TestMarket - A few reasons to use Testmarket Analytics INC (testmarket.io)

A few reasons to use Testmarket Analytics INC (testmarket.io)

What is TestMarket.io(Testmarket Analytics INC), also known as TestMarket Analytics INC(testmarket.io) ? What advantages have rebates and coupon websites?

Rebates and coupon websites gain popularity all over the world. New ones open almost every day. TestMarket.io(Testmarket Analytics INC) is one of them. What makes this website outstanding? What are its advantages and disadvantages? To answer these questions, firstly I will describe what exactly TestMarket Analytics INC(testmarket.io) is.


1. What is TestMarket Analytics INC (TestMarket.io)?

For Buyers, it’s a place where they can find many items with huge discounts and rebates. They can use coupons and find good deals for themselves. What is more, buyers can collect coins there from different activities, for example writing reviews or inviting friends, and exchange them into real money. All discounts and coupons are refreshing every day and their amount depends on demand. Buyers can also exchange their rebates refunds from their wallet to Amazon gift card, paypal and bank transfer as soon as possible which can take up to a few days. 

For Sellers, it’s an analytics and artificial intelligence company based in New Jersey that provides diverse services. The TestMarket Sale Team helps them in preparing strategies in order to increase their sales, receive feedback from buyers, reduce the number of item returns, improve items, and increase marginal profil. One of the most popular services that the TestMarket Team provides is Keyword Analysis and PPC Analysis. It’s an online report prepared by the specialist sellers managers.

2. Are TestMarket Analytics INC services legit?

Yes, they are legit. Our company has a certificate confirming its legit status. TestMarket Analytics INC(testmarket.io) is officially based in New Jersey and all necessary taxes are paid there.


3. What differs the TestMarket Analytics INC from other rebates and coupon websites?

  1. The TestMarket Team has a refund system that works faster in comparison to other rebates and coupon websites. It takes up to a few days for our system to refund money so users don’t need to wait a long time for that. It takes approximately one month for other rebates and coupon websites to refund money. In TestMarket we know that waiting for a refund can be sometimes frustrating – that’s why we improved our system to avoid this kind of situation.
  2. Transparency is important for us. To make everything clear, we introduced a special invoicing system. After the refund is done, you can ask us for an invoice to receive proof of this action. 

  3. Our Support Team is friendly and reachable. They are replying to the messages as soon as possible and trying to solve any issues quickly. You can contact them the way that suits you best: via email, SMS or WhatsApp. Feel free to write to us!

  4. The TestMarket provides earning opportunities for users thanks to the affiliate system. By giving us the feedback, you can easily collect coins and exchange them later  to Amazon gift card, paypal and bank transfer. And if you want to level up, there is a job opportunity waiting for you in our Team. If you are interested, write us a message for more details.

  5. Items in our system restock every day – we work hard to make it flow. Coupons, rebates and good deals refresh every 24 hours at the same time which is 07:00 am ETC, New York time.

  6. The TestMarket system protects all your information and sensitive data. Cyber security is important for our Team and we want you to feel safe using our services. 

  7. In connection to the previous point, we have a verification system which makes using our services extra safe. Only US users can enter the system. We protect it from any kind of fraud with our two steps verification system, especially when someone outside of the US tries to enter.

We are waiting for you to join our family!