's account of what happened. What bothered me about these was the overuse of reported speech that gave less of the feel of a journal or diary recount and more the feel of a flashback scene, which in my opinion would have been more effective. The story ends where you think it will but the journey there is still an entertaining read. Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC.
Title: Not a Traditional Love Story
Content: Having previously read The Frequency of Us by the same author, which I also very much enjoyed, I was happy to be offered an early copy of Love is a Curse by the publishers to review. I thought the story had an intriguing premise and was pleased to find it proved a different read and it kept my attention all the way through. Cammi is told by her aunt, on her deathbed, about a curse on family's women, that means they can never have a loving relationship. She has always felt something oppressive and been attracted to horror and spiritual stories so Cammi does not find this so strange. Indeed she begins to explore her family history and finds indeed some odd events have taken place. The story is set near Bath, in a village with an old church that belonged to Cammi's aunt and which she inherits. The setting is quite spooky and the author uses it well to build in tension to the story. I very much enjoyed the way the background from each generation is revealed, slowly allowing the reader more and more information. Definitely not a traditional love story but with some moving and emotional scenes and many sinister and haunting elements and page turning quality to the writing. Recommended.

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