Longer Ear Saver Extender, Large Size (Length 6.29 inches) Strap Holder, Large, Strap Extender Comfortable Ear Strap Hook, Ear Saver Extender for Face Cover, Adjustable 3 Stages, Prevents Ear Pain

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  • 💎 【ADJUSTABLE AND NON-SLIP DESIGN】 5 PACKAGES. Ear savers to suit your needs. It prevents ear swelling and ear pain. The ear savers holder is non-slip.
  • 💎 【RELAX YOUR EARS】 Cover your face and protect your ears with ear savers. Extenders/ear savers relax your ears while wearing the face cover, reducing your ear pain and stress from prolonged use. Same time extenders/ear savers are an ideal tool for people with large or thin faces, extenders/ear savers reduce earache and facial scars resulting from it.
  • 💎 【SOFT AND COMFORTABLE】 These adjustable extension buckles are soft and comfortable to touch, extenders/ear savers are not easy to cause stimulation to your skin, extenders/ear savers are suitable for both small individuals and adults, also not easy to break, extenders / ear savers repeatedly applicable.
  • 💎 【EASY TO USE】 After putting on the face cover, pull one of the straps to hang the hook, then complete the same on the other side, easy and convenient to put on and take off, The ear protectors are non-slip and will not fall out.