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Testmarket positions your list at the forefront in the keywords where your competitors achieve the highest sales on online marketplaces in the United States and the United Kingdom, enabling you to capture organic sales opportunities.

TestMarket Analytics INC. has been providing reliable partnership services for online marketplace sellers for 3 years. As an American-based company, our focus lies in enabling online store owners to reach broader audiences and optimizing their online sales processes. With our expert team and AI-powered software platform, we offer tailor-made solutions for businesses of all sizes – small, medium, and large. Our customer-centric approach drives us to continuously strive for optimal results. Our mission is to assist online sellers in delivering a more effective and efficient customer experience.

  • Empowered Partner with Technology
  • AI-Driven Customization
  • Customer Experience Centered
  • Digital Sales Strategies
  • Future-Focused Planning
  • Optimized Sales Processes

Our mission revolves around making a meaningful contribution to the growth and development processes of businesses engaged in sales activities on online marketplaces. In this context, we are committed to meticulously tracking technological innovations, integrating these innovations into our sellers' operations, and embracing data-driven approaches to provide them with competitive advantages. Our objective is to aid businesses in forming growth strategies based on their data, ensuring a foundation for a robust growth trajectory. By emphasizing the significance of data-centric growth, we aim to offer the necessary support for our sellers to carry their businesses into the future. This forms the primary goal of our mission.

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As we support the growth of businesses selling on online marketplaces, we advance in alignment with our Digital Diversity Principle.

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We provide a comprehensive platform for data management, real-time access, orders, and customer relationships

Understand customer behaviors and enhance your strategies by tracking sales data

We provide a comprehensive platform for data management, real-time access, orders, and customer relationships

Attain a competitive edge by offering innovative solutions tailored to your needs

We are part of a team fueled by experience and passion. With our expertise spanning from online marketplaces to technology, from customer service to artificial intelligence, we are here with the aim of providing sellers with the highest level of support and guidance.


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