Homeduvo Collyda Straw Wreath Form- Wreath Base with Floral Fiber Fleece, Floral Straw Wreath Base DIY Door Wreath, Blank Wreath, Flat Back Specially Design for Door and Walls (16 inches Green Fine)

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  • Straw Wreath base, wreath form covered with Floral Fiber Fleece.The girth sizes are 6 cm for 16 inches, 7 cm for 18 inches and 8 cm for 20 inches wreath forms.
  • You can decorate your own wreaths with this high quality floral fiber ribbon wrapped straw wreath form rings. It makes you to use floral steel picks easily.
  • The floral fiber fleece is perfect cover for straw wreath base , ideal for fixation and stop exfoliate straws from wreath.
  • Floral ribbon wrap is ideal to prevent your wreath ring from exfoliating straws and makes you use it many times. Wreath rings are specially designed with " flat back" , when its is hanged ıt stands right on vertical surfaces. This wreath ring has also hanging ring fixed under floral ribbon. so it is ready to use, ready to decorate
  • Adjustable florist wire fixed as hanging hook under the fiber fleece.Wreath hunger is not included